Sacred Servants

Guidance from the Lord




Written June 4

Update June 17


   Sacred Servants, you are being asked to stand up for God, the Almighty and His Son who leads you. When stood at that altar, you pledged your vows to God, our Lord Jesus Christ, and stood strong in your faith, have circumstances changed? Why are you listening to those that doubt, which just cause confusion to these important messages? Those who are weak are traitors to Jesus, are you to be remembered as a traitor when the scriptures of these times are written? You speak that you are well versed in the Bible, but what you donít know is events in your time will be duplicated. What happen during the First Coming shall be repeated by mankind in the Second Coming for it is written. Do you not see this and learn from the mistakes of the Pharisees? You are given words of spiritual advice, but with your earthly knowledge, you seem to know better, again just like the Pharisees. We all know how that turned out.

   If you cannot discern the Truth, who can? Who will lead the flock, if almost all of you are in confusion due to doubt? The scriptures told you of the signs and some of you hear the rumors of the preparation of the elite. Earthquakes, tsunamis, flood all of which, is occurring in front of your disbelieving eyes. The excuse is this a hundred year event, then 500 year event and it happens again next year. You are being lied to as the elite in the Catholic Church are seeking refuge, but has been turned down by the US Government. They are on their own, just as you are, but Jesus protects those that believe and recite the seal.

   Every one of you knows, this is the Truth in your heart. If not, say a quiet prayer and ask Mary, Mother of God and Salvation to remove all influence of the dark one from your heart and you will have an answer, but you must ask with a humble heart.

   These are difficult times and if you are lost then what about the flock? Do you let them just fall to the influence of the antichrist and the false prophet who now leads your church? The false prophet is stating that atheists may be in heaven, but this is a lie. Atheists if they believe in our Lord, Jesus Christ only, will be saved through repentance or prayers of others. A good life without conversion is a lost life. Now there are rumors of the acceptance of gay rights and the Almighty is furious. Need I say more.

   Jesus speaks, ďAll of you,. My sacred servants have pledge your life to Me. I left in your hands my flock, to guide, to teach, to love, all so you can deliver My lost children home. It is now that I call you. Now that you hear that which goes against My teachings, take heed. Nothing is more important than the care of souls that I entrusted to you. Nothing is more important than preserving that the church built by Peter, the rock, which is My body and blood for which I gave up for your salvation. It is a great gift that I come again in your time. Do not let the Second Coming turn out like the first, where those that believed when confronted turned their backs. When My disciples ran and one betrayed Me in fear of man, and I am God. It is I your Jesus that calls you, please respond.Ē 

   The Almighty is asking you as events unfold do not cower in fear if you do His bidding, to save His children will be impeded. We need some to take a stand now and all need to be on board after the warning, for it here that you will get the Truth from our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. All of you were told you would be tested and that test is now. When confronted is your faith going to be weak? No, you are going to be inspired and from that day, you will never look back as your mission is to save all. The Second Coming is going to happen in a few short years as you were told it shall come like a thief in the night. Few of you believe it will occur in your lifetime as in the past all thought it would. When most dismiss sin and even your views are compromised as others agree, shame as the time is ripe, beware.

   Watch as the celebration the remembrance of our Lord, the Eucharist and the sign of the cross is removed, it will be too late. You have been warned of these times and that almost all would praise that which is dark. If you donít stand up in advance, then who will? When you fight for God there are risks, stand up for this world and Godís children and bring them home. This is your mission. This is what you must do. This is a directive from your Lord, Jesus Christ. Remember you will face Him in judgment and He will ask when the antichrist destroyed the world, did you hide and cower during the persecution or stand up in MY Name as a beacon of light for all confused to be led to the along path of straight and narrow? We as a part of the Remnant Army know how to answer, Hoorah!


For those who need inspiration from fear, despair or lack of hope recite these words

My Lord, open my eyes.

Allow me to see the enemy and close my heart to deceit.

I surrender all to You, dear Jesus.

I trust in Your Mercy. Amen.


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