Tactics to Lessen the Persecution

The Book of Truth



Written Nov 13


   Sacred servants and faithful, the time has come to discern the truth so that millions more souls are not lost in apostasy that now befalls the Catholic Church, but is hidden from public view. As the time for the separation of the wheat and the chafe, is now here. Heed these words as the changes in the Church will be carefully masked as caring for others, humanitarian, modernizing as the faith must move and adapt to the changes in the world. Ask yourself if satan deceives the world that he is Christ would he not need the approval of the Church? More important in order to lead God’s children astray through what ever means would present the best opportunity as belief hides deception? Few will believe that the present pope is dark. It can’t be, you are insane will be the words you will hear. You say God would not allow this and this is where you misunderstand. Did not man crucify the Son of God? Did not priests rape faithful victims? Man has the gift of free will to do anything that offends God. This is where you step back and let the Lord battle this. Your job is to ignore the anger and hate for you know the source of the deception. It is not from them, but it is to stop you. They are being used to get to you.

  This is where you must let the general reality of your world go. The weaker the mind, the greater the influence is of the dark one.  No one especially, the chosen are immune. It will be the ones you love that turn on you for your love Jesus forsaking the new changes to include all and minimize the intent and forgiveness of sin. It is here where doubts will be created. Ask for the gift of discernment because the message of deception will sometimes be mixed with the Truth. This is where you have to be very careful as the source usually a loved one will deliver. Listen first; ask questions, does message go against the Laws of God or the teachings of Jesus?  If it passes all tests then maybe this is a positive adjustment in your path, although you may not see it yet. Stay strong faithful for you have only one Master to answer to and that is Jesus, not the pope. Remember no matter what you see as help for the poor, the inclusion of others “as that would what God would want”, if or more like, when the basics reverence and Homily of the mass is changed and sin is accepted as a flaw in man, you know satan has taken complete control of the seat of Peter.

   Remember the British offered the Indians the gift of warm blankets, but they were used to keep warm the infected and dieing, thus killing thousands. Now the British are not satan, so imagine what he has in store for mankind as he uses established wealth and power players from all walks of life as pawns. The goal is to steal souls while masked as an entity that will help the world. Sacred servants we will start with you for it is up to you to preserve the light of the Lord as followers of the 7 lamps to guide you on earth and it is His sacraments to a needy faithful and the true masses that will nourish the faithful so they defend the Truth, the Word of God.

   Sacred servants, this is truly bad news as some in the church will try to destroy all faithful to Jesus. It is here that a division in the Catholic Church will develop and it is up to you to discern the Truth. As brother will turn against brother and children against their father, this is written in the scriptures. The persecution will mainly come from the so called Christians that follow the false prophet and the antichrist as they have taken the mark, but will not realize they are not of God. You are being given the plan in order to prep and establish a strong foundation. Look back, as a leopard does not change its spots. You know how Benedict was under pressure for impeding the progress in investigating the crimes of priest. His private papers, released were by design and this was only the beginning. All of you know that the only way you leave the leadership of the Catholic Church, the seat of Peter is when the Lord calls you home. This is your mission when elected pope. No man, especially the pope can tell God, he quits for any reason when they lead His flock.

   You have all seen frail popes in the past, but this only inspires the faithful to call out to God to save him. In the Third Letter of Fatima, Mary your Mother of Salvation stated, that when 2 popes live in Rome, the end times are upon us and the seat of Peter is being held by an impostor. This was written. This is the Truth. Benedict was forced out by in a calculated move to elect a new pope, the black pope. What Benedict perceived as being hidden that would ultimately hurt the church was being held against him, but this was business as usual over the centuries and now it is time to find a scapegoat. A pope when elected inherits problems from the past and has no influence on the cover up which was done at the diocesan level. In his mind as the dark one even has access to him, he let go under the guise he could no longer continue. He justified his actions over and over in his mind as the right thing to do for the Church. What he did not realize is that the seat of Peter when elected would be the false prophet. He agonizes over this as he feels he let down the Heavens and the faithful. It is his prayers that the graces of God fall upon you sacred servants and Benedict for you will need it in the near future for the Lord knows your plight.

   With the Church moving forward to expose all that was covered up in the past, some of you will be accused of the unthinkable when you protest the adaptive changes within the Church. You will be crushed in front of family, friends and peers. All will hear the charges, and in some cases witnesses will speak out, but for the most part, they are lies as almost all of you will leave in shame. This is the plan to start. Purge those who are against the “new” church, admit the priests have done wrong and then offer you as the scapegoat in this cleansing process. Maybe your name and all you stand for will be questioned by your closest over the years. At no time do you challenge or offer an explanation for that which is not true for you will not win. If friends and family in the know and they cannot connect the dots except what they are being told and they turn, let them go. In time after the warning they will be by your sides as they would have come full circle. Realizing the error of their ways and it is here that you forgive them.

    The church to the world will be seen as purging all that was wrong with sex scandals and now taking action to remove what was a threat. The world will cheer at which you know for the many accused as an untruth. This is just one phase of the persecution.

   Skipping to the faithful, the changes are already being presented in the media as you were told others would praise Francis and this is now true, but morphs according what you accept as the Truth. A humble pope, one who even connects with the atheists bringing all faiths to together as this is what God would want. The time for greed is over as we must take care of our brothers and sisters and the earth changes will bring this forefront. Faithful you were told many would abandon the Laws of God, but how would this be so? As the church modernizes it will be introduced to you that God forgives all sins and this is true through the sacrament of Confession and with the appropriate penance, remorse and atonement for those sins. This will be twisted be a flaw in man that God always forgives so let the sin go as God will forgive it in the end anyway. This will come from Rome. This is how you the faithful maybe seduced as many in the world will follow.

   It will be only when faced with death through the Chastisements that some will see the error of their ways and pass through the conversion process. Many will convert during the warning, but up to 2 billion lives may be lost. The earth will face many purges to strip all that is evil as you were told the earth would be cleansed. Just how did you think this was going to occur? In Revelations you hear 25 percent will be removed, then one third and more all of this has to pass, but the must be a balance that is maintained (good vs. evil) and it is here that the harden evil will be swept from the face of the earth by the Wrath of God. For those that have been fooled and see the gates of hell, hope that enough prayers were said by the faithful to snatch you from the grips of the evil one as your spirit trembles in fear. So powerful on earth as a man or woman, so weak when you realize your life force or spirit is your eternal essence as you cower knowing what you face for your deeds on earth.


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