The Sacrament of Confession

Why do many think Catholics can Sin all they want and just be Forgiven over and over Again?

The Book of Truth




Written May 29


   To the outside world the sacrament of confession is misunderstood by many outsiders and even some of the faithful. Sin will always be a part of man as long as he or she is part of this present earth, for this is the domain of the dark one. Many hear the stories of shame and how the person went to confession and now all is well in the eyes of God. What about the ones still feeling pain or who has lost something or someone? This does not seem fair?

   First, letís enlighten all on this sacred sacrament of God, forgiveness of sins. When a person enters the confessional or addresses a sacred servant of the Lord, he comes begging for mercy with true humility as he knows his actions hurt another child of God or broke one of the laws of the Almighty. Upon realizing his or her errors in life with true remorse the sin is forgiven under the condition of penance and atonement as a balance in life must return. It is about learning and not repeating the same mistakes again, if so it will be greater than before. For the few lives improve, others they stagnate and some spiral out of control as true remorse was a lie. Now you have lied to receive a sacred gift, which is taken away and that which is dark fill void. In confession you cannot lie to God for he knows your thoughts and your future actions even though it is your free will directing your actions and words towards others.

   Second, few can ever do enough to heal the wounds of others and this you must leave in the hands of God. Material things and power acquired here means nothing as when you die all of it is worthless to you. Your spiritual life is what is most important as death is just a transition. Your lost ones if you meet them again dependant on how you live your life will see you as the one you that suffered as they are free and happy awaiting you.

   Do you really think the mobster that kissed the bishops ring, went to confession, said the required prayers and went out to kill another without a second thought was truly given absolution? Where is the true remorse? You cannot serve to masters. You cannot make a mockery of the sacrament of confession. Know this; the sacrament of confession is a gift to all of God's children for He wants all to return to Him and into His loving sacred arms. Seek Him with true remorse and no matter what sin you committed, you shall be forgiven. This is the Word of God.


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