Resignation of the Pope



Written Feb. 11

Updated Feb. 13


   As the World is stunned at the resignation of the Pope, behind the scenes those in the Catholic Church are reeling at the speed the Pope was coerced into leaving his mission for God. No one even in frail health walks out on the Almighty during these times where the spiritual war between good and evil is escalating. Is there a history of hospital visits or chronic illness, no? This is your clue, no matter how the news spins it. You were told in advance he was going to be forced out, a statement you thought was impossible, now that it has occurred; but you quietly make excuses to justify this action. Yes he looks old and tired. Yes maybe he does need to retire due to frail health. Yes and I believe what I am fed by the media. You will never be told the truth from those who engineered this.

    What have to realize is that the dark one now has made moves to capture the seat of Peter and Europe as soon as possible, not caring who falls in the quest for domination of this world. Know this, cardinals who are in secret collusion the world now is beginning to realize change is coming to the Vatican. That change is the rise of the black pope (not a reference to color, but could change as a new strategy) as I the false prophet with the primary goal to eliminate the sacrament of the Eucharist and Jesus the true Son of God. All of you, who are voting willing for the black pope, shall be the first to be targeted by the Almighty as you are worse than Judas. As there is no doubt in your mind that you work for satan. As if your dark ceremonies are beyond His eyes. I told you, your destruction will be seen by your peers. Hell will rise up and consume your flesh for both that which is evil and good to see the power of the Almighty within the confines of the Vatican. This is not threat, but a promise. Make no mistake with the words written here. You can change and reach out for the hand of forgiveness, think about it.

   For the faithful and sacred servants this is your sign, I expect you to prepare secretly for what is to come. Consult in prayer for guidance on who to approach for help. Remember there is only one Holy Word that rings in your heart, that of Jesus, it is time to recognize His voice when spoken to you.

   As tensions rise and that which Jesus has established in the His Church for over 2 thousand years is changed by men, the few, the brave still at the Vatican will seek out Benedict who will be isolated from the world for support. This will end swiftly as the newly elected pope (the false prophet) will crush all opposition. It is here the former pope will flee what is essentially a lockdown at or near the Vatican for his life.

   What you will not do is to go public on your views, the media will discredit you before you influence a soul, eyes and ears are everywhere. If you were heard, harden hearts would not believe you. So wait for the storm to brew and hit. It will be you that reaches out with the life line of faith and guidance with a prepared sanctuary and all will listen in the time of need. Strike too early and they will turn off and seek others, thus lost. You do not want this as it is job to lose not one. Prepare and save the sacraments, the Bible and recite your crusade prayers & Rosary, this is what you need to do to save humanity.

    When the former pope leaves Rome for any excuse as they will lie, you know the Warning is coming sooner than later and most will be caught by surprise once he flees. This world could lose up to 1.25 billion souls to death as mainly; the elderly most firm in their belief in Jesus will die of fright a gift from God, rather than suffer on earth. Oh you ask why? Really just how many of you who plan to be mobile in the middle of an epic disaster are really going to first find grandma and then tote her? What about medicine, cracked roads, blazing heat or frigid cold, basics like water, incontinence and no more diapers, yes what are you going to do? Don’t lie when your life, more important your wife is screaming about the safety of the kids is on the line. It is a suicide mission so know what you are accepting as an honor to your parents to bring them small comfort when no one else cares.

   The Almighty and His Son, Jesus has delivered on the prophecy Mary the Mother of Salvation gave to the 3 children at Fatima in the Third letter, which is still suppressed. Evil will take the seat of Peter as a living Pope is forced out. This is now true. Take a stand and come off the fence as the separation of good and evil shall begin.



Inside the Mind of the dark one: his next moves


   Those in support of the Pope are fearful for their lives. They knew the day of the Second Coming was set and everyday through prayer Benedict resisted was another day the true church Jesus would stand. How do they now stand up for Christ within the den controlled by the antichrist and his new false prophet to be elected? Jesus words to you are courage. You will not abandon me in the face of adversity. It is not that the prayers failed, it is a lesson to let you know how powerful satan incarnated as man is. Those who engineered this are well hidden behind smiles, soft spoken words and are now threatening the inner circle of cardinals who will vote for the next pope. Who he will be has not been revealed or hinted. Whether a curve is thrown to pick a black (African) pope to discount the true meaning of the “Black Pope” a dark soul aligned with the anti-christ, remains to be seen.

   You will watch in disbelief as reciting the Rosary is removed as a prayer. Symbols of the crucifixion craftily down played and also removed as tolerance for other religions will now being embraced. Sacred servants, you have already been told of the changes to come and you must now take your guidance from the seat of Peter in Rome and listen to that inner voice that comes directly from Jesus. This is what He asks from you.

    The dark one is very busy right now as he now reigns on earth and every second counts. His strength is the refusal of most leaders, especially in this country that he truly exists. The elite, knows the Truth as they worship him in dark ceremonies. The rumors are not myths as some of you have been approached to join a secret society where you do not leave. So you think about it as you see those that have joined become powerful and rich. The dark one is nothing more than a very powerful pied piper spiritual entity beyond human comprehension. He offers wealth, power and up to now he has asked nothing from you. This will now change. You will be told to start wars, enact genocide, murder, rape and all will be on a new level as civilization spirals out of control. You are to deliver souls through fright and fear by any means necessary, beyond anything you can stomach. This is what you face. Flinch and you will be killed or your family as an example to others. What you do not realize is that you will not survive once your task is completed.  The king of lies delivers on a promise to a mere mortal, what a fool. For if satan does not take your soul in death as you have made a final decision to betray all that is good, the Almighty will as punishment for betraying your brothers and sisters on a universal scale.

    Austerity will destroy the financial foundation of Europe and some what in this country through forced debt reduction, coupled with earth changes the antichrist will rise to provide hope for all. Sharing of resources and one point of power that also controls faith (communism disguised) many will fall prey as the media is controlled. Yes American journalist your tongue will be held.

   All leaders will fear him and some killed as they are seen as weak and past the point of usefulness. Again America, as you the leaders of this nation who are now being courted, it is time to think. You will not win this battle. Nothing on earth can save you from the wrath of the Almighty. Make a stand! It is better to die with honor, than be taken who knows where as a coward. One agreement made by the dark one to those worlds who follow him, and so I will tell you. This is the Truth.

   Many of you that are elite will be taken off world in human form alive and you will wish you were dead. Karma is a bit_h. Your life, a source of amusement and nourishment, you will not be allowed to die, maintained by advanced artificial means. Oh yes, in the universe your soul as you move to the next level is on as we refer on earth will   considered as the crusty bottom of the barrel. You have a choice. Call His name before taken, but if fooled and you step willing ahead, you will scream the name of God and Jesus in hindsight, but you cannot be helped when a choice has been made.

   The dark one’s goal is convince the elite, the workers are the problem and through food rationing during severe droughts, poor healthcare, descent through removal of civil liberties, removal hope in the name of Jesus, support during the disasters, and choreographed wars will decimate the population of the earth for them to inherit. This is their dream, and what they don’t know is that they are next as he lies. Not one child of God will exist on earth the day I am cast back into hell. This is his creed. This is his goal as the world crumbles around you. It is only you, the people of earth that is not getting the message as you still believe you are in control of your destiny.

   The time for change is now not when it is verified without risk. For the brave in the media, it is time to stand up. For the faithful and your prayers it is time to stand up. For the sacred servants it is time to stand up based on your faith. There are no cowards in God’s army. I expect you to deliver. No excuses and more important; no fear.

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