Teen Hope

When Adult Guidance is Lost


Written Jan. 13 2012

   As teenagers and children grow there are many complex problems adults sometimes do not understand. Where friends and acceptance is everything. It is like your job.  What is needed is to bridge the gap between teens and parents. You remember, everything your parents did wrong and right, you promised I will not follow the same path, but improve on what was great. Then jobs, responsibility came and that change went to the backburner. Our children state, you grew up in a different time, so how can we know what is important to us?

   We have all went through peer pressure. We have all felt inadequate to the popular. We all  to some degree have tried to emulate the celebrities. All would seem all right if we had all the money, but you see those who have it all self implode. All say, I would do it different, but most to almost all follow the same path. Something has to change. Does beauty, fame and secure happiness? No it is the simple things, a trusted friend, a place called home a baby's smile. This you cannot buy or take for granted.

   When events change the fabric of America and all seems to crumbling around you, parents go insane, a lack of leadership, know this, ask the Almighty for hope. In movies and the Bible almost all of you know there is something greater. So quick to believe in Hollywood magic, ghosts, wizards and Harry Potter, but it is the invisible realm of God that makes your life possible. Return to him, it does not have to be in church, but that is his home. Talk to him in your thoughts with your concerns, follow that inner voice and let peace come to you. Try it really.

    For those young gangsters, how many times have you feel trapped as this is the only life you know? How many times has violence taken those you cared for? How many times has peer pressure harden you, when if alone you would have walked away? Do you want that second chance to leave the destruction behind? Take offer during the warning after your life review and never look back. In the end, you will want for nothing. We offer that hand of hope, not the kick in the face when your down. We see you as an asset when your weak, not a liability to be discarded.

   Shortly, events will push you, to make a choice. The movies send a hidden message, believe and beware. This is the key, for you will see the turmoil that divides all. Make that choice. When  you make it, know there is a greater force that cares about you. It is not about the empty words you hear from those who use, but true change from within. Look around you, look at politics and the lies. I am asking you to stand up and change this Earth, where many parents who are comfortable won't. Join us, join Jesus, and lets save the Earth in the name of God the Almighty.

Now the catch: It is time to give back anonymously

Those of you realize the truth and change, I want you to take a little time to say a prayer in the name of those you know needs help. To see through the fog of deceit and dedicate it to the Mother of Salvation, so they may be enlighten. Give them a chance, like you were given. Do it for your friends. Do it for yourself. Do it for the Almighty. You are the "Teens for Jesus" and proud of it.

Mother of Salvation I ask you to pray for the mercy

of young souls who are in terrible darkness so that they recognize your

Beloved Son when He comes to redeem the whole of mankind

Let not one soul fall by the wayside

Let not one soul reject His Great Mercy

I pray Mother that all are saved and ask you to cover these souls with your Holy Mantle

To provide them the protection they need from the deceiver.


All Rights Reserved: Copyright 2012