Sacred Servants There is Always Hope



Written Mar 7


   As the Papal Conclave of 2013 proceeds in secrecy, your gut, your faith, and what you believe is the future of the Roman Catholic Church has you reeling in confusion. Many of you read the Truth here and for almost all of you, it rings true in your heart, but you hope against all, it is not. You know the voice of Jesus and the Almighty when they speak as this has not changed since the days of Abraham, so lets move on. Do not deny the voice you know as true. When judged, what will you say as you know?

   All sacred servants will face a test, like the original disciples. All had doubts, just like you today. Enormous pressures from a disbelieving world, which sees you as the source of God, but you look to others on earth for guidance. Why? Are you second guessing your faith? A faith you studied in the seminaries. A faith you felt deep within your soul as a call from Jesus. And now you let doubts cloud your mind and few of you considered going to the source in quiet prayer to ask.

   Each of you pray to Jesus for a sign and it is staring you in the face. The Truth is always hard to accept. Will others believe me when I go against the new pope, the false prophet? The faithful look to you for guidance as you as a disciple will see what is wrong before all. It is not about acceptance of others, as the brave walk alone, but this is your place in this time of change.

   It is the weak that follows the crowd. It is the strong that leads the crowd with a true purpose when there are few supporters if any. It is about standing up for your Savior when few do, just like in His Time. The turmoil that forced out Benedict is about to change that which is the foundation of the Catholic Church, which has stood unchanged for more than 20 centuries. The end time prophecies have told you the dark one would invade the seat of Rome and that time is now. This is not a time to ponder as millions of souls could be lost while you as a group,”think” about it. Jesus needs you to bring His children home.

   He asks, “Are you going to abandon Me like My disciples did in the Garden of Gethsemane? Never let fear dictate your decisions, for I will protect you. Never succumb to the wants of the false prophet for I need a place for my children to still receive the Sacraments. If you are persecuted by the new world church, know that I have not rejected you, for I your Jesus, stand by your side. Sacred servants this has been foretold and you will rise above all with faith in Me. As I have blessed you with all the graces needed to move forward with courage and strength against all. Know this sacred servants, My love for you is as delicate as the petal of a rose, when entwined with My Sacred Heart. You will feel the peace of a lamb and have the braveness of a lion when challenged. It is the most powerful force in this universe. I will never forsake you, when you stand up in My name, no matter what you see around you. As the church changes against My Word, pray to Me for guidance. I will be that tenderness in the wilderness of life that shall pull you through. This is My love for you, for no man has died for you, like I have on the cross and I am God.  Remember these words in your time of turmoil, your Jesus.”


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