The Almighty Speaks

In These Times of Change


Written Jan. 10 9:15 pm EST

   The Almighty speaks, “To My children of the world. I have sent many blessings to your world in the death of My Son and in the form others who walked your earth. Blessed is the ground they walked upon. Your greatest, is Jesus who died for your sins against Me, your Father, God Almighty. He was God in the Trinity who incarnated into the Father's creation mankind that merged with exiled Adam and Eve. Shortly your world will be plagued by a series of events, your peers will state, are natural occurrences. Some will originate from Me to gather My chosen, others from the dark one to capture your souls in despair, that which is the essence of life. I have allowed the dark one these times to capture all who rejects My Word and Son sent to save souls. As many of you lose your physical bodies, there will be a moment of darkness in what you consider your mind, as your soul disconnects from the sensory perception of your lifeless body. Almost immediately you will be bathed in the light and drawn towards it, as you crossover the veil, to what I promised you. Believe in life after death. Believe that my Son died for your sins to give you eternal life. Believe that I am your Father that prepared a new earth like heaven, to reward all who believes in Me, no matter what you face. I and My Son will be there to guide, just call on Us in your prayers. I do not want to lose one of you. Please come home as it is beyond the comprehension of your mind and world, which shall shortly be cleansed of all evil. Just know, many innocents will be taken, and many brought up unharmed in a twinkle during the Rapture, but My chosen shall remain on earth to fight the dark one for Me. Until we meet, I as your Father will bathe you in love unrealized in your lifetime.”

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