When You Receive Gifts from the Holy Spirit

The Book of Truth



Written May 23


    You ask and you shall receive. This is what your Lord God Jesus promised you and now He has delivered. He asks to recite this Crusade Prayer to ask for a Miracle and if it fits into Godís Plan, it shall be considered, but more important is for the good of your soul. Your time is not His time so if granted it may be the same day, week, a year or just before the Second coming as you cannot question why in a Divine plan, but accept and continue to pray with love to your Lord to save others. When new gifts and talents are granted there comes with it responsibility as with anything you have been shown or given on earth. This does not change for the same rules you abide on earth were created in Heaven. This is the Truth. It is asked, how are you going to change your part of the world in the name of our Lord? He asks; are you going to forsake Him when the world turns against Him like Judas did when He walked the earth or be like His Mother Mary even at the Crucifixion, who stood firm in Her belief even when the Pharisees turned their backs as will be repeated when Hierarchy of the Church discards Him shortly?

   Gifts that are given when not used to promote the Word of God can and will be taken when not acted upon so that someone else may deliver the message. All that is asked is to be faithful. Never doubt your mission. Never squander what God has given you. Look at others as you Jesus sees you, but most of all, do your best always after you fall like He did, three times. This is the goal; to deliver the message to the world not the personal wants. This is not about us as we are special in the eyes of others or should be treated like this. This is about God and no man on earth prophet or pope should be praised as messengers. We are all equal in the eyes of God, but give that love to that which is only God.

  That which is of God cannot and shall be taken for granted or analyzed. This is where most of us make mistakes, especially I, as always work in progress. For the sacred servants look carefully at the changes coming and what seems as good will to accept others into a new church that will get you to say yes. Would Jesus look to accept others under peace and love, but change His Truth to pacify the will of man?

   You will be told lets accept others openly and with this change some things (modernization) in our faith to bring them aboard as not to offend our new brothers and sisters. You will see the greater good and many will say yes. This is what Jesus would want and this is the Truth. But when they bring the Moslems and Jews in they will remove Christ from the triad Divinity of God. This will also nullify Mary as Mother of God. They will say the Jews were right the Messiah is yet to come. This opens the door for the world to be introduced to the antichrist. You will believe he is Christ when the false prophet that leads the shell of what was the Catholic Church (before modernization), Francis endorses him. This is just a small part of the covert tactics that will be used by the dark side.

   Ask yourselves; in order to convert the world, we the Catholic Church must consider the human rights of those who we have embraced and want to convert. In essence of respect of the thoughts of others we as representatives of our Lord Jesus Christ must change the Laws and the Truth preached by Jesus. Yes, Jesus wants every soul, but never when you as a human, bends the Word of God. The Catholic Church and the Pope are authorized only to preach the Word of God, not modify it under any circumstances. Only those influenced by the dark side will ask you to change what is written in stone, the tablets of Moses that contained the 10 Commandments. God destroyed the Jews who breached His Covenant and He will do it again as prophesized in Revelations to save souls from being lost to madness as this is His Goal.

   We need to take action now, as Father, the Almighty does not want to lose one extra soul to satan and in fact wants to take from him what he has taken God. Now enough words for thought for almost all of you will accomplish your missions with prayer, but sometimes there needs someone to light a fire under your asses to get things moving along.


Tips to Avoid Setbacks


   When enlightened never force your new found wisdom upon another, remember how you were turned off when a Christian of a certain doctrine person knocked on your front door and told you how your life must change.

   For many of you, the truth is that few are blessed with social skills. Practice your words with each other to hone your skills. In the real world first impressions count only, few get a second chance. Make it count the first time.

   Remember how Jesus did it. He was soft. He was passionate in His Love for His children. Look at each soul first as your child with love no matter what they did first. Then heal them for it is the soul that must be saved at all costs. When you speak for Jesus then you must walk like Jesus this is your responsibility. So letís step it up.

   For many it will your homes that will give the most pain as a believer, few that are close recognize you for what you are. They have seen your faults. They have seen you waver. They have seen you fall and now they are to believe you that you are on the right path! It is here you step back and say nothing, let Jesus work on them and they will come around. Take matters into your own hands and you will lose them. Plant seeds of options they will come back in time.

   When they do come back, never gloat or show pride that you were right, the goal was to bring them home, not egos. Would you brag if your lost child returned or cry tears of joy humbly thanking the Lord they returned safety?

   Last, when the Lord gives a clue, reflect on it first and then only act when you are stripped of your earthly opinions. It is here that the just will be guided down the straight and narrow.


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