Leaders of the Jews




Written Easter April 5


   How many times have those in the Synagogue came to you with questions as to why they call out to God with concerns that affect their lives. They are worried about their childrenís future and there is no answer? They have asked if we are Godís chosen then how was a monster allowed to kill so many of us? You realize that God has not talked to any Rabbi in approximately 2000 years. There has been no prophet to guide you for over 20 centuries from within your own ranks. Yet when someone questions the status quo you state nothing has changed in over 5,000 years, but it has.

   Your prophecies told you the Messiah would be born Bethlehem and all the signs were fulfilled except mankindís preconception of wealth and arrogance to lead the Jews out of the control of Rome. As if your wisdom could predict what God incarnated as man would be like? Oh how little faith the Rabbis of the time had when tested.

   If you have not heard from the Almighty in 2000 years and now the prophecies of Daniel who predicted the second coming are now coming true. Only a fool would still hold on to the idea the first coming did not occur once the chastisements befall this earth. For some of you will hold firm in your belief it has not occurred yet. For others you will meditate in deep thought and keep an open mind and say what if? As all of you see the changes now occurring on earth as this is not frightening to you, but you have concerns for your children and grand children. What will there world be like? It is your choice to throw away your inheritance, but do not make that decision for your children and grandkids.

   For those Rabbis steadfast in your beliefs it was the dark one that influenced you as wealth, pride, arrogance and murder are his traits. Your ancestors in all their wisdom convicted the Son of God of heresy and sanctioned the Romans to execute Him in the cruelest way, and you wonder why the Almighty has fallen silent? Israel is always at war and will see no peace until He comes again, but there is more to this.

   Again as your nation is brought to the brink in the near future as war will escalate faster than nations of the world can support you. Netanyahu cannot wait to eliminate what he perceives as the true threat. The threat to Israel is its leaders who subjugate another to protect a nation for peace. All neighbors hate them for their agenda is a lie. The people of the Middle East do not hate the Jews; they hate the actions of their leaders which do not have the best interest of the Nation. But what Israel does not know, he and others are agents of the dark one who will deliver the Jews to him.

  Jesus speaks, ďRemember when you My Jews were influence to go against the Laws of God, the Commandments, Moses told you, choose the Almighty or another? So it shall be again. Those who stand against Jesus, your Lord and Savior shall be destroyed. For you stand against God, chosen race but you were created by My Father your thoughts as men do not count as if you think your nation, your people, My Laws could be interpreted as men. You need to realize I the Messiah has already come, died and risen and this was not your fault Rabbis, but you are held to the sins of your ancestors. Break the bond with the false past. Break the bond with the lies the Pharisees used to hide their crime of murder. Break the bond that Jesus is yet to come. Embrace your God who died for your sins as I Am a Jew, the First Rabbi.  Embrace the Son of the Almighty who loves you, no matter what the past has written.Ē

   Most of the world when the Jewish nation faces turmoil, those of you who thought were allies shall have excuses of governmental delays and posturing as they mimic your nation as no peace with Palestine shall occur. This is the plan. Do not think when the Almighty said that war is due to the sins of man you were exempt? God is peace when was the last time your nation felt true peace. It has not since the creation of your nation in the 20th century. Your nation will call out His name with pre conditions, still you are hoping for the Messiah and this time he will answer, as he will not come from the Almighty.

   All that you seek in the Jewish messiah shall be fulfilled, a man that will bring a false peace to your nation, after a terrible war. A man of great wealth, polished, master of many languages, false miracles and a natural leader, all that you once wanted in your messiah shall rise in this world and you Jewish nation, shall welcome him as your messiah. He will sit upon the throne on the new temple you shall build on the mount. For this you shall know the anger of God Almighty, the true God of Abraham as you worship the antichrist as the son of god. He your leader will turn on Godís children and kill millions in your nation as the world watches again and their will be no sympathy or help from the Western nations for your nation will be left to die like your brothers, the Christians.

   Rabbis you have the power to change the course of the Jewish race in Israel. Not one of you can be saved if you do not believe in the Messiah. He is the only way to the Father, you were told this. Deny Jesus and you have, then you deny the Father. Is this what you want?

  You say do you not hear are prayers, see our sacrifices and know our love for you. The Almighty will say, I sent My Son to bring all you to My Home and you spit in His Face and murdered Him. Even today you still lie to yourselves that He did not come to cover crimes of murder and you expect the gates of Heaven to welcome you? You need to change. Your brothers the Christians were Jews and still are but they follow Christ as you should.

   The first step is to realize you made a mistake and just ask forgiveness and the voice of God will no longer be silent. Next pray for all of your ancestors for if you deny the Messiah there can be no salvation. Rabbis you need to act alone for the group will destroy your beliefs or cast doubt. You owe nothing to another man, but you owe all to your God and He will bless you greatly for this mission sanction by the God of Abraham. The goal here is to lessen the damage the antichrist will do to the nation of Israel, but without the help of individual Rabbis educating the Jews in secret, your nation will be lost. Think about it as you are the JEWISH hope when a dark cloud descends upon your nation.


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