In all societies upon Earth, the gift of a child from the Almighty is one of lifeís most precious things. We have the ability to shape the future of a living being where its source, is from you. So as a parent, how can I judge myself in the eyes of my one and only God?

   Your choice of a spouse is so important to the future of your child, as the decisions of most men, focuses on beauty, wealth, and family influence and this is balanced against morals, loyalty, and the true value of the mate, because a strong home builds to a sound foundation for a child. There are many qualities to look for, financial resources, status among peers and intelligence vs. wisdom and patience, good looks vs. inner beauty of the soul, morals that are spoken vs. morals that are practiced, neighbors that appreciate her presence vs. arrogance, power, ability to manipulate that which surrounds your family at any cost, a preference to provide money and a stand-in for the children vs. your time with the children.

   This gift, provided by the one and only Almighty, expects the child given to you to exceed your presence here on Earth. As an investor, if you gave seed money to a broker, are you satisfied with the same or slightly less of a return after many decades? As a parent you have the ultimate accountability. But it is the responsibility of the child to know whatís right? Did you bother to instruct, provide all avenues for your child to experience? Or did you expect the state or the nanny to do it for you, thus freeing you from responsibility?  On the other side many will say I didnít ask for this, it was a mistake, protection failed, it was not my fault, but did you perform the act for pleasure willingly knowing you are rolling the dice? I expected a healthy child and defect free. You asked and prayed for a child to love and take care of without guarantees, many in a third world country would jump to take your place, do you want to trade? The responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders.

   As adults we speak freely among family and friends with words of hope or despair, hate or understanding, apathy or action. The children understand just actions or the ability to skirt the system. The actions learned are ignored in the background by the same adults who unconsciously teach them. Are you willing to take responsibility for the actions of impressionable minds for the good or bad? Mankind sheds the results of his childís actions while God pins it on you. After all, your impression is the blueprint of life they will move forward with.

   Which choice would receive applause from man or from God?  Which choice do you think counts? But most of all, which choice have you chosen to bestow upon your gift, the children?

   In our communities, the pastor, minister, rabbi or other leaders in prayer inspire us from the pulpit with words of good deeds, but how does these words of inspiration translate into action? Money collected from a giving society where some goes back to community projects of need, then advertising this charity is used to gather the sheep, but those in control in some cases maintain the string of homes and lavish cars. If one gathers the wealth of the workers only to give back that which he did not labor in the name of God, but adorns himself in fine clothes surrounds himself with a luxurious home and fill his belly with the finest foods is this the work of God or to get the applause man.  We always here the spoken word of giving and sharing, but if one was to look about a country, I see rich and poor Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities of various faiths. Is this example one that is backed by God or backed by man? Again the exception is made, as the preacher formulates an excuse in his or her mind to justify ones actions.

   The fine upstanding citizen is welcome to grace the pews or bow upon the floor. A social event, where it is important to be seen by other respected men in a moment of prayer. When you enter a place of worship it is not man you impress, but God. The Almighty, wants the weak, the needy, the sinners for He has already gathered the righteous. Again are those who control the reigns of the various churches, synagogues and mosques are you impressing man or God? 

   The community leaders, empowers the youth to lead, to share and to help others. When the door is open to include to what is perceived to be the undesirables of the neighborhood whom need the most help. Where the words from the pulpit are not just spoken, but practiced by hard work that is shown thru the community, as members and leaders work side by side. Where sister communities shares resources and funds for the benefit of all.

      Officials are presented with many tasks when appointed to lead the masses. Offers of a training program that may provide a low skilled job to one where no opportunities exist and a safety net of welfare to a selected segment of the population, all of which promotes dependency. Is the goal a cash cow for appointed government vendors or an effort to break the cycle of the second-class citizen by enforcing adequate education for their young? Thus they are no longer drain on society, but a contributing factor as the masses move towards equalization. A choice has to be made, help those without a covert agenda of support that limits true advancement and perpetuates class superiority for the established man or education and freedom of class restraints an act endorsed by God.

   Being human we tend to blame God for our troubles and not answering our prayers, but where does the truth lie?

   Those who may influence Earth create or allow a problem to develop then offer a solution thus becoming the savior with its financial rewards. An alternate is to solve the problem at its root cause as a permanent solution. This is the way of God. So if man creates the problem should those who have concern step forward and address man first and then ask for the help of God? Those who act in his name for the good of all shall receive help.

   Many countries and charities offer supplies and food to millions; a present day example is the Sudan. The goal is to prevent starvation of the many while looking for the applause of mankind thru publicity of their deeds. Thus transforming what was a marginal self-sustaining society into a dependent society depending upon handouts from the world.  When this problem first started, education of how to let the land work for you, application of skills with the aid of tools and irrigation instead of bearing children to increase the hands and abuse of the soil was needed for a short-term increase yield. This help creates a society that will now move away from rampant birth, to knowledge of farming as a solution and become self sufficient and stable. Millions pray for the end of hunger, but few are willing to hear and act on the answer. Will you continue the ways of man and his illusion of good deeds or the ways of God? 

   We are all guilty of judging. Do we elevate ourselves above others when handing out a simple donation to the needy of the streets? Do we allow our opinions and values of whatís right with the world to be shaped by media and influence or our own experiences and heart? Are so self righteous to elevate the human tragedy of the Holocaust, but turn our backs on the millions that died in the killing fields of Cambodia and the jungles of Rwanda? Is man or God determining your self-righteousness?

   The media shapes the opinions of billions thru various outlets such as newspapers, commentaries, commercials, movies, TV shows, polls, ads, and sometimes well placed disinformation. In the information age, those who possess power, have a choice to mold the sheep, are you here to enlighten your neighbors with knowledge to forge an independent opinion or guide people to a conclusion so that it appears as their own? Do we control the flow of information to maintain a sense order among the masses, because in our opinion they canít handle the truth? Like children they need guidance from the self appointed elders or do we respect another human to make a decision that affects his life? If we make the choice to control, then we are the protectors, just like parents where the child like mind under us comes first and their self-sustaining needs are met before ours. Control of all variables is the goal, maintain the status quo and even in the name of God, but those who protect, will take theirs off the top and distribute the balance to the general good second. In times of need would the percentage off the top maintain proportion for all or shift to the protectors? The just choice would be to protect all especially if you are in charge, because you were put there for a reason. Which would the commoner say is the law of man vs. the law of God?   

    Suppose you were informed by a group of scientists of a major disaster impending and they told you more deaths would occur due to panic than from the event. Now how would man be able to predict the outcome of a chance event that has never happened and would you want someone making that decision for you? Science is not exact, so what if the event became delayed and enough time to prepare the masses became apparent. Now you become responsible for your lack of action and courage when tested. Suppose the disasters stripped of your money, home and in many cases your loved ones while you were assured all would pass without major disruptions to normal life, thus the best laid plans went far astray. Did you act in manís interests or Godís?

    Life goes on, choices made, some good while some bad, many we choose to worship Godí creations, things of this Earth, which includes man or you can align yourself with the source, ďI AmĒ.

   Do we as man concentrate on the various teachings of the gifted ones as the true source of salvation or look beyond the veil inhibiting mankindís vision to unite beyond that, which created and inspired all? How many of you will put the breathe of life with its connection to the spirit of God before the idols and objects of the Earth He created, when distress or your comfort is on the line? Many look upon the history of mankind and state they would not make the same mistakes today as in the past. The Almighty has sent many to inspire, left many scrolls for references and gentle soul to show examples of how to live your lives. The common theme is prayer, but without action, the chants are just mere words drifting upon the wind. It is not what you pray for; it is what action you take to make your prayers become reality. You may pray to house the poor or you can help build their house. We can pray to stop injustice or those with knowledge can expose it. We can pray to end prejudices and inequalities or we can value our neighbor as our self. Remember the choice is yours.


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