Remnant Army

It is time to stand up for your leader Christ


Written June 18


   In this war, you are the soldiers of Christ. It is now that you take your chances in life for you will learn here and build your protective armor. Approach others with kindness and state the Truth. The goal is not convert for no one changes on a few words or a meeting no matter how true the words ring. This is where you will develop a thick skin for insults that will cut deep, in the future, where when tested, most will doubt. You are being told here that you are the foundation, which all will watch for stability when all seems lost. Will you stand up for the Lord when others around you crumble? Will you become that guiding beacon when the words of deceit seem like the words of the truth? Will you become that unshakable disciple of Jesus or run in fear as a traitor like Judas?

   Faith is based on the belief in one God, the Almighty where nothing separates you from His Son Jesus. Not most of your friends will do this. Not any of your money will do this. Not some of your family will do this. You have one master in this mission and His name is Jesus Christ. I expect you to deliver in His name, no excuses for time is short.

   Jesus speaks, “You My disciples are the first to volunteer for My Army and I love you for your faith and devotion to Me and My Father. It is during this time I need you to develop the skills to take you and My children through the turmoil coming. Your training during this time of seeming calm is when you can focus, for you will be My foundation. Spread the Good News and welcome the hate, the insults for you can walk away. When the time comes and you are challenged, you will not back up, but stand strong; Jesus strong for you will have been tested. March forward My warriors and bring My children home. As it will be you that will prepare this world for My Second Coming like John the Baptist, but you will not lose your head. You will represent Me and with this comes a responsibility where sin will be despised. You will look at the opposition as a spy who invades your mind, but it is your job to discern the Truth and eliminate the opposition. This is your mission. This is your job. This is what you will do for our commander our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

    After hearing the words of our Lord, remember to continue your crusade prayers and suffering to save the souls of the world, who know no better.


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