Preparation for the Warning



Written Dec. 12



   As in the days of Jesus, He is now calling you the faithful from the heavens to be the rock in your family as Peter was to His church. In any war, the battle is in the preparation, presently in the calm now Dec. 11 2012 before the storm I need you to meditate. In your simple prayers think of your Mother of Salvation and calmly ask, show me the way so my soul when presented during The Warning it will be pleasing to Her Son.

   Ideas related to improving your life will pop into your head, first to general behavior and as you learn the points. These will be refined to smaller interactions and all the while you will suspect it is Her guiding you. But on the counter side, other choices will be presented. You will know how to choose, although it must be your choice. If you find yourself in conflict, then you need to pray for the spiritual gift of discernment where you can make choices by analyzing the greater picture.

   This preparation will allow you to have an overwhelming loving experience with our Lord while others suffer in pain for injustices enacted against their brother and sisters, God’s Children during one’s lifetime. It is here that you will stand up in the Lord’s name as His rock for your family. You will provide the inspiration for others as they go through purification process while withering in the pain of purgatory or worse hell. You will provide hope to prevent loved ones from dieing in shock. You will explain what gifts they were given and let no man take this away as scientist with no knowledge of the spiritual realm is presented by the dark one try to explain away an alternate view. This is what you will teach your family in the name of your Savior Jesus as “The Rock”.

   Now go out there and prepare for this war of souls. Prepare as a winner as you know who and what is the opposition for they and their leader has controlled this world from inception. Now is the time for you to stand up and help us take this world back, where we leave no soul behind, no one even the enemy.


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