The 1st Seal has been Broken

and so it begins


Written Feb. 23 2012

Updated Feb. 26

   In the spiritual battle the embroils the earth, one side shrouded in secrecy has advantage that you, the people of earth have given them. The faithful believes in God, but many feel this belief has little affect in their life. Those that worship the dark one, not only are they convinced he exists, but reap their rewards on earth. Power, wealth, fame, beauty are all short sited rewards for surrendering their souls. Promises of grand universe to be conquered upon passing for obedience to that which promotes evil, all lies. If this was true this world would be conquered now. What is to stop it, God who were told does not exist?

   You see their work, wars, financial slavery, laws to favor the rich under the guise of helping others. Peace keepers sent to aid in the name of freedom, but the rape the country's resources by inserting corrupt leaders.  Genocide in countries today, yet all of you screamed after the Jews were rescued never again. Did you leaders of the world open your mouths during several occurrences over the last 60 years when millions died? You, the many leaders of this world were cowards. It is sad, that not one of you would fight in a war you start, but you will send others to their death. You will fight in Libya, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran and Afghanistan and yell oil, I mean freedom for the people. No oil or gas, send in the UN aid workers with some sack of food, water and medicine. Oh yes, photographers to make sure the public sees the effort from the West. This is your world and you are so proud of this mess. Now this is going to change, because your time is up.

   Your gift was a slow down on the escalation of the earth changes for you to open your eyes and minds beyond the facade of wealth, power and the controls placed on media. Over the last ten years your astrophysics theories have been reduced to those coming from the educated of the time where almost all believed the earth was flat. You were given insight into the political process and world events. Most important you have been told the earth changes and the pole shift are the tools chastisement where mankind must make a spiritual decision. No para-military force or bunker will protect you, but the Almighty can. Prophecy has told the antichrist will walk the earth and he will incarnated in an adult man of Rothschild lineage starting at midnight on the date of the galactic alignment. Wouldn't the media like to be a fly on the wall at the ceremony in England, but he would discover you and execute you on the spot with his dark powers.

   So many of you are educated by the world, but know so little about the universe and its Creator. Unseen power, beauty and wisdom from where time has no beginning or end. A process of creating life and watching over it as it progresses to become spiritually mature is the goal. It is not the importance of your degrees or wealth that will count, but that which is within you, your soul. This is where courage comes from, the pursuit of truth, humility towards God and respect of your brothers and sisters on this world. You can not read this in a book. You can not buy it with your wealth. You earn it, in this universe by your actions and intent. This is your spirit, your soul, the essence of your conscience which goes on, no matter what physical form you take. This is what is meant we are made in the image of God. It is our spirit and we are His children.

   You have been told, things are going to change and that time is now, the earth will never look the same. Look around, paint a vivid picture in your mind, because this will be all you have. Now you say we have heard this story before and this is true, some of it by design to weed out those that would lead astray, some by those eager to get attention, but still it is true. The Bible has warned you, many legends from the Mayans to the Hopi have warned you and the hand of God even guides you today, but most are blinded. May say, not in my lifetime, but it is. The sad part, all your politicians and leaders know and have made plans to save their sorry asses with your tax dollars. Their mistake is, they think this is just an apocalyptic disaster and with proper planning and supplies, they will survive. Look at southeast Asia, Brazil and its the floods, you in the media have your sources, ask.

   It is time to make the decision, if you truly believe in God, you must choose now. It is Him or the other, those caught between will fall between the two. The time for safety warnings are up, although there will be the final warning for those surviving the wrath of the antichrist. You read about the fools in the time of Noah and again you who are so learned are no different than the people of those times. All of you say I would have been on that ark. Fast forward to present time almost all of you are on the on land waiting for the rain as the door closes.

   The Almighty is offering the seal of protection for you and your families as foretold in the book of Apocalypse to all of His children that believe. You have this one chance to accept and with it, those that hate will just pass you by. In the time Moses, the seal of blood was placed above the door protected the the first born of the Jews and he led the Jews to safety and this will happen again. This time it will be the people of earth. You ask, how can something I cannot see, protect the living? I will give you 2 examples, the first Obama, if it wasn't for God, his enemies which number in the millions would have succeeded. The second, is myself over the last 11 years, I have released the secrets of gravity and the basic blueprints for free energy, which was halted, by my choice. Revealed intent of both sides in regions of turmoil about the world. Pointed the finger of blame in the mortgage crisis by detailing the process of fraud and given you some of the plans of the Illuminati and the antichrist to dominate the world. All of this knowledge was a gift from God, for I would be nothing without. Yet I still walk the earth. That is the protection of God.

   What the world faces is far greater than when the enslaved Jews were freed and fled to the promised land and their somewhat recent persecution under those who pulled the strings of Hitler. Pharaoh was child's play compared to current mission of facing the antichrist. The Almighty wants to save all, but it is your free will that has to make that choice. We need you, to help us save you by reciting the prayer at the end of this passage. This spiritual battle will soon be seen of earth and all you will say, I don't believe this ****ing ****! And then you will know, but it will be too late. Now this offer is like insurance because most of still are unsure, but you are protected just incase. Take the insurance please, do it for your families if you are truly responsible and believe in God. Put aside what you seem to think you know about life, there is something far greater, beyond the comprehension of your human minds. It is here, during this pivotal time on earth, the transformation, you must put all of your trust in God the Father. He has your best interest, for you are His children to be guided to your new home.

   This earth will die as the Sun fades after a series of convulsions and explosions that will shock mankind. All you would die if the radiation during these events was allowed to pierce the atmosphere and the earth's enhanced magnetic field. This again is the protection God gives His children as your scientist will have no answer, guesses yes. The new home already complete is beyond all that your human mind can imagine. As the best in animal life, plants, fish, birds from around the universe with every detail meticulously planned and created by the Almighty is prepared for you to live with harmoniously. It is far beyond the foretold paradise, the Garden of Eden prepared for Adam and Eve. I have been told of the flowers, mountains, lakes, rivers, seas, and land will take your breath away. The night sky will shimmer with colors beyond the rainbow and the stars shine, outside of your imagination. All will be alive, similar to how you are today, with the ability to create and have a family where generations will unfold over time. No illness, the elimination of human defects by birth or accident all living at an optimum age that does not change at maturity. All will want for nothing. True knowledge of the universe and your purpose for life in connection to your Creator, God the Father. Most of all, a true realization of what Jesus went through, so that all of you made to this paradise, all will give thanks and praise. No wars, just true peace within and out, heaven on earth shall be fulfilled with this chosen generation for a thousand years. This is what awaits those that past through the Great Tribulation, nothing on earth even for the richest shall compare.

  There will not be signs in the sky or the earthquakes to seal your decision, you must make this from your heart. When you see the signs in the sky or the earthquakes that shake all corners of the earth, know the time of the seal has past. Now you pass through the famine, wars, pestilence and persecution of that which is to come. It is not just the crimes of the antichrist you must face, but the plagues will unfold as all mankind must go through to break the will and grip of the antichrist. This time it will more extreme since this is the antichrist who is the master of cunning and charm while on earth as pharaoh and the Egyptian soldiers of the past do not match his supernatural powers. Watch as those that pledge allegiance to the dark one are destroyed as fear confuses them. My advice fear God and seek His forgiveness.

   During the transformation as the good are removed through disasters and hate crimes, so shall that which is evil to maintain a balance, accelerating as the balance of power temporary shifts to the antichrist. The first seal with sadness by the Almighty has been opened 2 days ago, so the prophecy of the white horse will now conquer Europe. This must pass in order to save all of you, because so few are listening.

   I am asking, because cannot tell you, Obama and Boehner, it is here you have common ground no matter what your differences, which will close swiftly in the future, say the prayer and do it tonight. No need to have good people suffer. Quietly, you should tell others, they will thank you later. Boehner please do United States a favor, tell confused Hatch, you need to throw him a rope.

   The media, you have a responsibility to the world. Now, it is not about saying something on the air where a job lose may occur, because you cannot educate, if your platform is gone. It is about telling the truth, if you can't due to pressure, remain silent with no comment. I am asking you to talk to your families, have them make the move, just call it a gut feeling. They will trust you.

   Some in the media have tried to change the world with the truth, this is currently being spearheaded by MSNBC and the efforts have been appreciated by the Almighty and His Son, Jesus. Others like CNN are still going through the trials stunned by the hate, but improving, and Fox is still in denial. MSNBC, some of you still have your doubts, yes I am going to name names, first you Lawrence a champion of the truth, so passionate yet you refuse to believe in what is coming. Bring up the subject to some of senator friends in gist and watch for subtle clues of facial reactions.  Do you not think your thoughts are known, your weaknesses? Rachel, a champion of woman's and gay rights, a true spirit in the world for the good of mankind, always looking for that sign to confirm that which is deeper. This is your sign, it is all, you will get. Both you want to change the world. But both of you still have your blindfolds, where you consider that what you can see in the world. Take them off, open your eyes to that which is deeper, listen to your inner thoughts. The team needs you, it is time to join. For others that are already on board, no need to talk about you, but your efforts are known. Lawrence, still you think this is a crock, but other passages you know are the truth. Think. Now moving on.

   This whole experience is about leaving no one behind. Ascending to the spiritual being, who will be responsible for all life in this universe and in your present state few are ready for the next level. If you saw what awaits all those who reject God and the Savior, through deceit and wealth, your heart would stop in horror. We will lose no one, it is about your best efforts as if your life depends upon, because it does. I am ringing the fire alarm and this time it is for real, despite the false alarms of the past. Heed it and live in glory, ignore it and you might as well be dead, for you will wish for it more than a million times time after time after time.

   What faces earth is pure horror, which could have been avoided with the reduction of hate and some tolerance. But no, it is about there are different, they are poor, they are uneducated. All these inequalities were created by men of wealth and you call them visionaries, leaders, the hope of the world. I call them criminals, who steal ideas from others, rig the system to acquire wealth and then buy allegiance and this is how the universe sees them also. It is time for earth to grow up and join the adults in the universe as an adolescent eager to learn the ways of God.

   A word to the sacred servants, many of you are making the same mistakes that Pharisees made when Christ walk the earth, as all thought He was a fraud. Who are you listening to? Remove the visual source of the words from your mind and just listen to The Word. What comes from the Almighty is "just", for all men and women, not to be interpreted or questioned by human minds. Inside the Church are some aligned with the deceiver and part of the backlash with originate from them. You would have to be naive to think the Church like others examples of abuse are outside of that which is satan. The Pharisees would have accepted the Words of Jesus, had He dressed grander than them and had wealth. But, because of flawed "worldly" views, that which is God, Jesus, they saw a man in their eyes of a lower standing. Their choices were not made of what was taught and foretold in the Torah as they discounted His great Spirit.

   Many will profess, they have the Holy Spirit within and speak of heresy, you have seen this in the past. Why the passion, to influence you or the clergy? Is it the The Word or the source, that is the problem? That which is divine cannot be understood by the human mind and it is only after centuries, we have the accusers, which are proven wrong time after time. We do not have the factor of insight developed over centuries to clear that which is the Holy Word. It comes down to a few years to reach a decision. You have dig deep within, discount the human words stated in arrogance and hate. Touch your inner soul and establish a deep, quiet connection with God the Father Almighty. Listen to His voice, the voice of truth. Only then can you come to a true conclusion. As a division in the Catholic Church develops, lets you not be part of it or support, remain silent and meditate in prayer for strength.

   Do not fall for the self appointed apostles, if you have the gift of the Holy Spirit, the last thing you would do is alert others to this gift, humility. Most proclaiming are too busy mocking the Holy Word given, as if the Almighty only spoke to the flock in ancient past. Spiritual guidance to the faithful never has ended, it is only mankind due to his science that refuses to listen.  He is here to help now, through His trusted prophets and you cannot recognized it.

 You were told, The Second Coming would be like a thief in the night as the world would seem some what normal, but with extreme strife. Take your heads out of the Bible for a moment and look around. The time is now. You are in the end times. It is about applying your knowledge to decipher the clues presented in life and so far, most of you are failing. You say, you want to be like Christ, but you fear change. You say, you are about the truth, but politicians ask for favors and you bend against your beliefs. Make a choice, either you are going to fight this battle in the name of Jesus or. Jesus needs you to bring home the faithful through education as this is your job, can you do this for the Almighty?

Now the prayer that must be said if you believe in God for the Seal of Protection

Recite this Crusade Prayer to acknowledge My Seal and accept it with love, joy and gratitude.

O My God, My loving Father
I accept with love and gratitude
Your Divine Seal of Protection

Your Divinity encompasses my body and soul for eternity
I bow in humble thanksgiving and offer you my deep love and loyalty
To you my Beloved Father

I beg you to protect me and my loved ones with this special Seal
And I pledge my life to your service forever and ever
I love you Dear Father
I console you in these times Dear Father

I offer you the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of your dearly beloved Son
In atonement for the sins of the world and for the salvation of all your children.


For the faithful this is the time of Lent. A time to reflect on the sacrifices that Jesus made for all of mankind. During Lent, fasting of at least once a week, more for the devoted, is asked of you, offer it for the salvation of others.

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