The Purification of Earth

Sin will not Exist

The Book of Truth




Written Mar 23


  Many will try and decipher the Book of Revelations as to either save or capture souls during the End Times. Not all that is to occur was revealed by God in the pages written by John. The prophets led you in the past when you thought that all was lost, but it was the chastisements that broke the grip of evil delivered through the Egyptians. You the Jews were free and still you sinned again when given the chance and as punishment was left to wander for 40 years. You are asked? How many times are you children of God now including Christians going to repeat the same mistake again?

   The prophets of God are here today again under great distress to deliver the Word of God, the Truth. Why would you think it would be different from the past as the Truth never changes? Again not only do they have to fight the antichrist only because Jesus and Father protects and guides them, but they must face the ridicule and wrath of the new church, family, friends and co workers as they turn their backs on them. He is a fool.

   Your government has tried in so many subtle ways to warn you that something is amiss. Flood insurance, have a plan to meet and essential supplies in case of a disruption and most just ignore. They can not tell you outright as you will sue the government if warning is early, greed. So you with your pride and arrogance, your loved ones will pay a price. Why was their little to no warnings? Science is inaccurate; who pays the price for a false alarm?

   You were told an official verification would be in place by now, here you were told they would be put off until events are obvious. An announcement will come only to verify what you already have experienced; too late as this was too take away any advantage to a certain group in the know no matter how you spin it in your minds as you assumed you would be leaders, good and bad. Service to other is humility, sacrifice, the ability to step back for the greater good. Yet each of you expects to be vindicated.

   I was right and now you must follow me. Follow you how, to survive? Get over it, many followed your path, but the few, the brave change. This is not about surviving on this world, but the new earth and all that is associated with sin will be wiped from the face of this earth. This has not been revealed to you as this is your school house. Yes another white lie, but some of the astute already realize this. Millions will die shortly in disasters for lack of physical and spiritual preparation. The earth is being purified of sin, yet the false prophet shortly will tell you it does not count. Again you are asked to choose, a man in the position of Godís representative elected falsely or the Truth, the Laws of God? Make that choice.

   Look towards the Bible, as you were told the earth would be weeded of the evil in phases and the earth must be purified for Jesus to descend from Heaven on this earth. No soul aligned with satan will be left here. No soul who is confused between good and evil will left here. Only those who are aligned with God to care for those in the process confirmed to move towards the Lord will live here in misery and some help until they come home as their lessons must proceed.

   You were told certain earth events predicted to occur in 2010 would not or even in 2012. You were told this is not about survival camps. You were told this is a spiritual event hinted by those you follow. There is a greater picture, but most seem to focus on an agenda. This is about coming home children of God. This is why many off world races are in presence and want a genetic piece of that which is part of God for their hybrid programs. But it is the soul that is the essence of God, love not the genetic makeup of the physical flesh, but the quest goes on.

   The recent designed media crush of information in the US via the History, H2, what was the Military Channel and Destination America will crush any advantage many of you thought you had as your knowledge will be just another site. Now you realize you were just another pawn of the elite as this was planned from the start, but the true agenda was to awaken the few.

   This is the Truth. Painful at first but it provides a path to heal. Would you like to go to the brink and then be told the Truth with seconds to save your soul or prepare as you shed pride? The goal is to save the maximum amount of souls on earth. Nothing else is more important. All of us have been humiliated in some fashion, but it is the final results that count. Consider it.


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