The Sloth: Lazy in Faith and Work

The Book of Truth



Written Sept 27


   This sin of the lazy mostly affects the industrialized countries of the West, especially America. In a third world country if you do not work, you beg or die. This is not to say Americans are lazy; they are not on the whole. But some take advantage and will we address this abuse here. Letís start with Faith.

   Where many are taught as long as you believe in God and confess to your sins, you be saved. But this trait also extends to your work ethic and affects your neighbors and country. This is just lazy and you are depending on the mercy of God and the tolerance of your fellow workers. Do you think the idea of getting over is right, because for many with positions of insulation, you will not be called on it?

   The Almighty gave you a set of rules to abide by so that He can reward you an everlasting life with Him in glory. He only asks, put nothing in front of Him and respect His commandments, His Son on the Sabbath and reinforce your soul by partaking of the sacrament of the Eucharist and confession.

   But no, many see communion as an out dated Catholic ritual as they sense no change after. They rationalize that all you have to do after a sin is confess and all is forgiven and they take their faith for granted. Your faith is to bring you closer to Jesus and His Father. Do you not think that an effort is needed? If you gave little to no attention to your spouse or dating mate, how long do you think you would please them? Most of you are lazy in your faith, and you need to change now when it is by choice than be caught up because you have to during earth changes and for many it will be not from the heart, but due to fear.

   But there is a small group within this society that rides the wave contributing little to nothing, while the hardworking bare the brunt. They hide as bankers skimming percentages off of the wealth of the people or workers that hide or avoid work, some take sick leave when they are well on the payroll. You know the game.

   How many times have you passed the police car in the dark corner for hours? How many times have you passed a construction site with more supervisors standing than workers working? How times have you seen workers take advantage of disability insurance only because they are falling short in their work quotas?

   These are many examples of the sloth that drains the economic power out of our nation. Now you say how am I as one person because I choose to take FLMA for a chronic pain that maybe in my mind changing America? You are changing America because there are millions just like you! If you do not want to work putting in your fair share due to your employer then quit and give someone a chance to cherish the opportunity, which you exploit. Remember if the decision was eviction or work, you would be at that job. It is your choice that keeps you home.

   This is why being a sloth is a sin as your actions hurt the overall population. You are stealing from your company for services you do not provide. You increase hate as all that know what you are doing, see you as getting over on them as they have to make up the work. You boost envy as others want to imitate you, thus increasing the downward spiral in some cases the company goes out of business as unproductive and the innocent who gave it all suffers with the lost of a job. It all points back to you the sloth. This is the Word of God.


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