In the State of Grace

Avoiding the Chastisements



Written Dec 21 8:30pm EST


   For those who will be caught up suddenly in the Chastisements with little warning there will be an awakening of spirituality from within as this is the purpose. Confusion will surround you. As some messages shall preach doom and gloom others hope from all sources, many false as the few that are true, are known now in most cases by rumor as the media shuns them and have been around over a decade. With loved ones in some cases dieing around you, children disappearing, freak accidents that seem by design, how will you discern the Truth? Know this; analyze the results of their message. Seek out the meek and avoid most of the mega churches, the preachers of the Whitehouse and elite for they have been compromised. If they get the attention of the media, then avoid them.

   The Chastisements are here, yet only the astute connect the dots. Murder and war are now in your face to where you are afraid here in America as you have now somewhat caught up to the rest of the world, but America is on the scale of 1 to 20 while others are 1 to 2. That gap will close shortly. Your leaders so sure the tactics that brought France to its knees can not happen here. Obama, how does it feel to have your foot in your mouth as I told you who you are up against? When you are wrong, learn and move on, like I have learned in the past. Just know there is no disrespect only to inform you. Next time heed it.

   Your weather has changed and it will never be the same again as the seasons you were told will blend. This has now occurred over months not a week. After December 22 2015 (again this is a general time frame as to a definitive point in time) there will be a great uptick in earthquakes going into 2017, although the media and the USGS will increasingly suppress the true magnitudes and frequency of events as to delay the awakening of the common man. You have been told that in the end times there will be a one world government and more important one world religion. The key to understanding this is to look at how this will be accomplished.

   For a nation to come under one umbrella there has to be a common link and that link is the banks. All nations are financially linked. All nations seem to be independent, but as this world knows are interdependent. All major banks including the Federal Reserve lead back to the Bank of England which has a financial death grip on all nations as no one can point to who controls their debt.

   You have all fell for the bait and switch years ago. You were told it was the Japanese that controlled debt on bonds, real estate in America and their economy collapsed and it has now moved to the Chinese. Do you remember? The Chinese control a few trillion dollars yet the US owes close to 20 trillion to whom if every nation is in debt?

   What about the rest of the world and the IMF that is mentioned quietly as most look at Greece in the EU. Your economies will be crushed simultaneously as those who control your banks shall withdraw support of national and EU currencies causing your paper money, stock and bond markets to be worthless. Gold and platinum along with other commodities are now being picked up for pennies on the dollar as you are led to believe your best choice is to avoid these investments. Were you not taught this is your financial schools; accumulate at market bottoms as the public is always wrong and advice is wrong?

   The next step in the process to cause doubt in the leadership of your nations and all of you have eyes and a mind as this is occurring now in America. Little faith is present for the current administration even as unemployment was cut in half, the deficit reduced and many have health insurance. This means nothing. The ugly truth is that what is being presented to you as leaders for your future may and eventually will fall far short.

   Ok I hear these are big words, but you offer no counter to the present path of this administration. Please, have you asked? No you continue to look at these words as a just in case. You are afraid to admit the Truth is here, except to your trusted insiders as your opponents and party will label you insane as if I can not hear your concerns within your mind.

   Time is short, replace all political lackeys with the experienced in business and finance. The time has come to an end the reward to those who are unqualified to run this nation, because of campaign support and political favors. How has that worked? You will not get a second chance. Again you have been presented an answer, heed it.

   When war engages the world and billions die, all will be open to one leader, one religion in hope of peace. They will think that God has abandoned them, but the Truth is that they have abandoned God by their actions as they think they are above His Laws. The sad part again this is by design and few of you see it coming.

   The Chastisements are being sent first to awaken you out of your stupor. All is being done to save your souls, because any day, anyone can die. This is in the hands of your God Father your Almighty. If it is all about the raft of the Almighty, then why not kill you all, like in the days of Noah. Primarily, the Chastisements are being sent to crush the elite and new world order for if left unchecked, all would lose their souls and this world would be enslaved under the dark one. The Nazis an arm of the new world order in its time were Boy Scouts compared to what you will soon face and they killed millions.

   Now many of you are asking; how can we survive the Chastisements as some of us can see this series of events to cleanse the Earth is both physical and spiritual in nature? First know that if you must read Revelations with an open mind on your own. You will gain valuable insight. All of you have a direct connect to Jesus, call out to Him and He will clear your mind. You do not to listen to another for what you can do yourself in these coming times, heed these words.

   Soon the Catholic Church in Rome shall fall under the new world religion and the antichrist will be offered the position of leader and Francis will accept the position of the false prophet for the world to see. Your hope is that many in America, priests and Cardinals will break and align with Jesus and you will know. Because persecution will abound, worship shall move underground for your protection.

   Again you doubt as to what is being said here, but you still listen just incase. Okay I realize Pope Francis is a refreshing breath into Catholicism. You were told all would be deceived by humanism and in front of your eyes your pope embraces the LBGT community. They are children of God, but again the Almighty told you He will not tolerate homosexuality. This is His Law and as your Creator, there are no rights as you see it. The pope wants to embrace all, again changing the parameters of the Sacrament of Marriage. This has been addressed in the Bible and will not be changed by any man including the pope. This is your clue. Let it be known that just fewer than 50% of the priests will remain faithful to the Lord. Seek them out with caution.

   Relish the celebration of the birth of our Lord in 2015 for it will never be the same. You who are Christian in the Middle East are and will be persecuted by the Muslims and that shall expand to all quickly to the rest of the world peaking in Europe then expanding finally to the United States. This will be allowed to happen as foretold, but know the Earth will receive a Warning from the Almighty if they donít change their ways and the Chastisements will be released in full force.

   The sign you will look for will be mass sightings of the double suns in your skies. Realize the media will not provide details, but your social media will. There will be fake posts to point doubt towards real sightings as paid debunkers will assault those reporting, standard CIA practice and with this you will know the time is close. Most important if you are to survive you must ask for forgiveness of your sins as the burning searing pain of cleansing after impact in this super natural event will be minimal. All will be caught by surprise with little warning (2 weeks) from scientist and comet impact will be off the southeastern coast of the United States. Another clue as they never saw it coming.

   You will need 10 days of food, powered milk, water, common cereal, beef jerky, oatmeal if you have a fireplace, double for those of whom you plan for, as you will have additions from those you told  no matter your level of secrecy as fear rises. The dust as it settles mostly outside of the US, it will drifts towards the east due to upper atmosphere wind currents and will be poisonous for the first week. But gorilla tape and heavy duty plastic will keep most safe. Clothing for ice fishing and blankets, led 500+ LUM flashlights a must. Porta potties with an anti freeze mixture in a segregated area to prevent a discomforting smell. Insulate all pipes and have access to cut off the water supply to prevent a pipe burst. Put anti freeze in all toilets and sink drains as the average temperature will be below a minus 30Fo as dust blocks sunlight on earth. Musical instruments will be a distraction and use the gorilla tape to subdue those who go insane when their actions pull others in the same direction. These are decisions that must be made for the safety of all. For those who protest let them stay with them to offer hope. Most of all state all rules up front and have all agree as this will minimize debate during the crisis. This is your template. Use it wisely for the protection of all not as to dictate a policy of control.

   Finally letís address in the state of Grace. Grace is the spiritual essence of God the Father Almighty. It is His life force that He shares with all of His children. It is dispersed by Jesus in atonement for the sins of man. Grace is what cleans a dark soul, which has little to no light or brightens that which belongs to God. Grace is the light which comes from God that counters the darkness which when entering a soul destroys the light due to sin as all men no matter who you are cardinal, priest or prophet. Grace is given when you are in prayer, fast or sacrifice for another. When God tells you that the state of your soul must be in a state of Grace, He is telling you that your actions, atonement in prayer for forgiveness of sins must have a balance to the where the light suppresses darkness in your individual souls. Only in a state of Grace can your physical bodies if you choose can be saved during Earthís Chastisements or as you are told earth changes aka global warming.

   On concerning others you want to save that are not in a state of Grace, pray hard for their souls to offset their sin and lack of faith. The key now is to ask for forgives every two weeks and if you have not started then start now with a 5 decades of the Hail Mary daily to protect your soul add for others. It is about a sincere effort as oppose to a number. When all else fails this wonít. It is about faith, that there is something greater than the death and destruction for some, which is around you. You have to choose it or fall.


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