Prayer will Save your Children

The Book of Truth



Written Jun 7


   After so many delays all for your benefit, the earth changes have been unleashed and to save many souls from deceit that now covers your earth. The rumors abound among the faithful that many of the children will disappear or die in tragedies. There is a greater plan, where when the disaster hits and you are captured and for many then killed as martyrs, they will be taken as you do not have a plan for this was never suppose to happen.

   The innocent and weak will be taken first as part of the Rapture, but to you on earth your eyes will see some disappear, others swept away in floods or tidal waves or they when lost from the grasp of your hand seem crushed under debris in the great quakes yet to come. Others who will be able to mentally survive the carnage will stay by your sides. But know this; the goal is to make to the Promised Land and it is here that your prayers heard on earth and you will be reunited with your loved ones in the new flesh as promised by the covenant of the Lord.

   Mary, Mother of Salvation our intercessor on earth has been granted by the Almighty, Father to protect our children from capture of their souls by the evil one as events will suddenly escalate to your shock. The dark side is presently spreading like a virus infecting the minds of all men, women and children in this world. This can be now seen as murder on a mass scale and children killing children escalates beyond the tolerance of the hardened here in the US and this is only the beginning. You need to move away from the idea that the individual is solely responsible for their actions, but is receiving an influence of an unearthly origin to which they fall prey. To ignore this threat only leaves you and your children more vulnerable as you are looking in the wrong place for the source of crime that is tearing apart our civilization.

   Our Mother is asking you to pray once a week starting now in front of her image and bless yourself with Holy Water and recite the Crusade Prayer below. Do this so that our Mother can request the protection from Her Precious Son Jesus needed for your children from the dark side and it’s evil. A delay to wait until events surface as real instead of based on belief will be too late as the influence will turn them against you. This has been written.



Crusade Prayer (153) The Gift of Protection for children:

O Mother of God, Mother of Salvation,

I ask that you consecrate the souls of these children (List them here…) and present them to your beloved Son.

Pray that Jesus will, through the Power of His Precious Blood, cover and protect these little souls with every kind of protection from evil.

I ask you, dear Mother, to protect my family in times of great difficulties and that your Son will look favourably upon my request to unite my family in one with Christ and grant us Eternal Salvation. Amen.

Protect Your Family


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