Revelations states Christians will be persecuted, the but Catholic Church will be the New World Religion

Where is the Truth?



Written Mar 22


   So many, of the faithful are confused at this point in time, especially those religions with certain requirements of the End Times now met. In your minds you contemplate your beliefs forged in your heart, but doubts surround you. As you worship to praise God, there are visions and real crimes perpetrated against the innocent in a world full of hate. You wonder as your eyes gaze upon the pews once offering hope to the many faithful, now just supporting a fraction of what once was. As technology and humanism is quickly supplanting the will of God. This is so sad. So you ask; how can we as Christians be persecuted to the point that the world sees us as dead, yet unknown to you your Church will shortly attract billions of converts as one but discard Jesus of Nazareth? Did not the New Testament state, “Upon this rock My Church will be built and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it?”

   What Christians will face shall be a unique plan. Francis hints of a plan that puts a time limit on his reign, but why? All of you are aware of his current actions to lift the poor and that the Catholic Church needs to change in order to adapt to the modern world. The Church has been rocked by past and still ongoing scandals hidden from within. The Church has hidden wealth of criminals within its banks, yet professes the poor needs help. Francis has stated, we as children of God need to change and this is true. For this is where the bait and switch will destroy that which is the Lord’s Church and give rise to that which is infested by that of the dark side, satan.

   The Church as prophesized in the Bible dies as it only falls away from the Word of God and replaces the Truth with subtle changes that changes that which is written from front to back to back to front. But a Remnant Army established by the descendants of the twelve tribes of Israel, 12,000 from each just like was told in the Torah will rise again. It will be those unknown to the world that will stand with our lord Jesus in the name of the Almighty take back what is the Creator’s. This is what is meant by the gates of Hades will not prevail.

   Most in power in Israel are the descendants the expelled 13th tribe. As in the time of Moses they worshiped pride, arrogance and wealth and they for the most part were destroyed as the Ten Commandments were brought down from God and they partied. They were allowed to be destroyed in the Second World War by and true instrument of evil. Now as the nation of Israel was established during the Blood Moons during 48 by England under the Charter of the UN only to be removed them from Europe to a desert filled with their enemies and again shall be crushed under the power of the antichrist in the coming short years. It is written beware of the Blood Moons as the 3rd of 4 befalls this earth. Know that the path to war was revealed to you and in your hate for your neighbor, you fate as a nation is sealed.

   Deprive my child of a home by taking his land. Deprive my child by taking away his voice as an empty threat. Deprive my nation, Israel of the knowledge that My Son your Messiah that came to save you, was false with your lies that still are in place today. The Almighty speaks, “Then let it be known you oh nation of Israel deny Me God Almighty your Father, God of Abraham, God of David, God of Moses. As your punishment I will allow the leader of Hades to rule your land. To do what ever he wants until your nation cries my Son’s name Jesus and then He will come to save what is left of your nation. This is the Word of God.”

   The Christian Church of the Presbyterian faith in the US has made a move to be more inclusive and change a Sacrament of God to be inclusive with same sex marriage. You were told laws would change as to respect humanitarian rights. Again you are told as a creation of God you have no rights to His Laws, but only to obey. This is why we were banished from Eden as children of God and you want to try this again?

   To the leaders of the Presbyterian faith, you forged a path in arrogance to where you will be the first to feel the wrath of God. Watch in the near future as those who spit in the face of Jesus and desecrate His alter with an abomination of the sacrament of marriage. God Almighty destroyed cities for homosexuality and now you doubt this?

   Let’s say homosexuality is the right of mankind and all adapt this is the world. You say you have the right to choose your future, so be it. It is black and white. This is right or wrong no gray area here as this is what you are saying. Let all be homosexuals. Let all celebrate their freedom of choice. Now how will the human race propagate if all love the same, what then artificial children? Desire placed before the Wisdom and Laws of God.

   Temptation is a terrible thing. As all that you desire is placed before you and you will do almost anything to attain it. Once you get it, desire wanes and choices made looking for same “high” (titillation) is that which destroy lives. This is your life as what was fresh now is stale. This is the Truth.

   All of you who say you love Jesus, needs to walk away from this. This is not how you gather the flock. This is not how you stand for the Laws of God and replace them with the wants of men. This is how you destroy Christianity and then you answer to another, choose. A time to change is allotted and set, but when decisions are spiritually final, lightning will destroy your lairs. Heed the warning.

   The world now is about preserving the integrity of personal choice. This is the key. Shortly you the faithful will see subtle changes in the homily of Mass. A word here or there changed, to the spiritual challenged no one will question. But you sacred servants and the faithful will know Heresy. This cancer is now spreading from within and will destroy the Church that Jesus established on earth. These new changes sanctioned by the Curia of the Vatican and backed by the pope will be weakly challenged. Those who know the Truth of God does not change to respect the right of others shall be persecuted. It is here your friends and family shall see you as old fashion, staunch and unable to change with the new world. The new religion will be overwhelming accepted by almost all, this is written. This is the danger.

    As the Catholic Church changes stating that all humans have a right to live their lives in love as long as it does not hurt another thus supplanting the Commandments of the Almighty.  Eventually sin will be no factor in a Christian life. Those who refuse to accept this new doctrine shall be persecuted.

   You say this makes no sense. Francis is the false prophet and his doctrines presented to the world to stop greed in the world are documented with pride. It is about showing the world compassion for another, reveal the sins of the priest and then reveal a doctrine that includes all. This is the plan. This is how what is set in stone shall be changed slowly and the world shall be fooled. This is why those who believe in what you will shortly be told as nonsense shall be persecuted; good ridden. This is the trap.

   This world has been told the dark one will rule, but have no clue as to how. All of you expect an evil that the world will recognized, as despair descends upon mankind. War, pestilence, famine envelopes the weak of the third world countries and to the shock of the world hundreds of millions are brought home to the Kingdom of God. This is where the faithful will wane.

   The Chastisements are to break the grip of the elite over mankind. Only when you lose it all in this world that was promised you, a safe life when you played by the rules do you cry out for change. The super rich steal, cheat and lie to get ahead in general. This is their edge. Those that join sell their souls. The point, as all falls around you with no hope from mankind, call out His name and ask forgiveness please. We do not want to lose not one of you know matter what you did. This is the Truth.


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