Shifting Through Lies and Deceit

The Book of Truth



Written Sept 8


   The all sacred servants, faithful and those carefully watching from the side as you fight to protect the faith as an honor in the name of Jesus Christ. Many of you do not believe the words written, but I say this. What emotion pushes when you read these message hate and anger or I love them for they do not know? Answer with the Truth and do not lie to yourself. This is a key for many of you seeing events but do not understand, just know this is ok. You were told most would be fooled and know you are one of them, but this could change if wise.

   You will be presented with calm words, men who are polished and changes to your doctrine of faith again this is a clue. Those who fight in this world for Jesus and what is right get no acclaim. Remember if you are praised on earth you have received your reward. The Words of Jesus proclaimed when He walked this earth and the Laws of the Almighty given to the world by Moses never change for any reason.

   All I ask is that the same scrutiny you apply here and it is welcome, you do to the other side to arrive at the Truth. Billions of souls are at stake and everyone lost comes back to you. Satan divides first and then gathers his own. You will see again changes for man, but Jesus the Savior will be dismissed. I say this now, no matter what you see on earth and how the Truth is spun by another, He your Savior expects you to stay firm in belief and obedience, for yours is the Kingdom of God. This is the time of the king of deceit, and know this, for your defeat is to underestimate the power of the beast. What seems as no way possible as the Truth tells you something is wrong. Trust your gut, even if I convince one it is better than what stands today.


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