When Receiving the Eucharist the Soul Should be Clean of Sin

The Sacrament of Confession



Written July 29


   I ask; would you invite a guest into a dirty home? Then why do so many of you receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist, which is a supernatural transubstantiation Body and Blood of Jesus Christ without cleaning your soul? The Eucharist is the true spiritual representation, not physical as in earthly flesh and blood of the Son of God as some seem to think. Many, need to consider this, the Eucharist should be swallowed, not chewed, and served by clean souls within the parish. For it is the food of our souls and not our stomachs. The point for some, do you receive that which has no sin, into a soul that is infested with sin influenced by satan himself without any attempt to repent with penance? This needs to change now if the masses are to be ready to expect Jesus like the thief in the night as we are in the End Times.

   The Sacrament of Confession is a gift from God to His children. This is the Truth, but few believe this. It allows a soul that has been influenced (infested) by satan and who to the disbelief of many on this world resides in their souls. The sins against your brothers and sisters are forgiven allowing what was once dark now to shine with the light of God. This is your soul.

   You ask! Satan does not reside in me. This is the weakness of your mind that is human. Hate, anger, lust, envy, pride and murder to name a few are traits that mimic the will of satan as the spirit of evil captures part of your soul. Please don’t tell me you think God allows this to happen! You have free will and you make choices. Man chooses to evil to another under the influence. Again this is the Truth. The balance is God and love that resides in all souls no matter how dark to counter that which is evil. It is here the Truth will set you free and ignorance that seems bliss shall spiral you and your soul to new depths as evil reigns over the earth over the next few years.

   You assume that you understand all powers within the universe and ignore the Truth when you discover a connection. All but a few on this world knows the Truth and you are only fooling yourselves as you were warned. As what is spiritual, is an invisible realm your scientists dismiss, just as those before them dismissed atoms as they could not prove they exist, but you will learn as they did in the past. This is why your world will brought to its knees as terror, murder, and war ramp up beyond the accepted levels of tolerance for any alleged civilized nation that you will accept anyone in the end, “one” who will bring peace to this world. All that is evil will be presented and be seen as good and because of this facade those around you will agree, and sadly most will conform.

   Jesus, who loves all of you, will endure any and all pain of sin to bring you home. All He is asking; is that you on an individual basis shared only your concern, prayers and actions with your Savior to give peace to use the Sacrament of Confession to give Him a clean home, in your soul.

   Confess your sins with remorse and He will forgive. Trust me, the less you talk, when persecution comes against Christians, almost all will be diverted. No matter how vile to mankind it was as this flesh will not transmute into the new earth. Thus as much as it hurts and your loved ones taken are just beyond the veil, they will be waiting to be reunited with you. Once you are united, nothing that happened on the earth that has passed away, will matter. No tears will flow. No pain will pierce your heart. You will want for nothing. It is here that the union between Christ and your soul will grow and connect. This is what you need. This is what He wants. This is what the world needs to counter, which is grasping what seem like your feet, dragging them into the depths of what will be hell.

   The Eucharist and a clean soul coupled with prayer is your only armor against evil, yet unseen except the results. Do not be fooled. Recognize your only weapon against all that is dark disguised as good in these coming years. Confused, ask in quiet prayer to Jesus no matter what you and hear in this world. You will be guided. Man is flawed. God is Almighty.


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