The Race Wars

Prophesied in the End Times



Written Mar 12

Updated Jun 20


   Leaders of the Black Church, those who pierced the media, and activists, change is coming, but not what your efforts hope to achieve. There is a sharp division being orchestrated by the dark side and you donít even see it. If you believe in God, then know there is a dark side and this is his time.

   You need to deeper at current events and see where this great nation is headed. All of you were told of hard work. All of you use past injustices to justify your present actions, yet you were told to forgive. Few of you follow the advice of the Lord. You say there is discrimination and this is true, but few of you realize why it still persists today.

  Now is time to tell the stark truth that will set you free. All know the injustices that occur against the black race, but only a small minority are active racists. Never label an entire race or a police department as all the same. As this is what you face. This is what you fight against, but when enraged these words do not matter.

   Know that when certain events happen they are to be exploited and you still do not see this. Do you ask; why those who have suspect backgrounds have the greatest protests? Those who were unjustly killed like Tamar and Eric are now just a whisper. This is by design.

   You say we are protesting for change just like the sixties. Really, why donít take the time to look back and compare what the nation saw then and what they see now. In the sixties people marched singing hymns. In the sixties marchers were spit upon and water hosed for exercising their right for free speech and to vote. In the sixties attack dogs threaten the marchers and some paid with their lives both black and white. The nation was disgusted with what they saw and it was those videos of pain and violence by police and National Guard that brought change to this nation. All knew white America in the Deep South had to change.

   Fast forward to today and what images does this nation see as it does not matter the cause as was in the sixties, but what transpires at the protests and who America sees as the enemy of freedom, peace and hope. In Ferguson those in charge ordered the town burned. Crimes of opportunity as looting prevailed due greed and not need. Owners of struggling businesses hired arsonist to collect insurance fraud in a dying town and your property values went south. The nation saw a protest out on control and the decision of the law meant nothing as few look at the evidence or care too. Not one of you rappers or black men would have stood by and let Brown attack you in your car on your watch. Not one of you. Yet you protest for something you if put in the position the cop was in with a stranger and you had no physical chance of winning the gun is coming out. This is the Truth and if you say it is not. You have sunk to a new low by lying to yourself.

   America is looking at the actions of the few as one. Many have seen the video on You Tube of the woman in McDonalds. Some have heard about the Chucky Cheese encounter over an out of service photo booth. These are normal now and are you proud of it leaders as the nation judges you? All know the black on black crime and you seek sympathy? Ask yourselves how do Africans and West Indians all black come here with nothing but the clothes on their backs and succeed at far greater rate than those that have been here for over a century? The china man comes here eats rice, lives 20 to a home, shares and ten years later owns the stores in your neighborhood and you get mad when he does not hire you.

   The reality shows have built an impression that confrontation and fighting solves disputes and this has molded black society for those who know no better. When they make it after being down so long, why do many lose their fortunes trying to impress and pride and arrogance become the drivers of the personality. Have you addressed this? No. If the preacher of a poor community has a Cadillac what message are you sending? Oh a servant of God needs to ride in style. This is the Truth.

   Now two officers were shot in Ferguson, but not part of the police force. The media shows your rage, but America sees violence that needs to be put down. You see it as a need for revolution, but for all of you it is just talk. Exactly what nation in this world would allow what happens here? Would you die for the cause or cower as you see those around you gunned downed? Again I ask, how many of you would stand by with restraint if someone who just attacks you turns now bum rushes you? You say hands are up. I say this only count if you are frozen in place.  How many and donít lie?

   Few blacks are the criminals perceived by those in power and the media, just as few police officers are biased. But an unprovoked attack to take advantage of weakness hardens those on duty or they are killed. This again is the Truth. Most crime is committed due to need. Drugs allowed to flow to black communities as they do not have the money to support a habit as the kids in the suburbs. So they steal first from families then from neighbors. The CIA black operations is funded by your predictable actions and the elite have a means to keep a significant percentage part of the population down as family unity is destroyed through incarceration, mistrust and theft.

  You in Ferguson were manipulated. You let your anger be seen by a nation who remembers the words spoken to burn the BÖh down. Those that control this country knew what his spontaneous reaction would be and he delivered more than they hoped for as the cameras were there to record every moment, classic herding. This cannot be taken back. There is no excuse. No matter how you spin it as the nation saw fools out of control and your cause gained few followers in America. A video is worth a thousand words. If you attack an officer of the law no matter what your reason he has the right to defend himself including lethal force. This is the law as Brown could have walk on about his business. Walking in the middle of the street is a danger to citizens and it is the duty of an officer to promote safety for drivers and pedestrian alike. If you think this is nonsense then try this on the interstate at night.

   You were told business owners burnt their places using arson and the community took the hit. You were told white supremacists watched your actions and their ranks grew. Now those with rifles, perched above the shooting scene with an escape route, the sniper was able to place precise rapid shots only to injure in the dark, but enrage a nation against your cause. No black man is that good in darkness to place shots unless he is Special Forces and the military knows their ex soldier tactics and locations. This would be a suicide mission as they would be tracked down.  Black men use pistols and walk up to the car to send a message, not hide on a hill top with advanced night vision scopes that can filter ambient street lights. You say the bullets will show a different type of weapon used, no the bullets will be replaced. Listen to the sound of the shots and when they the hit the target. There was gap and certain whine. This is your clue that who hit them was a hired paramilitary sniper. In and out he went undetected from a greater range than 125 yards as the muzzle flash is only as good the weapon and muzzle suppressers if you know it.

   Events will escalate and the US population will polarize. There will come a point that the earth changes will restrict your food and water in this country. Some will resort to looting and killing for food. The result business will leave impoverish communities and you are on your own. If there is no surplus, resources go to the highest bidder then a black market will thrive and few if any will be able to feed their families. The government will have no resources. No matter how you loud scream. The police will not help as you burnt that bridge and then someone get the wise idea to loot the suburbs where families have stockpiled food in preparation to coming events, which are here. You can bring your arms, but few of you have ammunition for a fire fight. For every bullet in the hood there is thousands in the subs. They are prepared. In Chaos the people are the law and no one will tell a story when you attack their own.

   What is sad is the Black Congressional Leaders lack of real direction as they go with the flow. Pick your battles to enhance justice for all, Ferguson is an issue with sad results again you should have moved on. The world is watching.

   This paper was written to enlighten all sides as to how this division between races which most do not want is accelerating and with education the present plan in place at least it can be slowed, but not stopped. As not all areas in this great nation will succumb to race wars, but unite. In some areas where rage instead wisdom prevails most will be lost. Who is going to stand up for what is right?


Update Mar 16


   News agencies have released, Law Enforcement has found the shooter of the wounded cops in Ferguson Mo. Yes, he was involved in a shooting, but no sane black man would shoot a rival with a clear line of sight to the police and he does not hit his target. Second, shots fired within 150 yards would attract too much attention. Yet your news agencies were fed this story and had no option, but to comply. I ask you to think about it and how far the lies go. Yes, he was in the area. Yes he may have fired in anger towards another in dispute. But, he was not the one who fired the shots at the police. When targeting it is not random were most bullets hit stray targets unseen? You are being lied to. I have no further comment.


Update Jun 19


   As the division in the races expands through random events that take center stage by design, the trigger has been pulled. Certain sources, which are spreading within the Black Community states those killed in South Carolina, were related to a loss of jobs. This is a lie. Now you donít have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to know Blacks presently are the last to get or keep a job in this nation. Why is this?

   There is point to where Fox News has been spreading division not hate by a certain representative, but it is an innuendo that others less gifted are the anchor that is holding back the ship of USA, though this is dampening sharply over the last 2 years. This was true at a point a few years in the past, but almost all  at Fox has moved forward to respect the rights of others including Geraldo. I cannot say the same about a certain late night host, you know who you are.

   Yes there is and was police abuse, but all are watching and recording. What we do not need is a blatant disrespect for the law of our land. Again you watch the reality shows and think this is the norm and you wonder why a man with a future moves on. If you as a parent are teaching your child to hate the police presently in these United States then you are welcome to leave the greatest country on earth and find a refuse that will accept your hate. There is anger out there and every action a Black person takes in ignorance feeds an underlying group to where the few surface. This is what happened in South Carolina and many more will follow. As the earth changes get worse they will fester and explode. This will make the KKK look like boy scouts.

   No matter how you spin it, riots for the past injustices, burning cities, or acting like a fool in a pool wins no respect with anyone including your own. Education and family unity lifts those you love out of poverty, just how many of you that at the crux of violence have tried this? If this was true, welfare would have ended in the first generation with some severe cases still in progress. If this was true a sports career would not be the family's focus for the few. If this was true all who makes it would keep their wealth, but this is not so except the few. Ask yourselves when it turns through the actions by those paid to agitate propels this nation into race wars who will support you. Not the police, military and the government soon to be in the hands of the elite. They will crush all that you hold dear again by design as none of you see events laid out to herd America into a certain direction. You, the of voice fear will be reduced to a whisper and your churches are easy targets and will suffer deaths beyond your comprehension. You were warned and again few see the signs.

   You wonder why those who have loss another in hatred forgives and other state the grief is over. All who are Christian have been taught to forgive for their loss is in the hands of the Almighty. They who have passed has risen beyond death. They who are the persecuted, followed the path of their Lord. Thus are fulfilling a prophecy. When you harbor anger or hate you succumb to the dark one. These are his traits. How many times have to been told to bring the the strays for the righteous he does not look for. Yes the innocent died, but as a child of Christ it is your job to turn the killer. Stop those who want to follow in his footsteps. Stop it by love for a tortured soul captured by the dark side. Stop it because evil taints and some4times controls a soul, but once removed he is a child of God. This is what you need to understand.

   Shortly those who have the best interests of both races will be overwhelmed. Evil will encompass the weak and no matter your words events will escalate beyond any containment, then what? You need a new plan.


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