Sacred Servants Stand up for your Lord



Written Jan. 28


   You have been told that the Second Coming would take all by surprise, like a thief in the night. You have been told to prepare for anytime, especially for those of you are supposed to guide, your church’s flock. Exactly what are you doing to prepare for change?

   I watch and I see you, the sacred servants to the Jesus and Father, but where is the courage, the faith, the commitment when no one believes? Are you preparing the fold or just reading the gospels and asking an audience looking for guidance or preaching the same inspirational words from the scriptures? It is time for the truth, can you deliver this in your sermons?

   We have heard the verses and the faint applications to how your words will change the lives in turmoil, but is the world the same? Have you adapted? You battle sex crimes, but you are men and not all are the same when subjugated to the influence of sin. Stand tall above the shadows of sins of others, some men fall, should you? This is not your shame, move on. Remember when accused, these are the same men holding you to a standard they do not keep as you have heard in confessions. Jesus forgives, this is all that counts.

   In these End Times, yes get over it, our Lord needs servants that will deliver before the Second Coming, to mitigate the persecution of the Christians through prayer. It is the small windows that produce a lack of faith in each and every one of you that gives the dark one the chance to decimate the Church built by Peter. Everyday that you sit wondering are these messages real or those offered by Maria Divine, is another day wasted. Have you asked in quiet prayer for guidance filtering out the opinions of your peers or secretly do you think God does not talk to you really? Which is it servants of the Lord, He is asking? Make your stand.

   The needs His army to be strong, not army strong like you hear from mankind, but a force that has no fear as millions may die around you. If you are taken, it is an honor that you died and stood up for that which represents God while others are watching, strong, unflinching, and with courage. This is the inspiration the followers of your faith need to see when needed.

   What you will not do, is succumb to doubts, preconceived ideas as none of you have any knowledge as to the plan of God. You are men and what you think of how events shall transpire, they won’t. Remember the Almighty’s chosen race and how the Pharisees handled the first coming with the prophecies with their perceptions just as you have today? Do you remember how when the faithful disciples were confronted with words of "crucify Him", and “do you know him” they ran or lied? You will not run this time, but you shall stand up for Lord, no cowards. No weak flesh shall be shown to the faithful. This is about saving the maximum amount of souls including those who will persecute you and the Jews.

   Sacred Servants, our Lord is asking for you to prepare. Places of worship outside of the public eye when needed. Bibles saved to provide guidance when few will be found in the near future. Develop that network now, under the radar, before this avenue of protection is taken away. He needs you to act now, not question. Save the sacraments of the Eucharist, Baptism and Confession, for it is written. They will be scarce in the time of the beast, who roams now in the singular incarnated flesh since Dec.21, 2012. The Rosary will be your greatest weapon, but again we need you to act now while no one is watching. Sacred servants can you do this for Jesus, to whom you pledged your sacred vows? This is where you change the faith of your peers. This is where you change the course of this nation. This is where you deliver for God Almighty. I am counting on you. The world is. Jesus is. Deliver for Him.


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