Sacred Servants Stand Up!

 The Book of Truth



Written Oct 22


   Jesus is proud of you sacred servants who truly upheld His Word at the synod, but know this was just a test as others were told to join you. First to give a sense of false support and thus provide an inside edge or source of intelligence as whom will stand firm in the name of Christ. This is what you face swiftly. You were told your pope would push recognition of same sex unions and he has as they offer gifts to humanity. All children of God offer a contribution and all have free choice. The problem is the influence upon the young and in many cases exploitation. Is this what you want? As just one child, is one too many.

Allow those of you who committed adultery the right to receive the body and blood of Jesus within an unclean soul. This is heresy as no pope can discount or reinterpret the Ten Commandments. No man, including the pope, changes that which were set in stone by Jesus the Son of God. They must seek forgiveness with remorse and penance knowing they are responsible for the fate of all souls related to the failed marriage.

   But you say the synod did not approve the bold changes. This is true, but you fail again to look beyond the carefully planned veil of deceit by the master of darkness and his false prophet. The point was to project into the minds of the public the hierarchy of the Church is about change. Most will shortly embrace the changing times to where the rights of mankind are respected in what seems like love, but is lust truly below the surface no matter even if they are of the same sex.

   You were told what is wrong will be seen as right and what is right will be seen as wrong in the eyes of the world. This how so many will be fooled as they will be told God forgives sin so it does not count. If sin does not count anymore then it was not necessary for a Savior to save us from sin. This is the plan. Just who or what entity would want all on earth to discount or embrace sin? This is the Truth.

   What is planned next becomes sinister for the beloved sacred servants. Behind the scenes again some of those who voted to reject change, did this as a tactic to identify the problem. They will quickly recant as they will say the faithful demand change, but this was the plan from the beginning. It will seem the public and adaptation to the ways of the modern world changed the Catholic Church, but you were baited and your demands were the ultimate predestined goal. Those that hold firm will be persecuted. Prepare to be stripped of your titles of bishops and cardinals and ask again is this the will of God or men? Fear not, and know this; men may kick you to the curb, but you will always shine in the eyes of Jesus as someone who stood up for Him. This is what counts, not the opinions of men and loved ones.

   You are asked, did not God with all His wisdom foresee these times of change, and you now assume man can modify His Laws as if they are not perfect? He did that is why Revelations was written to guide you in these times. Exactly who are you listening to?

    It is now, here the great division within the Catholic Church, the body of Jesus Christ will manifest and be destroyed or changed shortly before your eyes. You will be coerced and the spiritually weak will follow the dictates that spews from Rome, now controlled by the dark one and his minions the new world order. None, to few of you thought what you were warned of in Revelations would come true in you lifetime, but I see the deep concern on your faces cardinals, bishops and sacred servants. This is war. This is where you take a side. This is where you stand with Jesus or fall for the lies. Defect you will not only lose your life, but your soul also. Who out of you sacred servants will stand up to lead the spiritual part of the remnant Church?  Who has the courage to defy the false prophet? Who wants to carry the cross of Jesus? Who?

   All of you like proof of the false prophet and who is the antichrist, but you were given a guide and you refuse to listen. The false prophet will bring all together promote harmony to those that sin. show compassion to the poor. Transfer great wealth to help all as the final battle rages know that deceit is at its highest. This is what you must realize if you are to discern the Truth or lose the battle.

   It is time to speak to those who consider themselves gay. Do you not think the Almighty knows your needs, for you are His? The opposite sex does not fulfill your deep desires. The opposite sex does not understand how you need to be touched. The opposite sex sees you as not for them, so you seek your own. Know this; there is another source of influence as you still think all of your thoughts are your own.

   How many of you on earth can truly differentiate the titillation between your legs as love or lust? You must know the difference to now survive in the coming end times. Love is unconditional no matter what happens between your bodies. Lust is masked in desire, passion, pride, arrogance and the thrill of the moment. Now desire, passion and thrill is good for any relationship that is unconditional, but when it fades a relationship built on lust has no love when the thrill and the passion leaves. Know the difference!

   As the Catholic Church reforms to embrace all, they will minimize sin under the guise God will save all. You were told Jesus loves all sinners, but does not excuse the sin unless forgiven with remorse. Let no man twist His words which is the Truth, not what you will hear shortly from Francis as he deceives the world as a puppet of the antichrist. When you as Godís children, except almost all, that is presented to you a new world religion will take hold and all will embrace including those who never believed in God. This is when intervention in the form of the Warning will come and shake the foundation of mankind as well over a billion will die a physical life to save their souls and show the world who is God.

 All of your scientists were shown the explosive force of comet as it passed Mars. You saw the unique pictures, now rare on the web as we play the game of hide then show. Your explanation, it hit the atmosphere of Mars at a pass by of 87,000 miles. Mars has a very thin atmosphere. Atmosphere above earth with a greater gravity at 87K miles really. You would be lucky to find resistance at 200 miles. They are lying. You need to make a choice, now.


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