Let us Reflect on Christmas

The Book of Truth



Written Dec 18


   All seem to forget why we give gifts to each other on Christmas. Love is abound, and goodwill surrounds all, this comes only from the Almighty. Gifts were given by 3 kings to our Lord Jesus Christ as they were told who He was after His birth that incarnated as the Son of God into the lowly human thus becoming man. This was an honor granted to the few to praise God in the flesh.

   This same theme was exploited by those who wanted to increase sales at a particular time of the year was the goal while presenting a celebration of gifts replacing the birth of Christ with a pagan form Santa Claus. It is all about the money. The most advanced Being in the Universe and a triune part of God Creator sought to balance the sins of mankind so that all could be released. The good and sinner saved from the enslavement of the dark one due to the original created by your parents Adam and Eve, but again you must ask for mercy dropping all pride and arrogance. Is this too much to ask?

   At this time, all need to reflect on our Saviorís suffering as he absorbs all the terror, fright, pain, injustice and murder of all abused on earth. This is His sacrifice until He comes again. You have been told this is the dark oneís time and it is here as your media covers the increased violence on earth. This has been foretold and must pass. Remember His sacrifice as He died at the hands of His own. Remember why He died. Remember Him when the world strips us of who He was. Just remember He is Christmas instead of the superficial gifts under your trees or other locations. Christmas is first about the birth of our Lord. Celebrate this first and then offer gifts to others, Merry Christmas.


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