The Deceit of the Human Conscience

The Book of Truth



Written July 30


   The key to the end times is the deceit of the human conscience. Given free will, be thankful children of God, few intelligent races have received this gift so early in their development within the universes. There are strict rules. It is here that this world will be fooled. As the Bible, has foretold this time of deep distress.

   Make no mistake, what is about to befall this earth is to save all as almost all of you have drank the Kool Aid. As homes and lives are destroyed it is to wake you there is a God. Evil which has descended upon mankind is seen as good. This is why intervention is needed, if not all would be lost in the end which you cannot see now. Do you want to see the Jews in Israel executed in a fashion worst than the Second World War under the excuse the carnage in the Middle East was designed by them, which is a lie?

   Climate change will accelerate like nothing experience on earth in current times as you will see in just months. The floods as the tears of Jesus flows are here. But you will know there is another cause this is true, but know the Almighty controls all that is within this universe.

   When the dark side feels trust with established control slipping due to escalating disasters, an announcement will have to be made. And you really thought you found a chink in the armor of deceit and are alerting the world to be fair. You can lie to America, but not to God, be truthful. If so the announcement would have occurred crushing the banking industry. You will be playing into their hands as this move is expected as you are being allowed to do this, but the timing is under their control. It will be said to preserve order and safety, silence was maintained to preserve the American way of life, be thankful and we have a plan. The original plan was to keep you I the dark hoping the transition would be short and they could hide and in a few weeks most of you would be dead.

   Why is there delay that seems to be held back by the establishment, but it is wanted. There is the lie. The time is being allowed to grant time for the elite to divest of stocks, bonds as the market makes new highs transferring risk to the common investor and coastal real estate now rising in value looks like a sound investment in Florida, Nevada, Arizona and California and reinvest in the “right industries” in the time of fear to remain on top. Florida will be subject to tidal waves, California will experience continuous earthquakes and the desert states will die from lack of water. Did you really expect things to change?

   Man has his plan to depopulate the earth, but the dark one wants to capture souls as society breaks down. The point is crafty in that most expect riots, but in essence it will be to a mission for all under the guise of humility and peace to accept that which is different that separates us as one. Almost all will fall for this. What will fool all is which belongs to God to include all, the sacraments, the mass, the life Jesus gave to save us from sin and finally the Bible, shall be removed. It will be said, “Would not God want all to love one another”, but when you eliminate His Laws and Jesus’ presence, just what are you promoting?  That is the Truth. Scandals abound will divide governments, but there is always a counter response pointing to the flaws of men instead of the design.

    You hear of peace talks, but prisons are systematically attacked where many escape, but not one of you questions how and why now? As the Middle East explodes simultaneously you will know its source as no diplomat will bring peace hundreds of thousands will die, but the antichrist will.

   The world will shortly spin out of control. Again many will say they speak in the name of God and again I warn you there are only two on this earth authorized to speak in the name of Almighty, Jesus and on behave of Mary, 2 and none reside in the Vatican. The lone exception outside of the two is Benedict. Shortly few of you will know who is telling the Truth. This is why we need you to prep now while the NWO is still weak in relation to control of the world. Because once they are in place, few will listen to you until it is too late.


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