The Coming of the Antichrist


Written Aug 11

Update Aug 28


   You have been told that he will reign for 42 months and this is the Truth, check the Bible. What you do not know was the starting point and that begins on August 23 2015. This is three and half years after Jesus opened the First Seal. What you do not know is the events of the first Four Seals when opened by the authority of Jesus Christ overlap only sharply escalating after the dark one walks this earth as a man. Again this is the Truth. Your world will never be the same.

   Almost all of you have thought Revelations is fantasy, just like the Jews thought with the First coming of Christ, which has come and gone. They are still waiting for it after their ancestors saw the signs, but the devil’s pride allows denial. This will repeat again as most discount the Second Coming is upon us. This is our last chance to make it right.

   You have been told all whom believes will be persecuted and those within the Muslim faith shall suffer first as if events will never present the same challenge on US soil. But the signs show you, the believer that the weak will point you out. Brother against brother, sister against their mothers, fathers against sons, and the family structure will be attacked. The Laws of the Almighty will be balanced against the rights of humans. Although to the world He is seen as fictional by many now, just a product of faith.

   It is he the dark prince that will make what is wrong right and what is right wrong. This is just starting to occur now happen quickly when he incarnates Sunday. All of you think your science gives you knowledge of the universe and your world as if you are the masters. Yet you are children; know this there is little you know about the universe and God. As the time of satan has come and now upon you, black masses all over this earth are celebrating his incarnation this Sunday even in the dark cellars of the Vatican. He will rise and shortly following out of the abyss the spirit of the false prophet will take its place on the seat of Peter in the body of the leader of Jesus’ Church just as the third letter of Fatima the Catholic Church. Mary, the Mother of God appeared in an apparition and gave the message to children who would not lie to warn this world and you still didn’t believe them. This was prophesized.

   The antichrist has been given rule over this earth for a short period against the back ground of infinite time that has past. There will be no mercy for the children of God. There will be little allowance for good to prevail. There will be no compassion, love, and respect for the Church of our Lord to prevail until He comes again. So lets get to the time line as so many of you have asked.

   The delays you have been told are now over to prep your sorry asses, no one in your governments is willing to tell you the Truth. They still stand by the lie of global warming and you believe it, because the Republicans deny it and as to quote the Bible, woe to the earth”. This is a spiritual battle and Niribu, its passing is just a tool of God. The earth will be harvested, where the good shall be separated from the bad, the wheat from the chaff. Your actions over the next few years will cement your eternal future. Know this; everyone in Congress has a spot in the bunkers as the cowards they are, do you? All of the candidates have a safe house for their few friends and family. If they live pass the warning or other disasters their families will bolt when the insects leave the earth due to earthquake compression screeching. The same noise forcing deep sea creatures and sharks near your shores. You don’t even know what is coming. They have lied to you and the Bushes (CIA) and Clintons (Governor) have known for decades. What else is new? Ask them where is the gold? Not that it will change things, as gold will be worthless as the earth changes push tons to the surface depressing its value. Clothing, needles, food and water will be of value as no one can protect or carry large quantities of gold. Again when you see it on the ground then what?

   As a country, you the people of the United States have been played. The Fed (aka Bank of England) takes your interest debt for profit and you thought with your arrogance the Brits were stupid. Your stock markets create bubbles and the Fed tightens and the market collapses and stocks are bought up for pennies on the dollars by proxy. Wars created in the name of honor (greed) to ensnare national debt under patriotism as they fund both sides. Your news censored, polls manipulated, money unlimited from the rich to fund candidates and now the world in sectors about to be leveled by earthquakes like mankind has never seen.

   Division exploited in Furguson as riots are seen, houses burned, stores looted and shots fired. A message no matter how you label it white America just does not wants to see or hear. ISIS funded yet you are to believe equipment is just left for them by cowards. All of you will know the Truth at the warning which shall occur according to the will of the Almighty as of now before the US elections. You hear that America is against lifting the Iran sanctions, but most of Americans can not even find the country on the map or know the conditions of the agreement. Their opinion is molded by the media, which makes them just like puppets instead informed citizens. America, the media is pulling your strings. Iran will never attack, but they are the perfect patsy for a false flag nuclear event ushering in WW3, which will level the Middle East. The US and Russia does not need Arab oil. This is a fact. This is the Truth.

   The prince of darkness will rise to power quickly as he heals his own mortal wound to his head in front of the world. His diplomatic skills, finesse, command of six languages will solve problems and bring peace to the many wars created by the dark spirit. Again create the problem, and then offer the solution. The solution after the wars end, one nuclear will be the elimination of the Jews on a new level that will make Hitler look like a choirboy. This is what the world faces shortly.

   The Almighty speaks, “Heed these words, as I allowed your suffering as restitution to counter your ancestor’s murder of My Son. If I removed My children for eating the forbidden fruit, then what would balance the death of My Son who is God by the hands of My creation man? It is the dark one’ time and he was given the power to kill a ¼ mankind. Your suffering and death will bring you home to Me. This is the goal. Nothing, but your nation of Israel facing death will make you My children to call out to My Son for forgiveness. Expect the worst as again the world you trust will betray you MY children. Call out to Me I will hear your prayers.”

    The false prophet (aka pope) will subtly change the doctrines of the church to bring all religions together and all will worship in time the one he healed himself and he will be called Christ, but he is the antichrist and shall fool the world. Watch as this unfolds. The Almighty will warn this world with a cosmic spiritual event that will shake land on this earth to its very core. As the false prophet disgraces the Church of Peter and destroys the Sacrament of the Eucharist, allows same sex marriage in our Church all by Easter, the final act will bring about a sign in the sky of the double suns. Shortly there after a comet will suddenly appear in the skies and less than 10 days later, enter earth’s atmosphere. Then by divine intervention explode just above the Atlantic Ocean off the southeast coast of the United States. The sky will roll back like a scroll and red rays of Mercy simulating the Blood of our Savior will permeate every crevasse on earth. Not one person will be unaffected as these rays will illuminate ones’ soul. Hundreds of millions will die from the dust and extreme cold after impact and when the skies clear you will see a cross as all will know the power of the Almighty. You will need 2 weeks of supplies and clothing like you were going ice fishing in Minnesota in January. You will need plastic and duct tape on windows to stop dust infiltration. You will need porta potties as the water pipes need to be cut off as they will freeze and burst. Use antifreeze in all pipes that are not in use.

   The new world order will tell you it was a dream brought on by the trauma of the event that all face when near death. You will be told you life flashed before you, but the lies of the world will be revealed and most will see hell and know it is real. Let no man allow your soul to be stolen. Most will fail this test and after late December 2016 the chastisements will begin to cleanse the earth in increasing steps of destruction and pain.

   Searing heat in certain locales, meteors will fall from the skies like rain, countries will crumble from earthquakes. The sun will darken and the skies go crazy with auroras. The sexual morals of mankind will fall into the abyss where there is no shame. Tidal waves will leave many coastal cities uninhabitable. Humanity will be reduced on the most part to migratory masses. Water supplies polluted with human waste. Tent cities will offer no protection from crime with much of it that subjects the weak from incest and so called friends. Hospitals destroyed and doctors kidnapped by the rich. Politicians will have no answers as no community is spared except the few protected by the Almighty. Countries will disappear. The smell of death will be almost everywhere as disasters shall take out millions in on event. The US has prepared with internment camps and body bags, but no plan at the local level to preserve a way of life. What about the hundred million who will assault the borders fleeing starvation and death in South and Central America? Drought will eliminate surpluses. Water will dry up; shelter impossible as a surge overwhelms resources, then what? Good luck Texas.

   The final cleansing will occur during the 3 nights of darkness sweeping all that is evil off of this earth and as the sun rises in the west, earth will be primed and prepared for the coming of Christ which shall come like a thief in the night. All will see Him and He will destroy the last remnants the antichrist, the false prophet and the inner core of dark angels into hell. The few still alive after the 3 nights will realize too late they have been lied to and be destroyed or worse taken alive to a new realm.

   As Revelations unfolds before your disbelieving eyes, know that you control your own fate. The earth’s population will lose almost 90% of mankind before the pole shift hits. Now you can go kicking, screaming and curse God sealing your fate. Or for once stand up for what is right, ask forgiveness and pass through the veil of death as a child of God. You do not want to realize life transcends death and the dark side is your new master.


Update Aug 28


   Those who worship the dark side are perplexed that their leader after the welcoming black masses occurred all over the world over the past several days, has now incarnated as of 6pm Greenwich Standard Time, so many dark masses, so little time. What you think (brain washed) is the ultimate power was delayed from 8/23. The battle in Heaven described in the Bible between the forces of dark and light was deferred in order to tip the hand of the darkside in the financial markets, but this will be short lived. It has waged on and now today Friday settled as the spirit of satan himself has been thrown to earth and incarnated in a grown man. The key now is to tighten credit when disasters coming require even more access to capital, thus plunging the world into crisis on all fronts. Watch as conflicts in the Koreas, India and Pakistan, Middle East, Ukraine and other hot spots explode in the near future. Murder will go out of control and morals out the window. It has been told women will belong to no one. Hate now is festering just below the surface in established America and shall boil over as another Furguson will be crushed and immigration shut down as migration waves escaping hunger and destruction due to quakes reach a fever pitch with thousands that make just south of our borders. The clues will be the violence of storms increasing in intensity and occurrence. This will rise exponentially until the tipping point where events will stun the world on how rapid they happen.

   The elite have planned to allow the infrastructure of water aqueducts and electrical grid to failed as earthquakes occur in areas under prepared. Look at Katrina ravaged New Orleans after ten years with little done for the poor, but lip service and political appearances. This is your future that you refuse to change. Cities will starve as bridges and roads inhibit transportation routes when destroyed, some intentional to redirect migration routes away from coastlines. As the minorities rise up in protest, their pleas fall upon deaf ears as police and fireman do not answer the calls for help. You were told violence divides. This is established by your past actions. You were told when you backed  Michael Brown who was a criminal no matter how you spin it, yet your battles ignore the innocent unjustly killed as black, why? Again the media promotes by design, and the world laughs.

   Almost all families had a bad one and when asked to protect walk away, explain why Furguson blinded the many? You brought this upon yourselves even after being warned. Only when all around you dies as earth changes destroys your world, will you only consider another path, but it will be too late for some who are harden by anger on both sides. This needs to change. There will be little help and the only justice will be the gun. Ask your selves in the hood when you venture out feeling brave into the subs do you have 10,000 rounds? They do in every armed household. Your corpses will litter the street to remind those newcomers of their fate.

   Vaccines in the 3rd world countries have been designed some hijacked from the CDC to create and or accelerate pandemics, others natural like Ebola will kill millions. The breakup of the family structure is a secondary goal as if the hack of Ashley Madison seems to be a rogue group, but was by design. Look deeper as they were given the back door access. There was a release of nobodies and some names were threatened. The key names were withheld and contacted privately as they are now being blackmailed. This site was created to lure and then exploit, but you do not see this. Not for money, but when this nation faces peril all will seek help and peace from the new world order by design. Those that push back will be destroyed by leaks. The poor will die will no health care, lack of food and water. The target now is destroy and control the middle and upper class on the outside of the super rich as under duress pose the greatest threat to the new world order. This is the present plan which morphs according to the Truth leaked.


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