Responsibility of the Media Personalities as they Shape the Minds of Millions


Written April 14

   As we move deeper towards the election and change on earth, there will now be a need to focus on the media personalities that influence the opinions of this nation. They can and do cause mistrust, fear, hate and misrepresent the true intent of those who want control this world. In some cases the personality is promoting a better America as our leaders have strayed away from the principals of the Founding Fathers. A nation divided by the haves who want to keep it at all costs and they did earn it and the have nots. Those who have missed opportunities through life's choices, the prejudices of men or the free will to cheat the system for a free ride. It is when events that govern the lives of millions are twisted to a point where free will shifts to one extreme or the other before a true decision is made by the citizens of this country. It is a push by the media personalities that influences the souls of many for the benefit of the few. This influence has become great to where the balance of what is good to evil has shifted and change is needed. Do not let divine intervention change events as it has in the recent past when you have a choice.

   All are allowed to present the opposing side, no matter how far from the truth, but a balance must be maintained as the individual using his free will on earth can decide his own fate. It is only when the scales tip too far to one side as issues affecting all are clouded by intent of others and now we have a problem. So we have our first candidates of influence some with intentions to change for a better America, some confused and another that just promotes hate.

   Geraldo, what happen? Remember when you were a journalist that brought change? I still recall when you walked through that door in Willowbrook as a pup reporter and you changed the course of injustices done to those who could not help themselves. Many remembered when you represented the streets, the Young Lords. What have you done to yourself over time, is it all about the money? As a Catholic, what happen to your faith, commitment to marriage. What would your father say, bless his soul? You have achieve a lot in the eyes of men, but what about God who blessed you with your talent? You had a responsibility to others as a leader who made it, are you truly happy with your results? Your recent comments on a hoodie when it was raining, is this what you have reduced yourself too?

   You knew first hand the injustices of the common man, so when did you crossover to protect the elite? Look back at the last few years, is this the legacy you wanted to leave the world? As a Hispanic, faith is central in your culture have you abandoned that guidance? Instead of pushing the need for change after the fact, focus on what was the cause and who stood to benefit. As a journalist this is what you seek, the truth. Geraldo return to your roots and change America for the better. If you cannot do it at Fox there are other networks that would welcome a changed Geraldo who again if you choose, will champion the cause of the people.

   Our next host Hannity is truly unique as one who tells his listener how America  thinks to give validity to a particular view and those opposed looked at in a condescending way as inept. Why do you think of your audience as children who need to be guided? Yes, it is true that many democrats spend as those connected to them, do well with government contracts under the guise in some cases to help the poor, but in many cases are there to provide some hope while lining the pockets of insiders. In the case of Republicans they just don't care what you know, the rich are not paying for it.

   In your case, you truly believe what you are told in those backrooms. The poor is what is wrong with America. Crime is rampant as liberals maintain welfare in what is considered worthless slums. They are different, uncivilized thus holding back America from its greatness and you believe it, what a fool. Drugs were introduced to control society where vast sums of money are extracted from a community by choice of a chemical addiction. Introduced by the elite, not only to provide a source of revenue, but a self fulfilling shunt, preventing a community and in some cases a race from advancing by their own free choice. Where crime on each other prevents those trying to escape to be held back through loss of revenue or resources supporting weak family members. This is a preplanned agenda.

    Hannity what ails America is the goals of the super elite. Present an opportunity to make a change and media fools just like you, preach fear. We were not scared of the Russians and they could destroy the world, but a loose tribe of Arab type terrorists in a desert, and America should shake with fear and go broke doing it. Get real Hannity. As we look around, we see it works. You are a slave to your ratings. Have you ever researched some of the nonsense you speak about? Have you ever wondered why is this so easy? Your specials, filled with an audience that agrees, but has a few questions of interest that you can't overcome? Are you that simple? The world is not how your shallow mind pictures it. You need to look deeper. Now your a smart man as you could not achieved what you have with out work. Even you know, but are afraid to speak. As all is not what it seems and you hold out, hoping things will change. They won't, because it is people like you the lead Americans that are gullible looking to point a finger for their misery at anyone but those that harmed them. Are you proud of this? What would your children think of you, when history looks back at this period of change? As America polarizes, it is going to come down right and wrong, no spin, the truth, can you handle that Hannity and you wanted to be a Catholic priest?

   You have heard the rumors, fear runs through the blood of the elite as they await their master's final form. All wishing it would occur quicker. Is this your master? Make a choice now as a member of the faith and church that Christ built, either you are with the Almighty or against. Your show affects millions of impressionable souls and this is a problem. We are not happy with your present choices, but all who have a spark is worth every effort to salvage. Use your talents to point out what's wrong with government as you focus on the true cause, not pushing a reaction in response to what was planned. There is plenty bad liberals and you do not have to lie, just present the truth. We will all win. Offer solutions that will help all instead of the few. It is about tweaking what is wrong and turning your talent to lift up America. The time for division is over. We are all  fighting for one people, one nation, one God. Both sides have faults and triumphs, it is about using the best from both, not a plan where compromise hurts the nation. It is about the present, for if this does not survive, all plans for the future, no matter how well planned, will fail. That which is evil, uses those like you to divide in the cause of veiled justice. Take off the blinders Hannity, and rise up to what you were destined for.

   So we come to O'Reilly, logical in presenting the conservative side through a mixture of truth  and hopes for this country. Smooth in his approach, level headed with a loyal following built up and still growing over many years. An audience earned the hard way. Although, does label those against what he sees as the best agenda for the country as pinheads a coined term of his making and those agreeing as patriotic. Due to your vast influence across the United States, this makes you an important factor in the media. O'Reilly, you are a very smart man, so how much longer do you really think you can truly back the agenda of the elite, before even you turn in disgust about the greed and deceit? How many times have you debated this in your mind only to justify it as providing order to a chaotic system.

   I know you think, the democrats would just waste the money on the poor who would just squander it. But, this is true even with the rich, but all need to be given a chance to move forward as a choice, not dictated to as to what should be done. Look back O'Reilly, did you have low points in your life, where you, when given a fair chance, changed your life?  Just think, you had a support system in place, family, friends, the right race where the doors open easier as you had a common background. This is fact of human nature, not that it is right, but it is there. The impoverish face destitute neighborhoods, limited family structure and against all odds some rise out.

   We all know politics and the agendas of both parties, what you don't know is that there is a group about to steer the world' population to one government. this will be by free choice, but destroy the lives of billions. This is not out in the open. There will be no middle ground here. Compromise is for the weak to believe in and they will deliver nothing, but the promises shall be made. Where the use of hope only delays a response by design, and then its too late. You assume there will be a greater good, wrong. You assume people will be free to make choices, wrong. You assume that your loved ones will be safe, wrong again.

   It will be representatives of the media like you, who will cloud the issue to the less informed, so that the choice that financially enslaves all, is made by a free will. Just to inform, you do know that you are just a tool, a well paid tool. You have suspected that many problems that face this country today was by design, but you wonder who could organized and what would be needed to get the senior members in both parties and the Supreme Court to follow. The Rothschilds have the wealth and the influence to change the path of many nations. Hey, they are spending our taxes dollars we freely hand over to the Fed as the national debt.

   In your heart, yes America he does have a heart, you picture that those that run industry and countries in the west have some spark of light in their souls. It is about ambition and building something that changes the world. Yes this is what you are led to believe, but it is far from the truth. These same people kill and sleep with children, many were on the sides of milk cartons. You are no fool, as you thought the rumors of the dark rituals were few and far between affecting only the extreme, dig deeper. When you find the truth and see the errors of your ways as you chose to look the other way. You can find your own way to stand up for justice in this world. Point those with clouded minds to have a clear direction that benefits all of mankind. O'Reilly there is only one team that wins, that which stands with the Almighty, this is the choice you must make.

   Now the last to be covered in this paper is America's favorite bigot, Rush. Just where do we start with you, as you have have push the envelope of hate to a new level. Do you remember America's first famous bigot Archie, he is a boy scout next to you that is how far we have sunk as a nation with hate of all kinds. It is not enough to say what you promote is racial fear any more, as your followers just about hate everything, equal opportunity haters and you are so proud. Just what is it about you and women, picking on what seems weak, an easy opportunity for what? You trash them and then you ask them to send a video. Now looking into your mind, it so easy to see images of what you would have done with that video. Good Christian morals or a nasty old man, the thought is just so creepy.

    God gave you a great voice, the talent to lead and that you have done well. But you have chosen by your free will to cause division where there should be none. You confuse contraceptives with abortion, as life starts only after conception in the womb. Due to the large numbers of abortions throughout the world, it is judged as genocide on this world. Thus, being pro life is a step in the right direction, but it is not your place to judge others especially by promoting hate, because they don't see your way. Preventing and egg and sperm from joining is not terminating a life form created by God, for it does not exist as the union of two. You say this great nation is being destroyed by the poor and liberal middle class, yet it was the abuses of the elite bankers and the republicans that allowed the mortgage markets to collapse by design and now you want those that created the problem to fix the problem.

   Why is that you see things backwards in the world. The elite cap wells with hold supplies for the right price and you say the people should conserve and reduce taxes so they can drill, find more and then hoard more. You say less regulation, but it is that practice which allows abuses in the futures markets affecting all commodities, not just oil. Just how do you think you are in sync with the pulse of this nation when you can afford to see the doctor. Gas could be 100 dollar a gallon and to you its just another small bill. Oh I forgot your rich, so you write it off your taxes. When was the last time you had to look at a box of mac and cheese or hamburger helper? Do keep the heat at 60 degrees to make ends meet? Do have to scrap just to get your kids into a state college? When was the last time you truly talked to God, Christian? In fact, when was the last time you entered a church just to pray or give thanks? So how do you know how America feels? I know, you take a poll like Romney.

   Your viewpoints are well respected in America and has a large following. Your spin promoting hate needs to stop now as there is no problem with you presenting an opposing view. This is welcomed for a balance. It is only when that view is twisted far from the truth where it leads decent Americans down the path of hate and violence as a free choice inspired by your words. Rush, do you know that when you change the direction of a soul towards hate that responsibility falls on you. It is you that pays the price for those lost as you were and are a willing mouth piece for the agenda of the hidden elite. You cannot say you did not know, as these concerns were mention in the past and you stated you could handle it. Can you now?

   Now you can continue talk behind what seems the safety of rebuttal from behind that mic. But, do you want history to see you as another flamboyant radio host that stirred up hate and fear for ratings and a  paycheck or someone who challenged the issues of the day and brought true change to America. The Almighty hates your actions, but loves you as his lost child who needs to come home. For you have a choice, change and fight for the truth and justice or continue your path as your sorry ass wastes away in that black seat spewing hate and fear. Think about it. You may not get a second chance.

  Side Note: Huckabee for now you are under the radar, but you do not need the follow the paths of others. If you are going to represent the good in America then do it without a bias view, your audience now wiser will respect you more. Would you stand by those same words you state on your show in front of the Almighty?

    All of you in the media have a responsibility to America to stand up for the truth. Events shortly will bind us all as one, those who choose to hurt will be systematically sweep from the face of this earth. Depending upon which network you work for, certain rules and subjects are controlled, no matter what your present view is. As a nation of different parties we have shifted away from using the best of both to polarized behind the agenda of those who need, and those that don't. The elite control you, as their mouth piece. It is you that has the task of put doubt and blame where there should be none, justified by the greater good.

   Your 401s were hurt, didn't you get the memo to go short? I guess not, your still working. Financial markets controlled, economic collapses and wars engineered and all of you suspect it, but don't voice. You have chosen by free will to continue this, by validating it through apathy. You justify your actions in your minds by pondering the thoughts, you cannot change things and are in deep denial. Why did you become a journalist? To repeat what you are told? As the earth changes will affect all shortly, you will realize what you have aided. You will realize that family and friends you thought you could protect, perish. You will realize you have sold it humanity and for what? In the end the dark one will destroy all of you that helped in his quest to control the world. Remember even though you pledged your allegiance by deeds or rituals, you are still God's children and for him, revenge is sweet. True evil keeps no promises. We need you to consider change, question what you are told to say and after research, then tell the truth. This is why you became a journalist.

All Rights Reserved: Copyright 2012