Repeat this Prayer for Seven Consecutive Days only to temporarily absolve your sins with out a Catholic priest


"O my Jesus, You are the Light of the earth. You are the Flame that touches all souls. Your Mercy and Love knows no bounds.

We are not worthy of the Sacrifice You made by Your death on the Cross, yet we know that Your Love for us is greater than the love we hold for You.

Grant us, O Lord, the Gift of Humility, so that we are deserving of Your New Kingdom.

Fill us with the Holy Spirit, so we can march forth and lead Your army to proclaim the Truth of Your Holy Word and prepare our brothers and sisters for the glory of Your Second Coming on earth.

We honour You. We praise You.

We offer ourselves, our services, our sufferings as a gift to You to save souls.

We love You, Jesus.

 Have Mercy on all Your children, wherever they may be. Amen."