The Second Coming




Written Jul 8 11:59pm EST


   Many of you have ignored the signs of the coming end times as most religion scholars and their leaders profess it is not now, but the Jehovah’s who keep getting it wrong. Their mistake is a break from the Roman Catholic Religion established by Jesus Christ. God does not make a mistake, but man does when influenced by another. You were all told the only way to the Father is through Jesus Christ who died for your sins. Only God the Son, Jesus Christ being murdered by the Jews under the influence of satan could counter the total sins of billions of the Almighty’s children as a balance. As atonement satan was allowed to eliminate more than 6 million of God’s chosen by the Germans influenced again by satan. The point was to create fear and a loss of souls as Jesus did not fall to satan as He faced death, which He conquered.

   Let’s shed some light on the realm of Heaven. Heaven is perfection and only a soul that shines as bright as a star gets in through prayer, atonement for your sins and acts of unforced good will. This is the way Of God and has not changed since the dawn of time. Only mankind’s interpretation of what is just influence by another. Prior to your year 2010 only one in 33 human souls have entered the gates that Peter guards. Yes some are sent to Purgatory for cleansing only due to the prayers of others, but vast majority fall into the pits of hell as their souls are darkened by their sins on earth. The greatest weapon satan has is that few believe in him, a soul, hell as a punishment, and the believers think they have a guarantee.

   Jesus judges and yes He died for your sins to even the playing field. The rest is how you behave in life. No religion can promise salvation even the Roman Catholic as a man and women must choose between Jesus and sin. A religion and its core principles is a guide, but the Bible is the Word of God. Only the Roman Catholic religion can absolve sins no matter your deeds preaching as your soul is tainted by the dark one. Review your lives and the hurt done to you. Who did it come from? Many will say from your own. Jesus came for the sinners, not the righteous yet you still establish walls who do not agree. Heed this warning anyone who leaves the Roman catholic faith to join another shall not find salvation. This is the Truth.

   Some of you have questions about Original Sin and why are our souls blemished by the acts of Adam and Eve? Life, life force, soul, spirit all have the same meaning is at first microscopic part of the Holy Spirit upon conception this spirit is in infused within the cell and migrates to the brain stem as the physical body of the human baby develops. The spark of life pure as the brightest star is blacken with the Sin of Adam and Eve for what they did was so great in the eyes of Father their ancestors, us the children of God have been expelled to this prison planet called earth where satan rules. Only the Sacrament of Baptism removes this and our souls get a fresh start through forgiveness from the Almighty. As you live life if good you are give more and approach darkness it is taken to where you almost soulless. This is how it works. 

   So what happens at the moment of death? If awake, you simply faint as you transcend. If asleep, there is a sudden rush and your soul is pulled from your body into the universe, but you are conscience. Mankind sees a lifeless body and most assume this is the end, but it is far from the Truth as the life force or what some call the soul which is infinitesimal part of the Almighty’s spirit is removed by force from the physical body. For some the force pulls you immediately from your earthly realm to far beyond your visible stars and for others a temporary stay as they hover above the scene gazing with a 360 spherical view, simply amazing. Suddenly you are surrounded by a mist as you reach what is called the veil, but it is not wet as a warm feeling embraces you and then you cross over. It is here outside of the Gates of Heaven the Spirit of God, Jesus Christ appears as a bright light. You are not ready to embrace His face so try to shield yourself from the light the more it burns the greater your sins as the essence of your soul just like your mind today is alive as renders His judgment upon your soul. Many will see the blemishes and ask why? Then all of your life will flash around you and the hurt, pain, joy and love towards others will be shown to you through the eyes of Jesus. After you will realize that either Jesus will claim you or He will leave and the shadows will pull you down into the pits of hell.

   This insight is given to you as Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Father Almighty does not want to lose not one of you. You have time to change and what many will experience is suffering. You only need to call out to the Father and through His Son to be saved. He seeks your soul or life force as your earthly bodies must perish in order to gain entry to the new earth. You will have a new body, indestructible with a permanent age of 30 in one of the realms of the new Heaven and Earth. Do not throw away your inheritance by listening to men.

   The media is poisoning the minds of the young as seen on the MTV awards broadcasted on Monday June 18. The point is that a lesbian was celebrated, but it should have been a woman. The best kiss was between two men exactly how is that sexy to the majority heterosexuals? Is Show Business all about the gays to twist the votes towards general acceptance of marriage, which is a Sacrament of God? You can live in a union and all can respect as a person, but your view on life is not allowed to influence others through official or religious sources or is this trend by design for satan to grab more souls?

   The Almighty has given authority to those He sent to inflict any plague, disaster in order to save His children souls, but not their physical bodies as the innocent will be pulled in what seem accidents. So I say this to all who love, screw, lick or engage in a homosexual experience with another of the same, end it now. As a warning those who will not turn, they will suffer a new plague yet unknown to mankind with a 100% mortality rate measured in a few months at first that will cycle down to weeks, then days. There will be a pause to reflect on your behavior to allow for change; the time allotted 3 months then all who refuse to change will be sweep from this earth in a few days. It is time to choose between the flesh and influence of the dark side or God. Take His olive branch and come home or feel His Wrath.

   Your world is a deception as you were told in the end times that the dark one would rule. All governments, media and religions have been compromised even the Vatican. This was written in the Bible. With that knowledge, know that lies will rule your world. What you perceive as right in how your politician and media present justice is wrong. Then, those of whom are in charge, which goes against the status quo is right. If most shall fall to the dark side as prophesized, then how? This is what you need to realize, awaken from your slumber.

   Jesus asked you to help another, did not state allow others to steal. This is illegal immigration as they are fleeing poverty rather than injustice. A refugee is a person unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin due a fear or persecution due to belonging to a particular social group, race, religion, political group or national origin. Fleeing poverty or general violence does not qualify a person to seek asylum. But those backing open borders do not seed this.

   Millions died in genocide around this world, did you care? Are you going to relocate the migrants in your neighborhoods and school systems? No. When the flood becomes scarce among the millions due to the earth changes, do you take resources from your own citizens? Help those at home first then with strength help others. Your politicians will put up a façade of compassion and caring for the impoverished. The true test has been the poor in the districts they represent, has that changed? They lie as they get richer and smile to maintain their perch of power. The sad part is that the weak of minds follow this.

    As the earth changes escalate many will call to for help, but few recognize who the Father sends just like times of Jesus. You say you know the Father, but few listen to those He sends as there are only Seven, which shall be confirmed during the Warning in these End Times to protect the faithful.

   Your world has not changed. This is the problem, so He shall change it. Get your food stores and survival equipment for paper money shall soon be worthless. The Bible tells you over ¾ of mankind in one event, but closer to over 90% overall will disappear, in third world countries that number is near 98%. It will happen quickly. Just know that your leaders in the Democratic Party expect to you to die in the Tsunamis that will assault the coastal cities, inland floods and quakes. There are no plans in place for your migration, but plenty of blockades and body bags to prevent you from reaching the elite. The Republicans have always protected the elite so nothing new here.

    With the Wisdom and Love of the Almighty the following tests or as you call them Chastisements will allow you to choose from being chaffe or wheat. Those who endure, although will be few in numbers, but will see Jesus return from the skies and He will rise up for the final battle as all evil shall be swept from this earth as written in the Bible, the Word of God. Satan and what you call the Illuminati, and their followers once destroyed the old earth will be replaced by the new and a beauty beyond your imagination shall appear. You will have no tears or wants as the Second Coming, the Sacred Covenant between God the Father Almighty through His Son, Jesus Christ will be complete.

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