Time to Prepare Faithful



Written Sept 12


   Faithful it is time to prepare for the upcoming famine and deceit as farmers withhold or taint food supplies when the earth is scorched. Now is the time to store your non hybrid seeds (Burpee end of the year sale) tomatoes, squash, lettuce, pumpkin and other fast growing crops. Stock pile pool shock as this purifies water. For large water supplies 20,000 gallons use a box of HTH green to blue as the waste will fall to the bottom which can be siphoned off. You will need bottled water 10 to 20 cases, 20 bags of 20 pound bags of rice, 10 cases to the dried soups and canned goods. Pay with cash and spread your purchases over days at several locations. Rice is cheapest in Latino super markets. Dried beans, red, black, pinto, cans of tuna and beef jerky can be used for protein. Wrap in Husky contractor bags seal with duct tape and store, date and label individually in heavy duty seal plastic bins to protect from rodents and pests.

   Vitamins, simple aspirin and a basic medical kit are also necessary. There is no need to go over board and if you go exceed 1500 dollars per family you have spent too much. The Lord will multiply the supplies of the faithful when used or shared. Learn how to make a home made Porta Potty for the time of the warning when you cannot go outside and the sanitation systems are down. Do not brag, as in tight spots you will if not protected, be a target.

   For the many practice gardening as this is a must, and for the savvy, try hydroponics. Tents, sleeping bags, tent silicon spray for leaks, tarps, hand saw, axe, compass, wool socks, water proof Timberland hiking boots, a Coleman stove and gas just incase you are displaced in your 4 wheel drive vehicle. Always have a back pack ready for each member of your family to go with essentials already packed in case of any emergency and have 1000 dollars in 20 dollar bills if the banks are locked down. All of this you must complete in the next few weeks for if Obama announces the truth game over. It is not about arming yourselves, but use and abide by the seal of protection, only this will keep you safe.


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