Same Sex Marriage

The Book of Truth



Written Aug 6


   Here is a subject that few would dare to speak the truth, and so you shall hear it. Love is a right for all of God’s children to experience as this is a gift and the essence from Him. Everyone wants to be cared for. Everyone has needs which they want satisfied. Everyone wants that special someone to deliver those feelings and needs while at the same time have the feeling of physical attraction and the ability to return these feelings in what should be unconditional. This is what makes us human.

    Mankind is confused as influence from the dark one plays on wants and needs to the point to these movements spurred by a minority of people, now consider this to be a right. Yes, everyone has the right to love and care for another. This right does not change the sacrament of marriage passed to you from the Almighty, and He speaks, “You will not desecrate my holy union between man and woman for this is a holy union made in the heavens under My guidance, which no man will put asunder. I have written the sacred laws through the prophets that a union sanctioned in My eyes is between a man and a woman with the goal to create a loving family as I have created you as My Family. Heed my words, I will not let you as My children change My laws handed down to you due to the weakness of flesh implanted within your minds by the dark angel. I am not here to hurt you and your needs, but to lead you to your proper inheritance. I promise you this, change and you will receive a love far greater than you have with your same sex partner. Trust Me. You will want for nothing. That soft touch, the gentle words, the deep love all will be there and you will finally have the chance to have a real family in the eyes of your Father, Me.”

     During the warning all that promote this as a right will pay a price. You have the right to care for another human being, but you do have the right to condone sexual relations with another of the same sex. This is unnatural and against the laws laid down to mankind by the Almighty. He destroyed a city for this, let this not occur again. Spin it any way you want to, you do not have that right. A child will not get a balance view needed in life for he or she witnesses something different and learns from that example; no matter how careful your words are, as your actions show him an alternate view. Now you say what about single moms and fathers and their influence? This is not by choice as they lost their mates through divorce, death or abandonment. They did have a replacement of the same sex, but in many cases remain single or date the opposite sex. You choose to see the same sex do to a perceived need and in many cases the relationship is spawned in lust. The chastisement for this behavior is aids and other diseases, but few still consider caution. Reflect on these words as after the warning all of you will know the truth. The goal is to save your asses from the dark one. This is the seed now planted watch it grow.

   You have a choice, except that you will be loved in a way that offends no one far greater that you experience now or continue your path for a short lived passion on this temporary earth and sacrifice your glorious future. It is understandable that you need time, but start for the later you wait, the greater the pain of change will be.

   Have you as woman ever considered those soft men with fine facial features? Here you can have the best of both worlds if you look. The Almighty has created someone for every taste of the opposite sex it is up to you to walk that path and find it instead of giving into what will not exist in the near future.


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