The Power of the Rosary

The Book of Truth


Written Feb 09

Update Feb 20


   Many of you will face fears some invented others real as events this year and especially in 2015 where what was taken for granted will be lost, but few will know the true source. Yes, there will be events that will tear down the lives and structures of society, but this must happen. In order to bring you home, you must first realize that some of you are truly lost. The chastisements and upheavals will force all to reconsider love of money or each other, even though some of you have already passed thru this lesson. Although, scientists as paid debunkers will counter all that is Sacred with possible explanations and many will listen. Look at the severity and scope of the storms. Why the sudden change? Now they embrace global warming and the sun to explain what is happening on earth when just a few short years ago it was considered a myth. They lie and release information to you in a need to know basis dependent upon what has occurred. Who are you to go against the word of a man with a degree backed by the government? I told you to notice the storms will come one after another and involve on average a 100 million people. This is your clue.

   So many will be afraid to call out to God as you once believed and now that your life or a loved one may be in jeopardy will He even listen? Yes He will, but you must first reach out, call His name in your native tongue and then, recite this prayer. For those who can translate do so for your family, tribe, or nation.

Crusade Prayer (133) A Call to return to God:

Dear Jesus, forgive me, an estranged soul, who renounced You, because I was blind. Forgive me for substituting Your Love with useless things which mean nothing. Help me to pluck up the courage to walk by Your Side, to accept with gratitude, Your Love and Mercy. Help me to remain close to Your Sacred Heart and to never wander away from You again. Amen.

   Now for the people of other faiths or those who just do not believe, but want to as what they see in this world, just does not make sense. The world speaks about injustice, but thousands die from hunger and abuse. Oh they are just useless eaters. The world promotes human rights with an agenda, as governments and the church turned a blind eye for over thousands years and now it will be the pinnacle of truth? The world promotes murder as a way to protect the rights of others, when you were told no man has the right to judge another or take a life for any reason accept self defense when you cannot walk away. What has gone against the Word of God will soon be sanctioned by the church as just in the eyes of men. This is the key; never put your human perceived rights over that which is God as this is the first Commandment for only one source would push this, the evil one. When you believe in no higher power, you are confused and depend upon the words of men. Is this want you want, when all is on the line? Call on a higher power you have nothing to lose, but the folly of men. Call out to the Almighty, Father with this prayer.

Crusade Prayer (134) To believe in the Existence of God:

O God the Most High, help me to believe in Your Existence. Cast all of my doubts aside. Open my eyes to the Truth of the life after this one and guide me towards the way to Eternal Life. Please let me feel Your Presence and grant me the Gift of true faith before the day I die. Amen.

   Sacred Servants you have or will shortly be asked to deny Jesus in a secret oath. You will say is this real as our doctrine and the Bible have warned us of these times? Proof and argument shall be presented back by an interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. You will walk away as you rise up in Christ’s name in silence as you are not to defend Jesus. You will not deny Him like the Apostles did in the Garden? The Scriptures have foretold of these times. But many of you deny it is here. Pray and reflect on this sacred servant. When you face the representative of the Church, remember who you pledged your life to when you was ordained. You answer to Jesus. Not a bishop. Not a cardinal. Not a pope. You answer to God only. It was Jesus not a man that established this Church through His rock Peter and now this has changed. Know this; there is a new sheriff that leads the Church, the antichrist. In your fear as it comes from satan. Gather courage and stand up brave ones. If weak riddled with doubts and conflicts or strong recite this prayer, to rise to this challenge offer by Mary, you’re Mother of Salvation.

Crusade Prayer (135) To defend the Truth:

O beloved Mother of Salvation, help me in my moment of need. Pray that I am blessed with the Gifts poured down upon my unworthy soul, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, to defend the Truth at all times. Sustain me in every incident, where I am asked to deny the Truth, the Word of God, the Holy Sacraments and the Most Holy Eucharist.

Help me to use the Graces I receive to stand firm against the wickedness of Satan and all those poor souls he uses to defile your Son, Jesus Christ.

Help me in my hour of need. For the sake of souls, give me the courage to provide the Sacraments to each child of God, when I may be forbidden by the enemies of God to do so. Amen.

   To all who listen to these messages our Mother of Salvation speaks, “I have appeared to the meek and the chosen to warn you of what is to come. But few of you have listened including those in the Vatican. In these End Times My Son Church will be desecrated from within and as the Bible and My 3rd Letter has foretold you, even the elect will be fooled. The Father has granted Me a tool to lessen the power of the beast until My heel crushes his head. Through your penance and sacrifice I need you to recite the Rosary especially those who are new to the faith, first to save your selves from the temptation and allure of the evil one. Only if you are safe first, can you then save others.”

   The covert mission is to present the case to discredit the Rosary in the near future as this is the most powerful weapon against satan. Mary, Mother of God will be pushed into obscurity by a plan that has been in place for many years. Why would not satan eliminate the most effective weapon through lies, doubt, and deception. For you to discount this means you have no clue as to the depth of evil and how far it will go to capture all souls. Never turn your back on this mission, no matter what those in the church say or try and change. You answer to one God only, let not hate pushed in your face from those you love weaken your resolve and soul. You knew this mission is the hardest to face the faithful since the Crucifixion. It will not matter if you are rejected and then discarded as crazy from that church that once represented the Lord, for it will be revealed to be a cesspool of worship for the antichrist after the warning, but you may not know yet. It is here that you trust the Word of the Lord. You are being told, never let any one even the pope take away your protection from evil, the Rosary.

   Reflect on Her Sacred Words as you will shortly be bombarded with “different opinions”. Ask yourself, why change now after 2 thousand years? And know this; the Word of God never changes, only man’s interpretation. Carry the medal of salvation for protection against the antichrist. Heed the warning.

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