Stealing and Cheating

The Book of Truth



Written Aug 24




   As we address these sins, lets look at why this is accepted to today as a way to get ahead, starting with cheating. The dark side has systematically lowered the threshold of sin to a point to where most see this as acceptable in todayís society as long as you can get away with it. This is how many of the rich have elevated themselves above you. Once done and the wealth is there, they present their lives as models for the community to respect and adore with no references to the path that got them there. One only needs to look at the history of countries, corporations and the barons of industry to see the pattern. It is explained as the laws of the jungle, where being ruthless, rewriting the laws and using grey areas of regulations are seen as savvy traits for a businessman.

    Many in this great nation cheat on their taxes and this is a major reason we have a deficit. We cheat on tests to achieve degrees and doctorates that some do not deserve and even more on resumes when looking for a job to get the edge, thus stepping on those who should have been in your place. Letís not even count those of you who cheat on each other for the passion of the moment, but would leave if the shoe was on the other foot.

   Cheating gives an unfair advantage in all walks of life as it changes the future of a family or individual. Look at how Edison cheated Tesla out of thousands as he took Edison for his word when he engineered the electrical grid for America, the offer a small raise. A government awarded contract is worth millions and sometimes billions, there is no shame with rigging. Insider information manipulates a fortune as someone wins and others who though the playing field is honest and regulated, find out it is fixed and they lose it all.

   I ask you, is this fair, no, again I ask is this just? This is why cheating is a sin. For you are taking or getting something that you do not deserve at the expense of others. Your excuse is almost everyone does it and that may be true, but again it is not right. Now that you know the truth, all of you will be held at full responsibility for your actions in the eyes of our Lord, Jesus.

   In the arena of athletics, the primary path to greatness for the cheaters is drugs, doping anything that cannot be detected, just for an edge. They will sell their souls and have to be the best, break the world record or win the gold. How shallow, because you will pay a price. What about those who have played it fair all their lives, trained hard only to have it all taken away because of an illegal enhancement. Thousands of hours of training, a God given talent that has been taken away due to your greed achieved by cheating. Then years later the athlete is caught they are stripped, but your chance were you should have won and its glory is now gone. Lives changed forever.




    All see the harm in this when there is loss among each other, but many of you have justified theft from a company or government as you justify your actions on the spin it is an inanimate organization. It does not have feelings or needs; the point is you are taking that which does not belong to you.

   Theft has closed businesses, forcing people out of the job market due to yours and others actions. Theft has caused people to lose their homes and as a result just give on life and die as to not be a burden. Theft bankrupts countries as resources that were suppose to help elevate the people of a nation is hoarded by the few. Do you want to take responsibility for that?

   Theft destroys homes in the inner cities as the hard work of others in the family is taken by another family member or friend and anger builds as an elder protects the abuser. Theft opens the door to other sins of opportunity that should have not been committed, like murder and rape. Stealing in the times of chaos and panic can and will lead to the deaths of some. You will take responsibility for your actions and the cascading affects it has on others in the eyes of God.

    Now you ask; how can stealing some food from a family be so bad when they should have shared anyway? The family comes first and only if there is extra or some that can be spared will you be offered according to your needs. This is not your choice as a stranger. A choice now has to be made, if the food or clothing is stolen as the father eat or clothe less to give to the children and his wife. This lowers the immune system and if he gets sick and dies, it is you that bears that responsibility on judgment day. This you can not see as you have move on, but the family is forever affected.

    The dark one shows you all material things and pleasures of the flesh you can have through the media. The suggestions state, you are nothing on earth without this and if you cannot acquire it through your own efforts there is another path to attain it, steal it. This is the trap and you rationalize in your mind to the point, only if I did not get caught. All need to realize, everyone is held accountable as the Lord your judge sees all and are caught on judgment day. As some seem to get a free pass while on earth by the dark one, it is to seduce others by using your greed and material wealth stolen as an example and it is here in front of Jesus, you will have to answer.

   You are all children of God and the problem is that you are hurting His other children, which He must protect. Choose, look back at your life and make a change as your money gained will mean little shortly. The goal is to bring you back into the fold and with this, you will want for nothing. This is a promise that will be kept unlike the many broken here on earth by men.


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