A Time for Reflection


Written April 3

Update: April 5

   As Christians in this world, lets us take the time to reflect and give thanks for the suffering and sacrifice made by our Lord, Jesus Christ so we as the people of earth could be forgiven for the crimes we commit to this day against each other and God. A family of souls from the beginning of Adam and Eve to the present created in the image of the Father Almighty with the gift of free will, the spark of life. Christ a part of the Trinity, the total spirit of God that created this universe was sent to save all of you from being destroyed. As in the time of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrha man was not fit to spiritually walk this earth and so it it is today due to influence of the dark one. As sin is now sophisticated and accepted a justified right of man and woman. Even those looking to protect the laws of God, commit one of the most vile sins against the Almighty by killing another and justifying it with His name using crime and murder to sway others as just.

   Most of you know the story of God incarnated as man to teach the world of something greater, but few believe. The price to enlighten the world, flesh ripped away from his back by whips until bones were seen. A crown of thorns pressed down against the skin of His skull until His eye was pieced then crushed causing blindness to the eye. Beaten all along the path to a point to where no man on earth would have been able to climb that hill, but He did for you. Men, woman and children kicking and spitting on Him as he passed for entertainment. His followers that  just celebrated the last supper, most scattered as to be not seen. The very people He came to save, His own, the Jews who despised Him, condemned Him to death, for in his simple appearance this could not be the Messiah. He was not of this earth and that which has the greatest value in the universe, the soul was pure that of God, not recognized for what is was. For the Jews, they worshiped money, gold, their self appointed positions as heads of synagogues. Christ had none of what what earth considered treasures. With all their so called wisdom, scholars of the Torah, not one of out of their self pride recognized the Son of God, whom Father gave you Abraham and sent Moses to save your asses, and to this day, this is your thanks. Even knowing all of this and with all the powers of given to Him as He was God, He chose to allow the crucifixion to occur so that all you would be save from the dark one, who has no mercy. It time for all you that believe to honor that sacrifice in a prayer of thanks and for those who don't, consider a man died a horrible death on a conviction of faith. You believe in money and power as you know this exists and its rewards you can see, but not one of you would go through what He did to keep it, reflect on that.

   On earth their two distinct sides and that choice is being made now, where do you stand, with the Almighty and His Son or against. You were told of the signs to come marking what seems to be the end , but is just a new beginning and they are here. You were told that war would be a punishment especially for those that believe, but have not corrected their ways and you see this in Israel. Your ancestors made a mistake, as all on earth do and even the crime against Jesus will be forgiven for those who turn back. The truth was hidden out of fear, for few where ready to lose the leadership and status of the people. Today Jews control many worldly things, but they suffered during the Holocaust and are under the constant threat of war in the middle east. Where is your peace? It cannot come to you brokered through man as it is and never has been permanent, can you not see this. Are all of you still stuck in the past following the flawed traditions of your elders? Have any of you tried to seek the wisdom of the Almighty your God in quiet prayer or are you secretly afraid to talk to Him as you may have killed His Son? You need to consider the unthinkable, as God's chosen people it is time to move on and come home. Some of you need to make that first step, for when the Warning comes all of you including Atheists will know without a doubt there is a God and Jesus Himself will be talking to you. Do not wait, to confront Him in shock and unprepared, as Jews you pride yourself on being prepared. There will be no second chance either you will be with Him or against Him and your elders know the power of God. Do not test Him. Dying on the cross for man and his crimes was a great sacrifice, lets honor it on Good Friday.


   A request from the Lord, Jesus Christ especially during Holy Week. On this night over 2000 years ago, Jesus celebrated his Last Supper on earth with His apostles. He washed their feet, symbolic of how by His death He will wash their sins. Where the ceremony of bread and wine is transformed as a miracle of the Almighty to the remembrance of the body and blood of His Son the night before His death on the cross. He, Jesus is asking each and everyone of the faithful  for your prayers. They are needed to save those that do not believe in Him as a sacrifice for mankind. He was the example 2000 years ago and so you shall be the example today.

A prayer to be said for all those who will not get the chance to choose good over evil, because of a quick death from fear during the warning. Say this during Holy Week and beyond, giving a lost soul a second chance.

O God the Almighty Father
On behalf of your beloved Son Jesus Christ
and in commemoration of His death on the cross to save our sins
I beg you to save souls who cannot save themselves
and who may die in mortal sin during The Warning

In atonement for the sufferings
of your beloved Son I urge you to forgive those who are unable
to seek redemption because they will not live long enough to ask
Jesus Your Son for Mercy to free them from sin.

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