As Jesus’ Tears Flow

This World Floods



Written June 23


   As mankind continues to ignore the calls from Heaven and sin increases its greatest level since man walked this earth, Our Lord weeps in pain. You were told that the floods would come as almost all you dismissed the pebbles, so now rocks will be thrown to awake your slumber. These events will still be written off as extreme weather occurrences so the bricks will start coming in latter August. If this world is not purified almost all of you would be lost to war, disease, hunger and murder. All of you would be begging for the help of Jesus and His Father the Almighty to stop your suffering, but it would be too late. You are being helped now and guided, but only a few are listening so the chastisements will be increased until the Almighty gets mankind’s attention as only when you lose all your comforts do you seek Him and that time is now. All that you acquire in this life is worthless when you die. Cavemen killed over a bone. Indians traded land for worthless beads. Islanders gave up their virginity for nails and died from STDs, when will you learn as nothing has changed when your lives are reviewed a hundred years from now? There is something greater.

   You have observed central Europe the new home of the antichrist flooded 100,000 displaced. You have observed northern India flooded with 100,000 displaced in the sacred site of a false God. Here in North America you have almost a 100,000 displayed in the oil capital of Canada. These locations are not by accident as this will increase and hit closer to home to those that stand in the way of this mission. The floods have now just started and the earth shall shake shortly in its wake.

   The media needs to be astute as influence will be so intense that few of you will be able to discern the Truth, from that which is well placed. You will know the hand of God by the rapid succession and intensity of the alleged “Climate Change”, unless Obama tells the Truth, as the earth must be cleansed. It your job to just talk, among your friends by word of mouth of those you trust, to plant only a seed. They will seek you out. It is only after the warning will the world realize or deny the Truth, but you have done your job.

   The Almighty speaks, “There come a time where words no longer suffice as not one you are listening to a point to save your souls without help. My mercy is endless, but there comes a point that I must change to save all of you. It hurts Me that some of you must die in the eyes of your loved ones, but My Son gives all who believes in Him eternal life and those lost, you will see again if they accept His mercy. I gave you this life to love, share and help all in need according to your talents. Who have you brought home to Me? Have you multiplied the gifts I have given you at birth or sat on it? The trials you face are to cleanse you so that you can share with Me and My Son, paradise beyond anything you can imagine. The dark forces will do everything to take you away from Me, as he took your parents Adam and Eve who were exiled to this world due to temptation, the same if not worse temptations you face now in your lives. Listen to My words, feel My love and know that I, God Almighty that created all life in this universe, all. Yes there is advanced life, but you are MY only children and will be given more than all others. They are here to see you rise and triumph above the greatest evil in the universe on your faith and beliefs. The Bible is your guide, the sacred servants true to Me your help. My Son who died for your sins wants every one come home. You My children answer to no man, no entity created by Me, and foremost you must resist ideas implanted in your mind by the dark one who to this day remains hidden as most don’t believe in his power. These days will get darker, but pray to My Son and you will come through, believe in man or idols and perish.”

   The key here is perseverance and the ability to walk away from insults, but make a subtle point. It is not about changing the direct opposition, but those around you who are watching. They will feel your pain when abused and you need to walk away with dignity. A soldier of Christ is focused on the mission and before you utter those words in anger, ask would Jesus do this? Remember you represent Him on earth before the Second Coming and He is depending upon you to prepare the flock. This is a great responsibility and failure is not an option. You may stumble, but pick your self up just like Jesus as He walked to Calvary and He did it 3 times.


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