Those Seeking Public Forgiveness

The Book of Truth


Written Feb. 19  


   On this world called earth, there is good and there is evil which preys on the good natured, taking advantage of those that are considered weak for granted. Most who read the Bible were told to forgive, “by turning the other cheek” and not to judge others. Let’s clarify this brief, but meaningful statement. Turning the other cheek means, if there is true remorse from the soul that enacted a sin against another or God, turn that cheek and never look back at the injustice of the past as the future yet to be written shall be great. It is about giving someone another chance, to move past a bad decision without reflecting on it when something brings doubt or dark clouds are on the horizon. In other words leave all baggage behind instead of throwing in the face of the forgiven when pushed into and argument. It does not mean you roll over to lies and the same deceit as this concept of forgiveness was circulated in the name of God by those who are evil.

   To allow another to continue to hurt you again or another entrusted to you as a protector in the form of a government leader, a parent or family members due to deceit is being taken as a fool. Forgiveness can only be given by those who were violated by the offender; this is where the confusion lies. It is not your place to forgive another for injustices against others. This gift of forgiveness can come from only source, our Lord and God, Jesus, the Judge of all human life on earth past, present and in the future. For as God, He has walked in your shoes when incarnated as human. As for judgment of others on earth, this is still an extreme work in progress as everyone thinks they know what the Almighty wants or what sin is. How sadly the human race is in this respect as an immature life form in this universe, they now assume to have the wisdom of judgment that has been only held by God. What foolish children you are. You accuse and excise justice when you were told the Almighty and His Son forgives all. Just how is this working with your executions of human life created by God?

   Those who lie, cheat and create injustices when caught, as they never considered that as an option in their high profile positions sink to new lows as damage control takes priority. What happened to power, bribes, murder, and blackmail to suppress intel? The rats run when the plan falters. With acceptance of forgiveness, comes humility and a drive to right what has been wronged.  But those who are caught in scandal prey on the weakness of the faithful quoting scriptures, false tears to rise from the bottom. How are we expected to live like this! You have been told the dark one and those aligned know the Bible and so they seek forgiveness publicly as a weakness in your faith. They twist it to serve another. As the thought of losing it all, is worth a shallow apology to a world that may believe your words are true. Forgiveness is seen in the world of the elite as an opt out, as a trait of the weak that can be exploited with the right press, some well place comments coming from informed sources as he or she has suffered enough, and a well rehearsed choreographed performance to the audience of judgment and throw in a tear or two. You are forgiven and oh, write a new book or job. This is the network.

   You have no right to sit in judgment or consider forgiveness as this belongs to Jesus alone. You can pray for them as most lie, but unless you were the direct recipient of their injustice, you cannot forgive. Public forgiveness of high profile self serving individuals are last desperation to hold on to what was lost, true forgiveness is the last thing on their minds. As they are trying to recapture what was once theirs. This is what you need to know as the veil of deceit that has covered this world shall be lifted. It is only returning to the status quo before they have lost it all that counts, by any means necessary.


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