Beware of the Subtle Change Sacred Servant

The Book of Truth



Written Jan 13


    Sacred servants do not be fooled with the small subtle changes will be made in the Mass slowly at first over the next few years. What is seen as being inclusive is not conduce to that which is Sacred. The Word of God states those who divorce break what God has joined for human reasons. Those that move on in a relationship commit Adultery these are sins. Now you are saying that the Holy Spirit and Jesus should reside in a blacken soul that is unclean? Think about what you are promoting new Catholic Church.

   All of you have seen the purge in the Curia and the appointments of new voting Cardinals. Keys elements put in place to discourage any group from mounting any major opposition against the plans of the pope yet to unfold. The change will be minor first to test the conservatives who are opposed to any change, but they will be crushed as they will painted as lacking human compassion as times have changed from the time of Christ. The changes are so minor as to confuse scholars into a grey area, but the worshiping none the wiser at first will see no wrong. You ask, why is this a problem?

    Those behind the changes are looking for those standing up for the Word to come forward and identify them selves as they will be reassigned to a place where they have no voice. You have already seen this. Those sacred servants that agree to the changes are being trained to accept another shortly after with a little more until they back a new doctrine that very different from what you see today. This is the goal. How can they back out from that which they have been a part of?

   Those on the darkside know some sacred servants, weak in faith have betrayed their Lord and hope that fear of being unprotected keeps those who have made the mistake in line. Sacred servants it is better to realize that you made a mistake, then ask for forgiveness and take your chances in hiding than continue to back an agenda, which will reveal itself when the new world religion rises to unify all faiths resulting in millions of souls being lost. This is the Truth.

    What you need to consider, is that you quote scripture in Mass and state to all that we must be always ready, because Jesus will come like a thief in the night. If you believe in what was written. If you believe in what you preach. You have a responsibility as to not waver in your faith. Some of you are letting your human intellect, make judgments that affect others. Never state the Second Coming will occur outside of our life times. It will be on you that every soul that does not prepare for that great day, because in your human wisdom, you now know God’s Plan and its time table. Do not make that mistake. If you doubt, it is better you say nothing than interfere with God’s Plan. You are being told this now, to prevent a rising problem now occurring in the Catholic Church. As you think that you are subsiding an unnecessary fear, heed this warning.

   Jesus speaks, “Sacred servants you represent Me on earth. You are My tool to bring home the Children of God. Let not your thoughts move you away from My Word. You will be tested like no other time on earth. Judas fell on less than most of you will go through in the coming years. My Word never changes for any reason.  No man has power or authority to change the Word of God. You were told of these times and they are upon you. Everyday you debate in your minds whether these messages are true, another soul is lost. Ask in prayer for guidance if you are confused. Choose now sacred servants for time is short.


 Your Loving Savior”


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