A Time for Reflection


Written Mar 22


   As Christians around the world come to know the meaning of Holy Week lets reflect on its meaning. Few of you have a clue to what God the Son of the Almighty an equal part of the Trinity did for you 2000 years ago. His own despised Him, the Messiah as walked the earth incarnated as a man did not elevate another man in control of His people. The Jews His own chosen executed Him in place of a known criminal only because He was a threat. This is how depraved they were as now. Where what is right is seen as evil and what is wrong is seen as good.

   The world is now controlled by evil, yet you do not see this. The Bible has told you of these times as this is why Jesus, God creator of the universe laid down His life to save your sorry asses. He suffered for all sins only to give you everlasting life if you except Him. Reflect on this gift on Good Friday and except His Mercy.


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