The Sealed 144,000 Elect

The Book of Truth




Written May 28


   Much has been written, preached and assumed about the 144 thousand that is to be saved. Some religions used this as a basic right of faith, where it is only their religion shall that these souls emerge from, so where is the Truth?

    You have been told that no man or religion can elect you to be part of the 144,000 as these souls are picked and called by God and they are the true descendants of the 12 tribes. Little do you know that 2 of the original tribes have been replaced due to disobedience to the Laws of God during the time of Moses, yet many of them are still under the illusion they are the chosen people. Most of the descendants would not be known by their appearance, but the Almighty knows you.

   The Almighty speaks, “You My chosen are now to rise when I call you. You know My voice, you know My strength as My words pierce your hearts to pick up the sword and fight this battle for My Son. I call you to accept My seal as you become the point of My spear in the Remnant Army, where no cowards exist as battle the antichrist in the Final War of the Souls. My Son will prepare you to take on the greatest adversary this world has ever seen. You will break the spiritual and financial bonds of slavery and deceit far greater than the time you were set free from pharaoh. All will know you as your seal shall be seen on your forehead as will the dark forces carry the mark of the beast. You are protected in this battle as it is your goal to deliver billions of souls to My Son, for He wants to lose not one soul to the dark one. This is your mission. This is your God. This is My Son who has come to save the human race, My children. Listen for My call, and answer as you will stand and fight for the Truth. Descendants of Abraham, now is the time, to rise above all that is of the earth and bring My people Home to the Promised Land.”

   You the 144,000 know your duty, you are to repeat the crusade prayer for the seal of protection, and accept the seal of God, the Father Almighty everyday until the day Jesus descends from the clouds and the world falls at His Holy feet. If you miss a day, say it twice at different times during the day. It is protection for you, loved ones and friends from the enforcers of the antichrist who shall reign as death falls upon this world. Your preparation starts as soon as you are called and accept your duty for our Lord. You will not run or hide like the disciples did Jesus. For either you are with us or against, no fence sitting here as you will fall due to temptation as a prime target unprotected for the dark one knows who each of the 144,000 are.

   Your fight starts with prayer the Holy Rosary or the Divine Chaplet everyday and prime Crusade prayers with a daily rotation of others. Do not forget your spiritual body needs the Eucharist and bi-weekly absolution of sin with true remorse. As you grow, your armor shall also get stronger in time, to resist the persecution of the antichrist. Do not get distracted by what happens around you and what you see in the world, stick to the mission. At a certain point you shall gather from all lands, all creeds, and all nations as one. Cells of Prayer groups are to be formed in all nations with Christians first then expand to Jews and others and if you hear of talk to revolt against the government walk away, for this is not your concern or part of your mission. Those associated with this if they infiltrate your group are not from God and leave it to Him to weed them out. As in some cases He will turn them and then they may become a part of you. Your orders are simple as Jesus is guiding you follow them blindly and obey the Laws of Father.

   Remember Jesus came to serve mankind as so shall you. You will not be exalted among men, but hated. Just as He was persecuted on the walk to Calvary, so shall you suffer in the name of our Lord. It not is men you should seek favor from, but through your actions towards others as you walk the straight and narrow, please our Lord. When you serve in His army you leave, pride and arrogance at the door and wear the badge of humility. Trust in Him as our leader and we will win this war with minimum lost to the Chastisements and billions saved. This is the goal; leave no one behind for the dark one to take their soul. We start now for the final prep. We pray now to build our spiritual strength. We gather now to spread the Word of God to all. This is what Jesus wants. This is what you must do. This is what Jesus wants you to know He truly loves you, but he loves sinner more. Bring them home.


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