Russia and China

The Conversion



Written Sept 23


   Letís talk about the future of your two nations and the important role both of your countries are to play in the conquest of Europe and the Middle East. The elite of your nations have signed on to a plan engineered by the antichrist to control nations where your nations in essence and perceived glory will have seemed to won a battle with the West.

   This is written in Revelations and shall be revealed by Jesus Christ in His time. Men so filled with hate built up over time due to the cold war. When this offer was presented, backed by almost unlimited money and political power, the remnants of the old regime could not pass this up.

   Yes the Western leaders are guilty of looking at your cultures as second class in this world make no mistake of their deceit, but remember the true children of God see you as equals.  The glory of the motherland, the spoils Western women and their land for the taking, all this was promised to your leaders. More important you would see the destruction of what is the true Catholic Church and the push towards atheism as the popular choice among the lost of mankind, although this will not happen.

    These decisions are in place now and millions of your countrymen may not have a voice in the path your countries take. Ask yourself what western man with all of this power would destroy what seems to be his own people and give it to you?  Are you willing to go against the West knowing the fate in store for your families? This will end in nuclear war and the turn coat inspiring your leaders is the soul of satan, himself incarnated as a human, and he will push the nuclear button himself killing both sides, which is the plan.

    I am asking you in the east to consider choosing another way. Is not wisdom a trait of the east as was stated by Confucius and others? It is the people of both your countries that will fight the battle of Armageddon in the end as you have been deceived and face the power of the Lord and it is written that all will be destroyed. This is the prophecy and this is a promise. As I said when you face the Lord and His army in the final battle all will perish, is this, what you want? Read it, this is in the Bible.

    The proof will be the warning, because you are being told of events before they happen. All I am asking, is for you to review your life and acknowledge the obvious hurt you have done to others where you have no doubt. Apologize for these actions to the heavens or to the person with restitution even if you have doubts, this is a start. You will have a choice where all in your two nations will be united as one with the rest of the world. Jesus does not see ideology, capitalism or communism, all He sees is His children. He promises you a greater civilization than anything Lenin and Mao could promise through their doctrines, which both of your countries base their political systems. He promises a greater life than the one who will control the European union of 10 countries which you will be used to enforce laws.

    Your people will want for nothing. Everyone would be treated as equals to the western world as all when presented to you on the new world, will transcend that has existed on this drab earth. This is what you want. This is how you will be united with your families. This is your only choice.

    The ancient cultures of both nations will remain intact and their will be pleasant surprises as ancestors I promise you will join you through the power of God and His Son Jesus as everything is possible. There is one request from the Almighty. Those that believe in Him, all you need to save all who are precious to your heart and that have perish for crimes against humanity is to recite a prayer to give them absolution for their sin and injustices to mankind. No injustice is to great to forgive, It is up to you.

    You are promised nothing from the elite on earth, but Jesus will promise you this. All those you pray for no matter what they did will meet you. It is only your actions that will save those that passed and they are watching, hoping that you get this message.

     You are being offered a path for the future and your relatives of the past. Now I am not asking you to just believe, no. But when you live through the warning, I want each every one of to save all, not only your relatives. I can not do this alone or with the chosen few, we need the multitudes. Stand with me and letís convert the earth and bring your ancestors home to you. You would have given anything to bring them back, now you have that chance. Do not let us down as you are being shown the way.

   It is here that those that believe in God can change the history of this world during the end times. But this is not about you; it is about the Motherland a civilization that has the wisdom of the earth. It is about you Mother Russia and Ancient China whose population at one time ruled the earth.

   Mother Russia it is time for the world to come clean. We behind the scenes know your spies did not steal the secrets to the atomic bomb as it was given to you in 1946 on a runway in New Jersey. Both countries knew there was a new threat and in order to prepare you agreed to start the cold war. Now to the US citizen, they shout know way. The countries today take years to develop this weapon without help, Russia could not develop it in months from scratch? Know this, innocent lives were sent to their deaths and both countries knew they were innocent.

   The US Military never allows a total project to be handled in one place. Control states the many receive parts and few know the whole. This has not change even to today. I know the plans of your government and the antichrist for the world and you have an option. Why risk being destroyed when all can win. I understand that your people have suffered due to the west. I also know you have hid weapons to use against the west, which can be rendered useless and this is a guarantee.

   You see chaos in the world, banking systems that have destroyed Europe and you just waiting as you listen to this new leader who for the first time has a vision of conquest. Know this, he is using you. Join us or perish.


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