PSI-OPS Operation on Senators

What is Behind it?


Written Feb. 24 2011

   It has been released that a selected Psi-Ops unit assigned to Afghanistan targeted a group of politicians to influence the flow of funds and troops to the region. Why reveal the names and the purpose to be achieved, when this could have been suppressed under national security? An interesting mix of names, so who would benefit from such a leak and why? If one knew a politician motives would be questioned as counter to America, this could be a cover or explanation for the behavior as he was acting under the influence of a covert psychological team, an experiment gone wrong. The group never was able to influence those mentioned as their decision on the war for some was already established and pro military. There was nothing to influence. The mention of all a general mix to deflect attention from one to the group incase information damaging to a politician is proven correct, a back door exit is now suppose to be in place.

   Today as the secrets of the elite are being exposed and their pawns get caught in the game, like the governor of Wisconsin on tape, now new tactics are needed. So what pushed this? Senator Lieberman is beginning to run scared, the 2012 retirement could not come any faster. It is he, that is behind the internet cut off bill, not for a threat, but to block communications of Americans when the disasters reach a point, the elite need to flee to the bunkers unimpeded. It is he, that is in the know of the Israeli resettlement agreed by the Republicans. It is he, that has true knowledge of the false flag event that led to the Iraqi war. If this information goes mainstream and it will, his current explanations will not work. But if affected by a covert military Psi-Ops operation, as they say on the streets Lieberman could bounce. This was the option presented to him and it was he that gave the go ahead. Now there is nothing wrong with providing a safe haven for your people as I said before good intent, poor execution. Take care of home where you reside, where you represent, where those who elected you are depending on.  Once home is safe you can offer assistance to others. You have no excuse for shutting down the internet, you are being used. As for the false flag that you knew, the actions were carried out by others, but was it right? Now face the nation.

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