Time is Up for the Elite


Written Nov. 18     

   The time for warning is over for the elite as you have made little to no effort towards change. In fact many have doubled down. All of you know that the goal is to save the most souls and this is what you are counting on. What you don’t know is that mankind has been blinded by the lies, deceit and greed, which drives your inner core, the soul. So you will be made the example, where hope shall rise and help convert mankind instead of despair.    

   First your celebrations of the final incarnation of the dark one himself will be compromised on the galactic alignment approximately December 21, 2012. All of you who worship the beast will be in attendance for you fear his wrath.  Know this; several of locations will be hit with one where no soul survives and you can count on that no matter what manmade fortifications and personal are in place. The others which make it, will be subjected to the spiritual fire of the Almighty Himself. As many of you gather for the dark mass some of you will be engulfed in flames and your soul thrown into hell as your ashes smolder in front of all. Shock will encompass all of the powerful and elite, who thought of themselves as untouchable.

   You will know the meaning of fear, more important that God Almighty is the ultimate power in the universe of the seen and unseen. It shall be your untimely demise that will convince others to change their ways. As the fire hits you, your skin will wither in great pain as your underlying flesh does not seem to burn. It is here that you will know that experience of a slow death is not of this earth. All will witness your pain. All will witness your flesh burning away slowly until only your bones are left and then the collapse into dust. Trapped, it shall be the wind of God, which blows the foul odor and dust of death among all in attendance and the particles when they make contact; they burn the flesh of the living survivors with minute scorching embers. All will know some of you have honored the beast and have scars of pit marks in your skin unless you hide for the rest of your short life. The powerful will be brought to their knees in fear as the dark one is powerless to save them against the Almighty’s Angels as they destroy all that which is evil.

   Some locations will be hit with intense freak lightning storms on a level not seen on earth during recorded history. The land will shake in the four corners of the earth and all will know the fury of the Almighty, a power unleashed to start the cleansing of this earth.

   All of you who sold out humanity were promised an after life by satan. So when you witness this, consider change as he will turn on you. Forgiveness only comes from God as you will soon find out you were used by satan to gather others. Once your usefulness has been expended, then you and those in your family that are alike will be harvested.

   For Romney it is time to pay the piper, those who funded you do not take kindly to losing almost a billion dollars. As you have nothing to offer them, like government favors or protection other than your hidden money, which will not be enough. Those behind the NWO have plans to make you an example as when the next lackey is given a chance to rule delivering their policy, failure will not be an option. Consider change, you will not get a second chance.

   I need you, the elite that have witnessed that which is God to help me change the world where even your dreams will be exceeded. It is not about being the fools like in the days of Noah, it is time to listen. How many of you will have to be destroyed before you listen? As it is about saving the maximum and we would like to include you. I have seen your home as the dark one has lied to you. You the elite can relate to lies, as that was your method to win an election and you lost, yet you still have plans to neutralize the power of this administration already in place. What you may put in place successfully against the people of the United States will be overcome and then you will be the target. Upon death you will lose again, but this is final. Make a choice.

   In this spiritual war we start at the top and then work our way down to your soldiers. But a special message to your scientist and those behind the UN and global vaccines to save lives. The poisons will be traced back to organizations under your umbrella. This was no tainted batch, but a plan. This is for the media to know in advance. You will lose your children to illness in the same fashion you hoped to use on the world to decimate the common man.

   Your children given to you as a gift to love will be taken back rather than live under your guidance and fall to the beast. The same mercy you show the world, will now be shown to you and your children will know that their lives were cut short due to your willing actions against humanity. This will begin shortly and then expand. If you want to truly save your family, you have a choice. It is up to you to make it.

   All of you earth will be taken back by the intensity of the earthquakes and storms that seem to be relentless in the short future. Destruction for now is to be directed primarily towards the elite with heavy loss of life and for the general disbelieving public it will be temporarily limited mostly destruction of property with loss of life held in check as prayers have mitigated what would have been truly horrific.

   These events are to bring mankind together and save them from a fate worse than death. Events are dependant upon your prayers and conversion, so you control your future. It is about being one with another and God. But know this, for all that pass in death; there is eternal life where your only fear is to be trapped on the dark side. Here you have a choice.

   As you see your rights erode, cities destroyed, the wealthy stripped down to the life of the common man, dictators ruling were democracies existed, wars in the Middle East which will be dampened by earth tremors as a warning. Israel, children of God do you not see that your leaders are using you? Your transportation system has hidden safe guards and no common bomb would have been successfully planted without help from the NWO. The peace will break down as those who seem to be Hamas will violate the treaty, but evidence will point to them in the short term future. The goal is to embroil the Middle East in war as a problem that threatens global peace. The solution is for it to be solved. Thus you will witness the rise of the antichrist, although most will see him as a charismatic leader of the world promoting peace. Watch as it unfolds before your disbelieving eyes.

  The Catholic Church will reinvent itself under the guise of modernizing and the resistance speared by Pope Benedict to protect that which is of God shall be crushed. But it is just a cover for the false prophet to take control in Rome. Watch again as this unfolds and take heed as these are the signs of the End Times.

   Your laws will be changed as a sign of acceptance of the rights of others through collusion of the leaders of this world already underway. It will be the reinforcing of each others plans that will sway you and some in the media. In your heart you will something is wrong, but as all accept around you, most you will succumb. Where is your courage to fight for what is right? Are you followers of actions of others or one who just wanders? If you can’t stand for your morals built up over a lifetime; then what do you stand for?

   In an advanced civilization you do not exercise false flag events to get your population to rise against another nation, as your goal is to steal land and resources. In an advanced civilization life is valued above everything, but God. It is not terminated, because your minds cannot grasp that when two cells join in creation, all that forms life is there. The living soul then intertwines with the fleshy mass. It is at this point the concept of life begins fully as size is irrelevant and it is only the body that needs to catch up a process that takes over a decade to mature.

   As an immature race created by God, what right do you have to change the laws of the Creator? All knowledge comes from Him and your lack of understanding is influenced by the dark side, which infests you with arrogance. Where is your humility? Your pride drives you to believe that you have almost become a civilization that tolerates the rights of others. A nations can feed the world, but your poor starve and die. Medicine is for profit and cheap cures are discarded or suppressed. War stimulates the economy, but thousands die in the name of a false freedom. Money is used to enslave a population instead of empowering and you call this civilization. The Almighty speaks, “I have destroyed this world before for less than the sins of today. Only because of My love for you as my children are you still here. Do you want to fall prey to the soft whispers of satan himself again? “ 

    In an advanced civilization the need of love is pure and it is not about going after the same sex to fulfill a need initiated in your mind. Can you procreate and maintain the race? No, it is about carnal desires, lust of a soft touch from a man or woman.

   In the eyes of the Creator, God Almighty you were given free will and you excise it. The question is, are you willing to account for your actions, which you seem to think is a right? There are millions that are led astray, but in the end all you will be held accountable.

   I speak to each and every woman who is attracted to the same. Would not you like to have a family? It is one, where your loving mate gives you the chance to create life. The mistake you make each and every time is to not give the opposite sex a chance. There is a caring man that would love a woman if given the opportunity. Have you looked here?

 For Catholics go to Confession as a start, and then read. An educated person is not an easy target. I will not stand by and see hundreds of millions, die because they laughed off the warnings. Do you want to see your families suffer, when you had the chance to save them with some preparation and a listening ear? I am not asking you to go public and be ridiculed by friends and family, just prepare quietly. Introduce a prayer at diner, it is the simple changes that count, but you must start now. Again, do it to save your family. Do it quietly for your Savior, Jesus.

   The status of the United States protected under one God is in jeopardy. The dark one has infiltrated the political and economic system and has control of the media as to what you see and hear. This is the home of the brave, I see the weak. You allowed the voting system to be compromised. You allowed unlimited money and influence to affect the direction of this country. You listened to the lies as if they were the truth. Your laws promote abominations to that which created you the Almighty. Destroying the gift of life as an after thought due to a lapse of judgment where your mind is engorged with lust. Do you think for one second an advance race of wisdom and patience evolved over time would look back at events on earth as positive?

   Rape is disgusting violation of a woman and in some cases men, but you do not follow it with murder due to an unjust act. Tolerance of another's choice is not a law that man can justify as right in the Almighty's eyes. There is only one set of laws, The Commandments that was laid down by the Almighty, our Father.

   The United States will now experience the disasters that have plagued the world and it started with Hurricane Sandy. You will be chastised for your freedom of abortion and same sex marriages. Know this, each and every one of you that focus on a mate similar sex, will find true love beyond your dreams, if you trust Jesus. The same focus to the small details. . The same soft touch that arouses you now as a need will be fulfilled when the opposite sex leaves you wanting.  Do you think Jesus does not know your needs? He does, but your free shall be intertwined with Him where you will want for nothing.

   I need brave souls to stand up for this country in prayer, for with reciting this prayer on a daily basis and commitment, we can lessen that, which will affect this nation. This nation is about greed. This nation is about the guise of freedom when war is waged and the goal of liberation is about resources instead of people. This nation is about presenting those who would lift this nation as one, as one who would hold it back. It is all about the money and the media spin. This is your nation spiraling out of control. Until you the people willfully give up all rights for a lie. What is so sad, you in the media see it coming, but few of you will stand up. Yes you will agree to expose the obvious, but few will go against the laws of tolerance as if mankind can rewrite the laws of God.

   Look at the methods used over time in this so called civilized world. The goal is to present a need to further society. Millions have died in wars started to separate the populations of the world from their hard earned money. History showed you that both sides in World War I and II were funded by one banking Family, the Rothschild's. Yes the bank of England financed a war against its own country to increase public debt. This is the truth. The same rights given in revolution are taken away to protect freedom, yet few of you realize that events to trigger the change was planned by those who wanted control while the appointed an enemy which suffered the wrath of a nation. The deceit which infests this world shall end now. As the Almighty will bring down a chastisement that shall bring the leaders and nations of this world aligned with the NWO to their knees in fear.

   All of you in this government for the people, know this. If you align with the one world power to destroy this nation, it will be you that will not see another day at the appointed time, heed the warning.

   Change, for you will have more than the richest person on earth, the puppet master. This is the promise from the Almighty, for each and everyone of you. All that you were promised by the dark side is for the few. Do you really want to base your eternity on that? His tactics is wealth that destroys others to maintain a position. The strong is a revolving door and you know it. This is the hidden basis of political and economic systems here on earth and you think this is going to change to include the many? Don't be a fool.

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