A Prophet of God is a Just a Messenger and is not be Adored as he is just a man or woman

that Honor Belongs only Belongs to God

The Book of Truth



Written Jun 9


   As the world is caught up and fooled, many would have heard the words of the prophets, which not their voice, but the voice of God for they are only a vessel, a messenger and are just men or women like you. The problem is that few believed them until the Warning when the Truth released the children of God on earth from the chains of deceit, free at last.

   Jesus speaks, ďAs these words are written it is not about the author for he has given Me his free will. I speak to you with My words, which he My humble servant brings to you without human opinion when written in red. I ask you never to forsake Me by bringing praise to a man who gives you My Word. He or she is not worthy of an honor that only belongs to God. Know this; the prophets do not want to be put in any position of adornment as this is why this paper is being written and this is what they want as they are intertwined with My will.Ē

   No prophet wants attention that should be God. No prophet wants to be seen as above man. No prophet will be impressed by human flaws as to advance oneís self interest through any means. A prophet is a man or woman. A prophet cares about Godís children. A prophet does the will of God without question. Prophets are just men and women like you. Respect them as just a man or woman and never put them on a pedestal like you place your popes, cardinals and bishops. When your lives are put on the line and you face death every day do not think that establishing a connection by any means necessary will save you. Those actions threaten the mission in that it is slowed down by physical wants, and it is here that the prophets have requested to remove any threat even if disguised as new love if unmarried to be removed by the Almighty. Never assume that your stature in life can get you a special spot above others as there is no special spot. Each relationship is earned due to the deceit of the world. Do not take that chance.

   Because of the enormity of this mission and now a spike intensifying against the prophets and sacred servants our Mother of Salvation needs your prayers everyday to prevent evil from overwhelming the Christians. This is how you can help by reciting the following crusade prayer everyday


Crusade Prayer (155) For Protection of the Mission of Salvation:

O dearest Mother of Salvation, hear our call for the protection of the Mission of Salvation and for the protection of Godís children. We pray for those who defy the Will of God in this great moment in history. We ask that you protect all those who respond to your call and the Word of God, to save everyone from the enemies of God. Please help release those souls, who fall prey to the deceit of the devil and open their eyes to the Truth.

O Mother of Salvation, help us poor sinners to be made worthy, to receive the Grace of perseverance at our time of suffering in the Name of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

Protect this Mission from harm. Protect your children from persecution. Cover all of us with your Most Holy Mantle and favor us with the Gift of retaining our faith, every time we are challenged for speaking the Truth, for conveying the Holy Word of God, for the rest of our days now and forever. Amen


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