Reflection during Advent

Our Savior is Born


Written Dec. 16

   In this time of Advent it is time to reflect on the great sacrifice our Father made by sending His Son to die for your sins and to give you the great gift of eternal life. All of us are paying the price for original sin and because of this we are subject to imperfect lives and suffering due to sin.

   When Jesus was born on earth as man, the heavens rejoiced as He kept the promise of the scriptures to present mankind with a new Covenant. One of forgiveness, but the priests of that time were looking for a king in all of its pompous glory, but the scriptures promoted self sacrifice, humbleness and love for each other. Our Lord led a simple life.

   Now we need to not repeat the same mistakes. During this time, the Word of our Lord is spreading by His followers. What we do not want to see is a second rejection of the covenant of the Fatherís gift to mankind.

   Letís take to time to be thankful the sacrifice of Jesus to become man, suffer and die as human, but today continues to suffer for all sins of mankind that is presently occurring. Pointing the finger for blame in the death of Jesus, yes it is time for the truth. The chosen people who were affected by the dark oneís influence, which is even greater today, were not totally guilty. They listened to and acted on the dark oneís prime enemy the savior of this world. This is why you can be forgiven.

   For Christians, pray in thanks for this great sacrifice and expect His great mercy when presented to you during the warning. As many are following in the same foot steps 2000 years later during this time of the Second Coming, because most of you refuse to believe these are the End Times. Do not make the same mistake by ignoring the signs. All of you have said if Jesus called me I would follow Him. I would know and follow His Word when others turn away. You have all said this, but now in these times few of you dare to stand up. Instead you are so busy with gifts, caught up in your lives and material wants, which is being destroyed by sin all around you. Are you that numb to the news to realize your safe cozy lives have changed?

   Each one you, concentrates on the actions of the human while failing to acknowledge the influence. It is the denial that this hidden influence exists that gives it its power. Know this, there are many forces unseen that affect ordinary life, please open your eyes as the scriptures have foretold these times. This is the same source that creates hate, anger and rage within you as the victim. This why you were told to forgive injustices without love in the most grievous crimes the dark one takes not only the one that enacted the injustice, but many times claims the victims in despair as hate flows. You cannot change things through hate and capital punishment as the Almighty told you there is eternal life. You will see your loved ones again, but the life you have after this one is far greater. This is goal. Revenge leads to you joining the person creating the crime as your loved ones continues without you. Is this what you want, to become a victim twice by free choice? Do not be deceived.

   Spend some time and think about that which is God, who came down from the Heavens incarnated as man to save you, and as an ungrateful race. We killed Him in the most cruel manner, and all of us are responsible as this is human culture. Set aside some quiet time and just thank Him for what He did. We do not need to point fingers at the Jews as you Christian are doing the same thing now.

    Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ as a man to save all of us and as a race ready to move to the next level we need to acknowledge this and then act on it. More important teach our children. As Christmas is about the Savior first, then the sharing of gifts like the 3 Wise Men did is secondary. This is the reflection of Christmas, now as Christians we need to act on this, as Jews you need to start to embrace this. Do not wait to that face to face meeting with Jesus to find out your Rabbi through pride was wrong.

    Now a word from your Jesus, ďI just want to tell all of My chosen ones. I love you and I came into this world to save each and every one of you. It was written in the scriptures you would kill Me and for this I forgive you. I do not want to lose you a second time, please embrace Me. Call on Me like you use to call on My Father, I will be there to answer your prayers. Just call on Me and we can start a fresh relationship. Can you My Jewish race, My chosen children start?Ē

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