for the End Times


Written July 16, 2012

   All of you always wished they had insight to the future, now you do. What does not need to happen is that you get caught off guard by those with holding the secrets of this world close. With the warning your life will be reviewed, so be prepared. As a first step, you need to look back at everyone that you used to advance, took advantage of, and mistreated, like if your actions could be seen through those hurt, and then reflect on change. Oh in the business world it is the strongest that survive. Yes that is true, but deceitful when you change the laws masked as a need for the welfare of the people, but its true goal is to increase tour wealth. When you use your elected position to secure lucrative business deals through bribes, it is politics without principle. When your daddy advances you, an inept student into an elite university, you have bent the rules as the standard “C’ is given to get your mindless body through to graduation. University gifts pave the way for many who have little skills in the real world. This is why we have weak leaders and this, needs to change swiftly.

   Where we are going as the Human race, all will be treated as you want to be. Anger, greed, pride and envy will be traits of the past as all who graduate to citizens of this universe, the Almighty will be proud of. All of you will want for nothing, but it must be of your free will that this path is chosen. Look around are not you tired of the games played on earth. Where those that deceive, cheat, steal and kill are rewarded with wealth and power. You’re just trying to advance, but get caught up and many times your values compromised. Is this how you want to continue your life into the end times where all that is evil or infected by is looked at with apathy? We do not want fear moving you to do the right thing; it must come from your heart. Before this year ends and going into next year, you will see the power of God as the seasons blend, farm lands dry up and the earth shakes relentlessly and torrential rains sweep away that which belongs to man. Many that hold wealth and power as their god, will be stripped of it to live and suffer like the common man. Signs in the sky that will baffle mankind and all will know the raft of God against those who take advantage of the innocent. Nothing on this will ever be the same after the New Year. This all must pass to cleanse the earth.

   Do we have to degenerate into animals before all take notice? Look around at your country; it was financial destroyed by those in power during the early part of this century. Wars costing trillions causing a ripple affect as those in charge tried to start up oil deals in Iraq after invasion, the real reason, greed as billions disappeared.

   With the worldwide depression, masked as a deep recession all blame those trying to correct it. They tapped race hatred to blind you from the truth and what is sad some of you, don’t want to take the blinders off. In the United States you have the Koch Brothers funding one side and you think they have your best interest? What’s this, Richard “prince of darkness” Pearle from the Bush days molding Romney’s foreign policy? The same poor package presented to America with a shiny new Romney cover. Open it and it still smells of the past, but if you vote it in, it is too late. What America needs to know is that you have been bought ask yourself, as a businessman the most successful need to borrow funs to expand and grow and once returns come in the debt is paid off. This investment idea was used at Bain and the companies that did not have enough of a bottom line well, was sold or the jobs moved overseas. This is business 101, but one party wants pays as it goes causing a cascading stagnation, like what is seen in Europe, a real example of policy. Now you believe your eyes are lying or use common sense, the choice is yours.

   Change is here and it has been prophesized that many will fall away, but these messages are here to change all. In this war winning is the goal to where those considered the enemy when they defect are treated like the faithful. You as Christians do not have a choice in this for this is the will of the Almighty. Jesus died to save for all. To those are still in denial, let’s review the all. This means sinners, atheists, murderers, rapists, people like Stalin and Genghis Khan who killed millions, corporate barons, pagans, Buddhists, Jews, Protestant, Muslims, Roman Catholics, I could go on and on, but do you get the message. All of mankind was created by God and all are his children. Some evil and some good, many in between by free will just like any family on earth. All are worth saving when or if they change. This is the goal for this mission. Everyone gets saved, let’s not leave one behind.  

   You have a choice to listen or discard these messages inspired by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. There will be a division as those who accept and look to see how they can change things for the better or those that have envy, hate and project pride. These words are meant to stir you and more important which side of the fence will you fall on?

   Faith never spurs hate, you have been told never judge, but you do. There are 2 voices in this universe, which are you listing too? Time to reflect on your actions of the past, are you proud of your life? Visualize Jesus in your mind and let him judge you now, how would you do? Oh not good for many as you cannot lie to Jesus who sees all with all of its intent. Now what? This example is not to condemn, but to educate and change. Insight to stir emotions one way or the other, I am tired of seeing the population of this world sitting the fence.

   What does not need to happen is the full force of the raft of God like that which brought down pharaoh. Do any of you learn from history or is your life just like the movie Groundhog Day?  You need to make a choice.

   Everyone will be held accountable for their actions, but you need not wait. Start by making it up in small pieces, rather than being judged for everything you did wrong at once. What is being said if you did wrong, reflect then make a sacrifice to even the scales, just start? A prayer for the one you hurt, a fast for a day, simple solutions, but just do it.

For those among you, who are Christians or other creeds, and who believe in these messages, you must recite the prayer given to you through this Crusade Prayer.


Jesus speaks: “You must say this prayer for seven consecutive days and I, your Jesus, will grant you pardon.”

O My Jesus you are the light of the earth
You are the flame that touches all souls
Your mercy and love knows no bounds
We are not worthy of the sacrifice you made by your death on the cross
Yet we know that your love for us is greater than the love we hold for you
Grant us O Lord the gift of humility so that we are deserving of your New Kingdom
Fill us with the Holy Spirit so we can march forth and lead your army
to proclaim the truth of your Holy Word and prepare our brothers and sisters
For the Glory of Your Second Coming on earth
We honor You
We Praise You
We offer ourselves, our sorrows, our sufferings as a gift to you to save souls
We love you Jesus
Have Mercy on all your children wherever they may be.


In exchange you now have the responsibility to save others who cannot save themselves recite the following.

For those who die in mortal sin

Oh Dear Jesus, Savior of mankind
Through Your Divine Mercy I plead for clemency for all those
poor souls in sin who may be taken from this earth during The Warning
Forgive them their sins and in memory of your Passion I beg you to grant
Me this special favor in atonement for their sins
I offer myself to you in mind, body and soul as a penance to salvage
their souls, and to bring them eternal life.


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