The Book of Truth


Written Sept 17


   Pride is where you put yourself and accomplishment before your God, who is the source of all. You as atheists are so sure of how the universe was created. Who gave you these thoughts as if you have the knowledge of the Creator? You were lied to and given just enough information to spread around the world behind your self inflated degrees of learning to promote doubt. What is so sad, almost all of your theories are wrong.

   Pride inflates a sense of importance as in greater than another when all are created equal. This when morphs, takes the form of arrogance and ego, during the exploration of what was called the new world. Although, it was known to exist as some explorers were given copied maps of the Americas and sailed to verify what was drawn. They were stolen from the Egyptians, when the library of Alexandria was burned to the ground to cover the theft. This inspired murder as millions were killed as savages and million more enslaved as less than human. The Almighty speaks, ”Who are you to judge another human life and their purpose for Me, the Father and Creator of All”?

   Pride allows a fight to escalate when both parties should have walk away to live another day, but one or both push it with deadly results. One thinks they are the one that is not going to die as pride blinds all, next you are facing Jesus or worse drifting towards hell, is this what you want?

   Pride especially for is rampant toward the woman you love, as compromise is a sign of weakness. Is it? As a couple you both choose to build a life together and there are compromises. It is not about your friends, your job as an excuse to prospect for replacements in sometimes a pathetic life. As whom wants to marry a loser set in their ways? It is about a joint effort to build and support a family, one you pledged to do front of the Almighty in that church or justice of the peace. There is no excuse for abuse of a woman or sexual abuse of your children and those that violate children will be swept away with a fury all will know you have failed God and humanity. There is little mercy for the pedophile that abuses the innocent.

   Pride invokes anger. Pride inspires envy and greed. Pride instills hate towards those who do not have your resources. Pride creates a sloth as you are too good to work for what you have been given. Pride allows nations to go to war where in many cases millions of innocents are slaughter. This is why pride is a sin in the eyes of the Almighty. This is why the behavior of you as humans needs to change. Reflect on these words and think back how times pride has caused a conflict in your life. Then make a change, small, great, just make a change as it is a start to a better future. One where you will with an effort shall come closer to your Savior, Jesus who will show you the way to the Almighty.


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