The Right Decision

Written: Oct. 15 2010

   As the Pole Shift enters a phase where great loss of life starts to occur, we as Americans need to face the truth if we are to depend upon elected officials. Will they make the right decisions for the nation for follow party lines with a hidden agenda? This is imperative for our future, so what can we learn from the current political arena as for intent of a politician. As all of the wise watch what unfolds on Earth especially in America, there is deep disappointment. The political system in America has been subjected and tainted by fear and injecting fringe elements that stirs hate. If certain elements win, its is a large plus for those that are undermining what is best for the American people, elected by the American people. As the direction taken will now be a focal point of the correction needed in the future.

   What I don't understand, is how so many can be deceived by an ad, a look, a promise as if this is a new approach and have not heard the same words in the past, just spoken a different way. Look, stand back and observe what is happening with a little scrutiny. People lie, when caught, some apologize, only to blame another or change their story and you trust them? Would you let some of these so called leaders teach and mentor your children? Not my child! So how do you expect them to run a government under distress without bias?

    The last thing we need as a country is the usual bunch of yes men following the status quo. This is where party solidarity, those that care more about a political name or affiliation attached to the candidate than a sound idea or direction. All of you know who as a candidate is unqualified, but almost all of you fail to challenge the fundamental views. When a leading Republican is asked about a situation when caught, the same if demonstrated by the opposition, this would be devastating. So lets examine a hypothetical comparative situation, to make a point. The example used, for the record, the President would never behave in the same manner as those caught. This is a hypothetical situation with real facts for the opposition.

   Lets take a couple of events and place the president in the place of alleged perpetrator. If the president was caught waving his hand under a divider to attract a person into bathroom stall for who knows what, he would not recover. Yet this event had a spin. If the president lied about attending Oxford, the Republicans would push for his resignation, how dare you lie about your background. Yet one of their own makes up a resume on lies and promotes, they are just like you. I guess she is calling hard working Americans, liars and cheats. All candidates are briefed on how to or given the answers to the questions, all are shown how to smile, dress and carry a demeanor.  Most candidates can perform well when everything is stable, but what if life and death decisions need to made.

   Has politics in America become about carrying out a partisan agenda with the best media spin money can buy and we support it. Your eyes and ears do not deceive you about what is presented. What you need to understand is that if a person that lies, cheats and in some cases is just plain loopy behind the scenes, you need to hold responsible those that stood behind them for the name of the party. They are willing to let this dysfunctional person govern you as long as its carries the party name. This decision was made by Michael Steel, singled out because, he is a leader (scapegoat) in name only and many others in talk radio and a selected news media. It is about convictions and if the other party dares to follow the same suit, they will lose also.

  The lesson here is when we all go into turmoil, all have to depend on each other. It will not be about the prompter, cue cards, a designer look or an inside the box education. All the established sources of so call wisdom shall fall far short. There will be no deals to be made, agreements will dissolve on the first sign of fear. Did you except anything different?  You see the media spin, you see the hypocrites of the law. Again, when are you as Americans going to wake up and take responsibility for the direction of your country. You are now learning the housing bubble was by design, which  allowed your 401s to lose 50% of its value by allowing fraud to occur. The last administration permitted the bankers to take your pensions, savings. The domino effect presently, is the loss of homes and jobs, by those actions or inactions of those elected. But, those who are suppose to be so smart are so dumb. Some in America in a loud voice say, lets give them another chance. They were not so bad, anything is better than the present direction.

   Depressions take a decade to come out of and your, "I want it now" attitude, which help cause this, is still your downfall. Are you that blind to the real world? If so, why don't just write a check and give away the rest of your savings to them. It can be a tax deductible donation instead of theft. All in the Executive Branch of the last administration backed and promoted this abuse in the financial sector, from Bush to Cheney and back from the dead, Rove. The Bankers with trillions to made had only self oversight and governmental agencies, which turned a blind eye, and you want less regulation. Now would any self respecting crook (banker) leave a trillion dollars on the table if it is only the gullible American public stopping them? This is now a fact and the bubble was not just a natural down turn in the market, but planned as the Bush Administration gave the approval. Are all of you that scared to speak the truth as you see the aftermath of those decisions.

   Time is short to correct what has been done. You will not get a second chance to change the many lies that affect so many of us. More important, it is time to stop the facade. You only can blame yourself as most of you believed almost everything presented in the media as if people don't lie, although that is changing. Now there are some outlets that present elements of the truth. A quick filter, omit fear, terror, the spin on taxes and this is the only way to proceed, always question, if it does not seem right as a gut feeling, move on.

   There comes a time for the population of Earth to grow up. Look around, are you feeling that things are going to get better? They can, but those on top are hoping that, "you" cling to the old values. Elimination of the weak while the elite watch on the protected sidelines until the populations are nearly equal. Is this what you truly want, a set of elected officials who don't have a clue. Now think, your life will be in their hands? Start with this election and get people in there where it is not about the deal or next level, it is about changing the state of our country with real solutions. Some in selected media outlets are making strides, but this needs to be intensified. Trust me, we will all win the end, if not we will all lose. We will not get a second chance to save Earth. This is it boys and girls, lets make it count.

   As the population polarizes and gathers, responsibility within families needs to be addressed. You cannot hide, cover up, sugarcoat the actions of a family member or members as if, when nothing is said about a behavior problem, it goes away. You will be responsible if you introduce this person as you, yet he exploits all around him, sometimes with devastating results. You knew of the danger, you brought them in, and you keep silent. For this you will pay the same price as the victim.

  All will be depending upon each other for support, no matter how much you care, because they are of your flesh, exploitation will not be allowed in the near future. Would you let an outsider to do to one of your own as they do to others? I hope not. It is time to cut the strings of attachment. You need to do what is right, if not join them and their clan, but you leave the group and you will risk it all. This will be your choice and that decision is final as unchanging as the victim who had no alternate.

  The upcoming events will not be about heroes, like in Chile. As the same governments and officials that sent aid, smiled, all know what is coming. Is this any different than mine violations that caused the disaster where almost all occurrences end in death, now that the same current media spin presents them as rescuers? Earth changes in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indo-China, Indonesia and Malaysia shall destroy these countries over time. Some will disappear immediately, others suffer over time. All will be overwhelmed. All will view events on television in disbelief. But, all should know, if our direction does not change, sooner or later all of us will be the victim as the last watches. There come a point in time where that which is good separates from that which is evil, and that time is now. You have been given a choice, you can do it and change the direction on Earth or nature will. You do not want the latter.

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