The Tepid Response

from the Puppet Master

While the World falls into an Abyss


Released May 21

Updated May 22

Updated June 1

   Due to your tepid response, war in Europe will start again; have you no backbone to control your family? This is a war you cannot win and your indecision will cost souls in your family and the world. Responsibility rests clearly on your shoulders for this one, as we can point straight to the source. We know what you won't do so letís concentrate on what you will. There will be signs in the skies for all to know change is coming, since many of you have little faith. You act like you now cannot pull strings or is it you just refuse too. For now your immediate family will be spared distress and this will change based on you, but those who agreed to maintain status quo, you will suffer a fate for moving Europe and the middle east towards war due to economic conditions. It will start in Greece dragging Germany and France into another world war. In this uncertainty, Israel will have the nerve to attack Iran dragging Syria and Egypt into the mix. This could have been lessen, as it prophesied as has to come to pass and still can change, dig deeper.

   You know behind the scenes in the G-8, certain leaders behind Obama's back are selling him out with lip service, many are planning for the demise of the common citizen including this nation. Divine intervention will now be used to remove from earth, those who were adamant to maintain power within your inner circles and world leaders; you will count them as lost. Watch and know as it starts at the top and, it was their free will. War will not be tolerated, as you had another path. This is not a hedge, but a decision. I told you, this is not savvy earth politics or a chess game to acquire wealth as this was planned. You have almost half the wealth of the world, but your family wants it all and with this, absolute wealth instead of power collapses. Know this, if nuclear weapons hidden by Russia are used, count on them exploding within the bunkers of those who gave the command to engage and others miss their target to minimize loses. Radiation clouds in certain areas will be blown out to sea if this occurs. You are suppose to be the best in politics and so savvy, don't count on holding that position much longer. The Almighty wants to save all, but will remove those that impede the process of choosing through anxiety or no hope. You are being reminded again, be the change or you shall be the example.

   A message to all you, who did and did not attend the G-8 and NATO conference. Some of you have not been told the whole truth and what is sad you suspect it. The dark one will use the weak leaders as an example in the future, brace for it. The earth is being purified and the affects of the pole shift will separate that which is evil from the good. Do not be the last to learn or believe this is true. During this time, it is your choice to make a change, when confused, you must ask with your free will to the Almighty to give you help. It is only then help can be given. You need to do is let go of what you perceive, which controls the world. Watch in disbelief as what is sanctioned by the Almighty through the seals His Son opens chastises you like a Father scolds the child to correct his mistakes. Painful, but all know it was needed, for it is saving all that counts. I remind again what you have been told about the pole shift is not about survival. Hints were given, the good would just disappear. You were told if you made the spiritual change, it would be worth it. The Almighty controls the chastisement of earth for He created all within the universe and the timing of the pole shift.

   For the faithful it is time to step up, as the dark one has raised the level. You will now recite 2 decades as a minimum, but Father wants the Divine Mercy Chaplet recited with the prayer for the seal of protection for your love ones, below. When war is around you and famine grips the world knows this, these prayers will protect you like the blood of the lamb protected God's chosen in the time of Moses. When the leaders of the world are afraid to lead, then it is up to your efforts to save the world. Yes, by yourself it is small, but together in prayer groups, change shall occur. You say you believe, then, act like it. Nobody will save your ass, like yourself back by your faith in Christ. It is time to get to work. We want you to develop gardens, for the more sophisticated, hydroponics. You will need to store rice, beans for protein, and pasta away from rodents. Always store more than you think you need, as family members with no discipline will come to you for their needs. Keep a backpack with all supplies needed in case of separation for all family members to move in an instant, if you have an elderly person then you need a wagon with wide wheels, otherwise let them make peace so the family will survive. Have a plan for all family members as to a location to meet when separated. You said the world needs to change, now be part of it. It is actions combined with prayer that will change this world. Jesus has called you, now answer His call.

Prayer for the Seal of Protection

say it everyday for this is your armor

O My God, My Loving Father
I accept with love and gratitude
Your Divine Seal of Protection

Your Divinity encompasses my body and soul for eternity
I bow in humble thanksgiving and offer my deep love and loyalty
To You my Beloved Father

I beg you to protect me and my loved ones with this special Seal
And I pledge my life to Your service forever and ever
I love You Dear Father
I console You in these times Dear Father

I offer you the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son
In atonement for the sins of the world and for the salvation of all Your children.


Update June 1

   The actions of the the Almighty has fallen in Italia, near the town of Modena that Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati were born, the cars of the elite. So many of your hidden treasures crushed in the hidden chambers due to subtle earthquakes swarms. This is a warning for change heed it so you can come home.


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