Few Believe as Revelations Unfolds



Written Jun 8


   As Revelations unfolds all seems like extremes in the normal cycle. You were told to look at the intensity of events to discern the Truth. This can be seen in the increase in murders. This can be seen with the intensity of storms just beginning. This can be seen in the massive migrations from Africa to Europe, exactly what is driving 100s of thousands to leave this year?

   The first 2 seals have been opened by Jesus Christ and shortly or already the third and fourth seals will afflict mankind according to His Divine will. It is here you will know the power of God as His wrath will claim ľ of mankind through war, murder, famine and pestilence and all will be shocked.

   All in power know of the anthrax continues to be released by accident (deliberate) to labs throughout this world. Who authorized this? Bird flu, SARs the list goes on but the pestilence that will kill hundreds of millions will not be from a lab. Watch as the elite fall dead as there is no vaccine to prevent death as with the feeble attempts to start an engineered epidemic to which will not affect those in power. You the elite will fear God and you beg the dark one in your gross ceremonies to save your asses, but many of you will die as your skin blisters with red rings bulges in the middle then releases a toxic puss when it pops and all will avoid you. Your G 7 meeting today to formulate a defense will be crushed although to the public, you will seem to be winning. Tears will flow as the world will not know the plight of those who seem to rule this world, bound by secrecy your family losses will mount as this is the only message you respect. As the antichrist rises, so shall we.

   When the dark one makes him known to you who rules this world, fear will come as you gauze into his eyes and see true evil. He will then martyr some of Godís chosen and many followers by design and then all will see the sign of the double suns in your sky. This will precede the Warning where a comet will strike the earth off the eastern United States and the skies will roll back like a scroll.

   Prepare with a 2 week supply of water, food, and clothing to deal with 30 to 40 below zero Fo. Do not speak of preparations as all around you will depend upon you in the crush. Speak about we need to prepare. Speak about the signs, the spirals in the sky and the double sun. Speak about how the church and the government refuse to admit the Truth. As all unfolds reach out for that intimate connection with your Lord and Savior. This is your only hope.


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Oh by the way, NASA sending a flying saucer in shape alone aloft by balloon is a joke. News agencies, you are pathetic that you actually ran the story. It shows that you are the children that you are as if the secrets of gravity would be revealed to you.