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Written May 29   


   To the person called Michael, exactly what are you trying to accomplish here? You speak of transparency, but the certain members of the Church withheld the 3rd secret of Fatima allowing the Church to be infiltrated. Those who hear the words of Father know them from any source, but you seem to be guessing. Are to trying to save us from an honest mistake or divert confused soul away from the Holy Word of God? Your words, “dangerous fraud” who are you protecting? You are a man and cannot judge others, more important, you have no clue to why a person is picked by the Almighty to guide mankind. Do you have insight on telepathy? She was given this job, because she would deliver the message intact without spin, anonymous to lower the anxiety of fear within herself from the insults coming from the public. Do you not think death threats would sent to her family if known?

   It your job to absorb the message and act on it, not chastise the messenger. It was not said that she is the greatest prophet, this is a lie. She is the last of the end time prophets, period. The Bible is the book of Truth and the messages are from our Lord Jesus, His Mother and Father, heed them. These new words are give all hope the Almighty and His Son are speaking to you now. All have been warned not to go against the true prophets as your intent is known. If you don’t understand, remain silent, watch as all in Revelations unfolds through the actions of the Antichrist. This is who you need to fear. As all whom back him will be lost through the affects of the Pole Shift created by the hand of the Almighty.

   To the faithful, children of God, let no man influence you to where faith wavers. There will be many as you were told, no matter what you see around stand strong, fear nothing. For in the universe nothing is greater than Father. This is about coming home, to know that Jesus died for each and every one of you, suffering to this day. Listen to the words transcribed Maria Divine Mercy, for they are from the heavens and not hers. They are guiding you, not to place doubt and divide. They speak of love and a choice, are you the side of the Almighty and His seer or the other. This is your choice and no other man should make it for you. Just know; the Lord Jesus is merciful. May is not part of His actions.


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MichaelNovember 20, 2011 11:53 PM

    This alleged seer "Maria Divine Mercy" - what a name by the way - is a dangerous fraud. First of all, the Lord and His church preach honesty and transparency. This person is anonymous. Read through the many messages and you will see countless contradictions of the Catholic faith, as taught in Scripture, Tradition and statements from the Magisterium - for example, in one of her "messages from God" He says she will be the greatest prophet of all, greater than the O.T. prophets. Our Lord has already said that about St. John the Baptist! In another one of her "messages from God" is says that she (but really He, through her) will write a book that will truly be His word, the greatest revelation from Him ever. Well, that is what the Bible is and, according to the teachings of the Church, the public revelation of Jesus Christ has already been revealed and anything else (i.e. private revelation) is definitely secondary. I could go on and on about this fraud, her contradictions of the holy teachings of the Catholic faith etc. She (or whomever) is actually praying on vulnerable souls during this time of great anxiety and confusion in the world. Who, I ask the faithful among us, would do that? Only the Deceiver himself would be up to such Evil. Read and learn your Faith. Read Fr. Groeschel's book on private revelation called A Still, Small Voice from Ignatius Press and stop all this fraudulent seer/visionary nonsense. For the sake of souls and for the mercy of the world, spread the news about these frauds - there are so many. May the Lord indeed be merciful.

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